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The Best of the Election Campaign so Far

Best Political Ad


Best Commentary on why to vote Republican

THIS IS NOT AN ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 2. THIS IS A RESTRAINING ORDER. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

Washington-based NPR said the firing was the culmination of a long series of run-ins with Williams in which he was warned to stick to news analysis and not veer into personal opinions or inflammatory commentary. NPR executives have also said they have been concerned that Fox News has used Williams, an avowedly liberal analyst, to paint NPR itself as a liberal news organization rather than a nonpartisan one.

Two points here. DOES ANYONE REALLY CONSIDER NPR NONPARTISAN especially after this firing? Second, does NPR really consider Williams saying that he gets “nervous” when he sees people in full muslim garb on a plane “inflammatory.”

Here’s column from Jonathon Alder at Newsweek. HOPE AND CHANGE SEEMS TO HAVE MORPHED INTO FEAR AND LOATHING.
Let’s say you’re an independent voter who wants to send Obama a message on Nov. 2. Have the media told you what that would say? Here’s a clue: MODERATE REPUBLICANS ARE EXTINCT. With big wins, the TEA Party will transform itself from an insurgency into the driving force within the GOP. Gains in statehouses and legislatures will allow right-wingers to use the 2010 census to redraw district lines that will entrench them in power until 2020. Back in charge in Washington, THEY WILL LIKELY BLOCK EVEN CENTRIST CHOICES FOR COURTS. Extremist senators like Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn will move from being irritants on the fringe to players at the center of our politics.

A question for Democrats disinclined to work on congressional campaigns: do you know the GOP agenda? In brief: repeal health-care reform, so if you lose your job and your kid gets sick, YOU MAY HAVE TO SELL THE HOUSE;

RCP and the HOUSE
Latest change at RCP and the battle for the House of Representatives include FOUR DISTRICTS THAT HAVE ALL CHANGED FOR THE BETTER FOR REPUBLICANS. All of these have gone from toss ups to leans Republicans.

Overall the RCP has 220 Republican seats that are safe, likely or leaning to the GOP, 178 Democrat seats in those categories and 37 toss ups. If these stay as they are now, the GOP wins the House without having to take even one of the 37 toss up seats. If the Republicans would take all the toss up seats (not likely, but it will give you an idea of the magnitude of their victory) they would take a net 78 seats from the Democrats. If they would take half the seats, they would net 60 to 61 seats.

NYTimes—G.O.P. poised to seize the House if not the Senate
After months of every sign signaling a huge change in the coming election, we are seeing even liberal media starting to admit the truth; goodbye Speaker Pelosi.

President Obama campaigned for a fourth consecutive day on Saturday as THE DEMOCRAT PARTY THREW ITS FULL WEIGHT INTO PREVENTING A DEFEAT OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS in an election shaped by a sour economy, intense debate over the White House’s far-reaching domestic agenda and the rise of a highly energized grass-roots conservative movement.

But Republicans have placed enough seats into play that Democrats now seem likely to give up many of the gains they made in the last two election cycles, leaving Washington on the brink of a substantial shift in the balance of power.

Even Obama is losing hope
There is no doubt that this is going to be a difficult election,” Obama told a crowd of roughly 8,000 enthusiastic supporters at the University of Minnesota.

At a fundraising dinner after the rally in Minneapolis, Obama was frank with the 100 attendees who paid between $2,500 and $50,000 to attend.

“I’ve got to admit, Mr. President, sometimes over the last couple of years, with all the negative ads and all the money that’s been pouring in, all the filibustering and obstruction in Congress, sometimes I JUST START LOSING ALTITUDE, START LOSING HOPE,” Obama said. “It just seems like change is so hard to bring about.”

Reminds me of a skit that was on Saturday Night Live during the democrat primaries in 2008.

James Carville Contests View Anger At Obama Is Racist

When I see this, I BECOME MORE AND MORE CONVINCED, HILLARY IS PLANNING ON RUNNING AGAINST OBAMA. The technique is called inoculation and Carville appears to be inoculating Hillary against charges of racism for her run.
For well over a year, the media have been unashamedly claiming the anti-Obama sentiments sweeping the nation are all because the President is black.

According to Howard Kurtz, former Clinton adviser James Carville told Saturday's Innovators Summit in New Orleans that this is all nonsense:

The onetime Clinton strategist SCOFFED AT SUGGESTIONS THAT THERE'S AN UNUSUALLY FIERCE ANGER AT OBAMA in the country, and that some of it is race-related. In 1998, when Bill Clinton was in the process of getting himself impeached, Carville says people would come over and yell at him in airports.

How the Press handles Democrat mistakes
Does the MSM have a liberal bias? Is the Pope Catholic?
When a Democrat or leftist makes an ill-advised remark, it seems that there's a three-stage process at the Associated Press, and perhaps in most other establishment press outlets, for handling it. It goes roughly like this:

• Stage 1 - Ignore it as long as you can. If there isn't much outcry, keep ignoring it.

• Stage 2 - If there ends up being enough of an outcry from conservatives or Republicans to warrant coverage, make sure that the story is about the criticism at least as much as the remark.

• Stage 3 - In the ensuing coverage, leave out what was originally said.

Who’s pitching Fear in the 2010 elections?

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