Thursday, October 28, 2010


Obama voting--See the Excitement!
Midterm blowout: 50 or more Dem seats set to fall in the election

Republicans are headed for a blowout election win that seems certain to seize more than enough seats to knock out the Democrats and take control of the House.

The Hill 2010 Midterm Election poll, surveying nearly 17,000 likely voters in 42 toss-up districts over four weeks, points to a massive Republican wave that, barring an extraordinary turnaround, will deliver crushing nationwide defeats for President Obama’s party


Of the 42 districts polled for The Hill, all but two of which are currently Democratic, 31 had Republicans in the lead. Democrats were up in just seven, and four were tied. In addition, there are some 15 Democratic districts that are so far into the GOP win column that they weren’t polled. That would suggest at least 46 GOP pickups, plus whatever the party gets out of another 40 or 50 seats that some experts believe are in play.

Bookie pays off bettors who bet the Republicans will take the House

Saying THERE'S NO WAY DEMOCRATS CAN KEEP CONTROL OF THE HOUSE, Ireland's largest bookie on Wednesday said it has already paid off all bettors who wagered the GOP would capture the chamber.

“In our opinion this race is well and truly over with nothing short of a miracle stopping the Republicans taking down the House," said Ken Robertson, communications manager for Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker.

Mr. Robertson said the odds had tipped so much in Republicans' favor it made no sense to continue taking bets. IN JULY DEMOCRATS WERE FAVORED 8-11 TO KEEP CONTROL, BUT BY WEDNESDAY THE GOP WAS FAVORED 1-50, meaning it would take a bet of $50 would win just an addition $1.

Some Good Economic News

FORD MOTOR COMPANY’S PLAN TO ADD MORE THAN 1,000 JOBS AT SEVEN MICHIGAN PLANTS is proof that the Motor City, so hammered by this economy, is finally seeing early glimmers of a comeback.

Ford, the only U.S. automaker not to take federal bailout money, is leading the way. This morning, the company announced their record third quarter profits.

The company's net income rose 68 percent to $1.7 billion in the third quarter, the company's best third quarter performance since 1990.

Chad Maks, who left to find work in Texas, is back now that Ford is hiring again.

I think everyone's pretty excited, the mood here is great!" Maks said.

Have you driven a Ford? Lately?

Obamacare and unemployment

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf recently spoke at the University of Southern California about the economic impact of Obamacare. He predicts that OBAMACARE WILL FURTHER DEPRESS THE NATION’S EMPLOYMENT PICTURE.

CBO’s analysis of Obamacare predicts that it will reduce the amount of labor being used in the economy by roughly half a percent. Elmendorf states that this impact will be small, but in reality the impact is small only in relative terms. For instance, a half-percent loss in jobs in the American economy today would translate into about 750,000 additional Americans losing work…..

Elmendorf’s recent remarks focus on the impact Obamacare will have on lowering the amount of unnecessary spending on health care. The answer appears to be no as CBO PROJECTS THAT HEALTH CARE SPENDING WILL BE AT LEAST 25 PERCENT OF GDP BY 2035, UP FROM 17 PERCENT TODAY.

If the Republicans don’t win the Senate does that mean the Democrats aren’t really being rejected?

Republicans would likely obtain a filibuster proof majority if the entire Senate were up for grabs in November, according to a little-noticed post by Nate Silver, one of the nation's premier polling experts.

Silver, writing on his blog at The New York Times, said the reason that Democrats are poised to lose the House and not the Senate is THAT ONLY A THIRD OF THE SENATE IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION AT ANY GIVEN TIME. His musing reflects just how bad the election season is for Democrats this year.

"The reason that Democrats are likely to hold the Senate but not the House — the necessary and sufficient reason — is because only one-third of the Senate is up for re-election every year," Silver wrote. "If the whole Senate were up for re-election, Democrats would lose it and lose it badly."


MSM: Fair and Balanced?

MRC analysts reviewed the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from September 1 through October 25. Key findings:

■ Only conservative/Tea Party candidates cast as “extreme.” Congressional Democrats and President Obama are facing voters’ wrath because of their extreme agenda over the past two years: government-run health care; massive unsupportable spending; a proposed “cap-and-trade” tax on energy, higher income taxes, etc. But MRC analysts found 35 evening news stories which conveyed the Democratic spin point that conservative and TEA PARTY CANDIDATES ARE “EXTREME,” “FRINGE,” OR “OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM,” VS. ZERO STORIES CONVEYING THE CHARGE THAT LEFT-WING DEMOCRATS ARE “OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM.”

■ Three times more “conservative” labels than “liberal” tags. Out of 62 ideological labels assigned by reporters, three-fourths (48, or 77%) were aimed at conservatives, vs. just 14 (23%) for liberals. ONLY REPUBLICANS FACED EXTREME LABELS — both Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell were tagged as “ultra-conservatives” — with no Democrat ever branded an “ultra-liberal.”

CBS called Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey “conservative,” but Democrat Joe Sestak was not labeled as “liberal.” All of the networks called Christine O’Donnell a “conservative,” but none said her opponent, Chris Coons, was “liberal.” Most comically, CBS WOULD NOT CALL LOUD-MOUTHED FLORIDA REP. ALAN GRAYSON A “LIBERAL,” BUT TAGGED HIS OPPONENT DANIEL WEBSTER AS “CONSERVATIVE.”

A Civil War in the Democrat Party?

We constantly hear about division in the Republican Party, but rarely hear anything about a division in the Democrat Party. This is an interesting read.

I’m still registered as a Democrat here in Chicago but I CAN’T IMAGINE EVER VOTING FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT AGAIN, AS LONG AS I LIVE. To Hell with Democrats. This was solidified for me on Christmas Eve of last year, when Democrats rushed Obamacare through the Senate in the dead of night, through various secret channels, and every single Democrat voted for its passage (even supposed moderates like Evan Bayh in Indiana, who quickly realized his vote would cost him re-election…so the coward retired rather then face angry voters over what he did). I just don’t believe Democrats should be given elected office by voters because they cannot be trusted to even read bills before they vote on them, not even when said bills seek to permanently alter the entire American economy. This is reckless and reprehensible to the point of treason.

I was a Democrat for 32 years before the heavy-handed push for Obama alienated me from the party…and I borrow what Hillary Clinton said about Republicans once, back when she was a Goldwater Girl, and will paraphrase by saying that I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.

After it beat me to a pulp, CALLED ME A RACIST, BERATED AND INSULTED ME, and used Alinsky Rules to hit me with everything it had. Not just me, but all Hillary supporters


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