Sunday, October 17, 2010

16 Days to Go

The Democrats delimma
How bad is it? Obama enlists Bush officials to defend his policies

Not many authors on a book tour manage to snag a visit with the president of the United States. But Condoleezza Rice is no ordinary book author. (Snip) Rice rolled her eyes at the notion that Obama is a closet Muslim, and she defended him from criticism - led by former vice president Richard B. Cheney - that Obama had weakened the country. "Nothing in this president's methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America's interests," Rice told an audience that included presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett

Fair and balanced

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer wrote about the Charlie Wilson–Bill Johnson congressional race today. The big story? The DCCC buying ads. No mention of Wilson’s divorce papers describing him grabbing his ex-wife by the neck, throwing her against a refrigerator, and leaving her covered in bruises. There’s a sidebar to a column in the Youngstown Vindicator that discusses the race. No mention of the description of physical abuse. National Journal‘s Reid Wilson mentions the Wilson divorce papers, for a sentence as the third item in an article about races getting personal.
But we get a lot of coverage of one candidate who as a teenager said she dabbled in witchcraft. Fair and balanced coverage? Sure.

Democrats hurting business, economy

Gesturing toward the magnificent steel, glass and concrete towers of Chicago's Loop during a conversation with the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, Mayor Daley noted that "almost 95 percent" of the skyscrapers were private-sector constructions. Then he declared this self-evident truth: "I don't think Democrats realize how important business is to our economy and to our cities."

While Democrats have long struggled under the mantle of being anti-business, President Obama and the Democratic Congress have acted as if they're not particularly bothered by it. They pushed tax and fee increases, imposed new regulations through thousand-plus page bills and bureaucratic fiat and bashed Wall Street, bankers, insurers and other businesses that dared question their agenda.

Democrats talk a good game about small business, but actions speak louder than words. Obama and the Democrats are pushing a tax increase that would hit 50 percent of small enterprise income and their massive health-care law saddles business with a flood of tax-filing paperwork for expenditures as low as $601.,CST-EDT-hunt15.article

The democrats are a disaster for the economy. Stuck in 1930s style solution to 2010 problems they don’t seem to have any other solution to the problems we face than government spending.

Inside a poll

Here’s an interesting look at a poll for the coming election in California. In it you see what so many other polls are telling us, that is, the right seems to be more enthusiastic about voting in the coming election than the left is.

Also, Boxer is up in the election right now by only 1 point while Brown leads in the governor’s race by 4 points among likely voters.

Demolishing the Democrats

They blew it. Instead of focusing on economic recovery, job creation and winning the war on terrorism, the Obama administration used its massive congressional majorities to expand government power. In fact, had Mr. Obama exercised responsible leadership - cutting spending, slashing deficits and fostering pro-growth policies such as permanent middle-class tax cuts - he would be in a very different position today. The economy would be growing. Mr. Obama's poll numbers would not be tanking. His party would not be facing a political tidal wave

The single best decision Obama has made

At a Wilmington rally for Democratic Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons today, President Obama laid to rest any remaining speculation that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden might switch jobs in 2012, telling a packed crowd in Biden's home state that HIS CHOICE OF VICE PRESIDENT WAS "THE SINGLE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE."

Here’s the scary part: He’s probably correct.

Another prediction for the coming election

Newport Beach, Calif.—Nationally-recognized pollster Scott Rasmussen last night predicted that REPUBLICANS WOULD GAIN 55 SEATS IN RACES FOR THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES November 2—much more than the 39 needed for a Republican majority in the House for the first time since 2006.

But the man whose Rasmussen Reports polling is watched carefully by politicians and frequently quoted by the punditocracy said that whether Republicans gain the ten seats they need to take control of the Senate is in question

“Republicans should have 48 seats [after the elections next month], Democrats 47, and five seats could slide either way,” said Rasmussen

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