Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Signs of Desperation

It’s all about him

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Obama is trying everything to get the Democrats to come out and at least mitigate what looks to be a tsunami for the Republicans.

BOWIE, Md. - President Barack Obama’s message to thousands of African Americans who came to see the man they voted for two years ago was simple: Get
out and vote for the Democratic ticket in next month’s mid-term elections, even though he’s not on the ballot.

“DON’T MAKE ME LOOK BAD, NOW,” he quipped.

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Obama charges Chamber of Commerce with using foreign funds in campaign without any proof.

Obama's lies are particularly reprehensible, given that his 2008
Presidential campaign represents the gold standard for accepting contributions
illegally from foreign sources, with no disclosure whatsoever, as Scott pointed

The article is updated to point out the WHITE HOUSE IS BACKING OFF THE
saying “they had no evidence of foreign money being used by the Chamber for any of its estimated $75 million in ads this cycle.”
On Face the Nation this past Sunday Bob Schieffer basically mocked David
Axelrod when he brought up the Chamber of Commerce. “ Do you-- I guess I
would put it this way. If-- if-- if the only charge, three weeks into the
election that the Democrats can make is that there’s somehow this may or may
not be foreign money coming into the campaign, IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Why Obama Is Losing the Political War

Barack Obama is being politically crushed in a vise. From above, by elite
opinion about his competence. From below, by mass anger and anxiety over
unemployment. And it is too late for him to do anything about this predicament
until after November's elections.

With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: THE WHITE HOUSE IS IN OVER ITS HEAD, ISOLATED, INSULAR, ARROGANT AND CLUELESS

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


What may be coming is certainly unprecedented in modern politics.

Gallup just released its weekly “generic” poll, and for the second
week in a row it is forecasting a colossal wipeout for Democrats — with likely
voters voting Republican by a margin between 12 and 17 points. Rasmussen, widely and unfairly considered biased towards Republicans, has shown a markedly smaller Republican lead, but this week its likely-voter number has Republicans besting Democrats by 8 percent. Meanwhile, statewide and district-wide polls suggest that a minor surge by Democrats at the end of September seems either to have evaporated or was never all that real in the first place.

The potential for a GOP landslide has been much-discussed. One thing
that has been less noted is the extraordinarily DRAMATIC NATURE OF THE VOTER TURNAROUND HERE……

An 8-t0-15 point Republican margin in 2010, which seems
increasingly possible, will represent a partisan and ideological turnaround of
15 to 24 percent. That is without precedent in the modern era. At the
presidential level, Ronald Reagan’s victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980 was a
landslide but still featured a shift away from Carter of 11 points among the
electorate (Carter dropped from 51 percent in 1976 to 40 percent).

Hey, Small Spender

In 1967 the movie, A Guide for the Married Man came out. They had one scene where a man was caught in bed with another woman by his wife. HE SIMPLY DENIED IT EVER HAPPENED and after enough time, the wife began to believe it was a hallucination. It appears Paul Krugman is trying the same technique.

Here’s the narrative you hear everywhere: President Obama has presided over
a huge expansion of government, but unemployment has remained high. And this
proves that government spending can’t create jobs.

Here’s what you need to know: The whole story is a myth. THERE NEVER WAS A BIG EXPANSION OF GOVERNMENT SPENDING. In fact, that has been
the key problem with economic policy in the Obama years: we never had the kind
of fiscal expansion that might have created the millions of jobs we need.


And speaking of small spenders

Mr. Soros, a champion of liberal causes, has been directing his money to
groups that work on health care and the environment, rather than electoral
politics. Asked if the prospect of Republican control of one or both houses of
Congress concerned him, he said: “It does, because I think they are pushing the
wrong policies, but I’m not in a position to stop it.

More Bad News for the Democrats

Some of your Democrat candidates aren’t rocket scientist and show it by calling for a boycott of your own state. AZ7 is listed by RCP as a “safe” seat for the Democrats.

Add Rep. Raul Grijalva to the growing list of Democratic worries this
election season.

Party operatives say there's increasing concern that the Arizona
Democrat's reelection bid could turn into a "sleeper" race for Republicans after

Four Democratic sources from different parts of the country said
that there is new attention to a race that was long considered in the bag.

And a recent poll, obtained by POLITICO, found that Grijalva and
REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER RUTH MCCLUNG, A REAL-LIFE ROCKET SCIENTIST, were in a dead heat, even though Washington prognosticators have declared the deep-blue seat safely Democra

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/43362.html#ixzz123FbqjXw

Gov. Rendell at rally: 'Vote like your life depends on it ... because it just might'

Another example of PANIC ON THE LEFT.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) characterized the midterm elections as a life-and-death struggle in a speech Sunday afternoon. "The choice is clear, you've got to go to the polls," Rendell said during a warm-up address at a large rally in Philadelphia ahead of appearances by President Obama and Vice President Biden.

"What's the best way to prevent [Republicans] from tearing down the president? It's a four-letter word," the governor said. "Vote like your life depends on it -- because, you know, it just might."

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is pulling out
all the stops to try and maintain the party’s majority, including what may be
one of the most brutal campaign ads of the 2010 election cycle.

In a campaign attack ad aimed at Jeff Perry, the GOP candidate
hoping to fill Democratic Rep. Bill Delahunt‘s seat in Massachusetts’ 10th
Congressional District, the DCCC links Perry to a fellow former police officer
who conducted illegal strip searches of female teenage suspects in the
mid-1990s. Perry was the supervising officer on Wareham police force when a
subordinate officer committed the crime.


Shutting Up Business

Democrats unleash the IRS and Justice on donors to their political opponents.

If at first you don't succeed, get some friends in high places to shut
your opponents up. That's the latest Washington power play, as Democrats and
liberals attack the Chamber of Commerce and independent spending groups in an
attempt to stop businesses from participating in politics.
Since the Supreme Court's January decision in Citizens United v. FEC, Democrats in Congress have been
TRYING TO PASS LEGISLATION TO REPEAL THE FIRST AMENDMENT FOR BUSINESS, though not for unions. Having failed on that score, they're now turning to legal and political threats. Funny how all of this outrage never surfaced when the likes of Peter Lewis of Progressive insurance and George Soros helped to make Democrats financially dominant in 2006 and 2008.

Chairman Max Baucus of the powerful Senate Finance Committee got
the threats going last month when he asked Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman to investigate if certain tax exempt 501(c) groups had violated the law by engaging in too much political campaign activity. Lest there be any confusion about his targets, the Montana Democrat flagged articles focused on GOP-leaning groups, including Americans for Job Security and American Crossroads.


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