Sunday, September 30, 2012

This and that

A Terrorist attack on America

On 9/11/12, a terrorist attack killed four Americans in Libya including our Ambassador.  What did Barack Obama do?  He went to a fund raiser.  Is this what we expect of our Commander-in-Chief.  After four years does this man know so little of leadership as to do something like this? 

Law Licenses are for the little people

It appears Elizabeth Warren is in big trouble.

Obama’s nutritional guidance

The federal government is using its new power to impose “calorie maximums for school lunches – 650 calories for elementary-schoolers, 700 for middle-schoolers and 850 for high-schoolers,” reports The Star-Telegram. 

So this means that a 40 pound first grader can be giving 76% of the calories a 200 pound football player gets for lunch. Welcome to Obama’s America.

Confessions of a Boxing Coach

Hard Knocks disappears -- into the city, into the thoughts injected into her brain by a corrupt mass media.  She is consumed by popular verities.  The silliness of the truths of naive liberals is their immediate satisfaction in the short-term pleasure of making moral pronouncements rather than engaging in the long-term truth of solving problems.  Liberals are not problem-solvers, because that takes effort.  They roll over in short-term hedonism and rub the unlucky clover of their political narcissism in our faces.

How’s the ground game going?

As always, this election is going to comes down to turnout.  We got beat badly on the ground in 2008. As of a couple of weeks ago, our side had already surpassed the number of voter contacts made during all of the 2008 season. We are doing much better, but we could still use more help.

Time to volunteer. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

As the debates approach

Warrantless Wiretaps soar under Obama

Back when W was president, many on the left we apoplectic about warrantless wiretaps and how Bush was violating the Constitution.  So where are they now?  Look at the graph above and you can see the enormous increase in these wiretaps with Obama's inauguration.

It’s over—at least that’s what the MSM wants you to believe

Romney can't win.  Just ask any journalist or newscasters.  He is toast -- stick a fork in him.

If anything, the closer we get to Election Day, the more apparent it is that Obama is not only losing, but losing big.  The Obama campaign, and by "campaign" I mean members of the media and polling organizations, is trying to convince prospective Romney voters to believe that all is lost -- in which case, they hope, we will stay home.

Is there a single group in the country where Obama is further ahead this election than in 2008?  Yet the polls tell us he is 3% ahead of his winning margin in 2008.  How stupid does the MSM think we are?

Could the MSM tactic backfire?

For one thing, Democrats and the liberal media are taking a huge chance by touting polls showing Obama up by double digits in crucial swing states as if these polls were totally valid. Obviously designed politically to depress and suppress Romney voters, these media driven and heavily reported polls can also backfire and suppress the Obama vote. Naturally, if you support Obama and are treated every day to wall-to-wall news headlines showing Obama so far ahead of Romney in the polls that the election is basically over, then you're less likely to go out of your way to vote in November. So there's a really fine line between turning out your voters and turning off your voters when using polling data like this. In this case, it is probably safe to say that internal Democrat polls show low enthusiasm and turnout expectations for Obama supporters across the electorate demographic, so the skewed poll strategy is worth the risk for the campaign.

What do liberals want?

It appears they have given up on socialism and communism realizing they don’t work.  But they are still intent on government running the show through regulation, taxation and intimidation.  In short, they are going to the third rung of the leftwing ladder, fascism. 

Leno Joke hits the nail on the head

Saturday Night Live mocks Obama and the Democrats saying you are better off than four years ago

If Saturday Night Live’s skit on who is better off than they were four years ago, if you are a crystal meth dealer you are.   If not, not so much.

Ohio Absentee Ballots look good for Romney

It’s early but absenteeballot requests compared to 2008 have Democrats at 61% and Republicans at 101%.  Nothing definitive, but it’s another reason to be optimistic. 

The MSM stories from the future:  after the debates

Here’s a list of 10 probable stories after next Wednesday’s debate.

MSNBC caught again doctoring videos

Originally aired on Wednesday's "Morning Joe," the clip shows Paul Ryan introducing Romney as the MSNBC-added text appears on the screen proclaiming that the crowd is shouting "Ryan!" Romney gets the mic and asks the crowd to say "Romney/Ryan!" Joe Scarborough covers his face and grumbles out the words, "Sweet Jesus."

Except it isn’t true.  Click here and see the actual clip.

Who's ahead?

Dick Morris:  Romney is actually ahead

Dick Morris goes through his polling and finds despite what you hear, Romneyis ahead.  I look at the assumption by many polls that the Democrats will have an all-time record turnout to be the equivalent of an NFL replacement refs call.  Any resemblance to what really happened is purely coincidental.

A Leftist abandons supporting Obama

Conor Friedersdorf finds Obama is doing thing that removes any reason to support him.   These include his drone wars in Pakistan that according to the author is killing innocent children on a daily basis, his kill list which includes American citizens, his illegal war in Libya, and his war on whistle blowers in the government.  He summarize it by saying “To hell with them both.” 

Romney to fact-check Obama during the debates

Mitt Romney plans to turn himself into a one-mantruth squad during the first presidential debate next week, casting President Barack Obama as someone who can’t be trusted to stick to the facts or keep his promises.

Since the press will never do this, it’s a good idea.  It means Obama will not be able to wing it but will need to be accurate or be called out on National TV.

A must see video

Should we be giving Islam the benefit of a doubt?

Benghazi appears to be a colossal security failure

The WSJweighs in on Benghazi.  They say:

Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi in a terrorist attack that evidence suggests should have been anticipated and might have been stopped. Rather than accept responsibility, the Administration has tried to stonewall and blame others. Congress should call hearings to hold someone accountable for this debacle.  

This administration is the totally unaccountable administration.  They’ve taken responsibility for nothing but killing Bin Laden and saving GM (although they try not to let people know they put GM in bankruptcy).  

Oops:  Q2 GDP SLASHED TO 1.3%

Unexpectedly according to “experts” the growth in the second quarter was slashed by 4 percentage points or 23.6% of the previous estimate of 1.7%.  The real shock for the left will come in November when they discover that the Democrats won’t outnumber the Republicans by 9 points and Obama loses. 

TSA overstepping their authority

It seems TSA security officers are holding Code Bravo drills where they order people who have just passed through security to “freeze.”  It’s not within their power to do this.

Remember, it is your right to opt out of radiation firing naked body scanners and the TSA’s website also admits that it is perfectly legal to film TSA procedures, whether that’s inside an airport, in a subway, at a political event, a music concert or wherever else TSA screeners have infested. The TSA also admits it has no power to force you to “freeze” as is depicted in the video above.

Left wing media inoculating the public for a bad debate by Obama

"President Obama has blocked out three days to prepare for the October debates, but with the constant pressures that come with one of the world's most important jobs, aides worry he may not get enough practice at the podium," Parsons writes. 

Parsons also quotes Obama’s aides as saying that they are trying to get him to be less professor-like and are trying to train him not to give such “long, substantive answers” to questions. Not only is he too busy to prep for the debates, he’s too smart for them, too

With this groundwork laid, look for this to be the spin of the day should Obama underwhelm at the debates. 

Obama is not noted for long substantive answer.  Long yes, substantive no.  

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on the first family last year

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.

Author Robert Keith Gray writes in “Presidential Perks Gone Royal” that Obama isn’t the only president to have taken advantage of the expensive trappings of his office. But the amount of money spent on the first family, he argues, has risen tremendously under the Obamaadministration and needs to be reined in.