Monday, October 4, 2010

29 Days to go

The One Nation Rally

Designed to be an alternative to Glenn Beck and the TEA Party rallies, what happened is not a good sign for the Democrats.

Glenn Reynolds of provides this link to overhead shots of the crowds at the One Nation rally yesterday and the Glenn Beck rally on August 28. Suffice it to say that the crowd at Beck’s event was much, much larger. Plus he didn’t have to pay people to attend.

Not only was the crowd smaller, portions of it were protesting Obama’s policies (the communists and anti war factions). If you are wondering about the enthusiasm gap, you don’t have to go further than this rally to see it in action.

Here’s a video of who was there and what they want. One thing is clear is that the people there believe that government is the answer to jobs, wages, etc. The real money quote was where one interviewee declared the stimulus wasn’t enough and that we needed 10 times as much (that would have been an $8.6 trillion stimulus. And the dems think it is the TEA Party who are ignorant).

Liberal Delusions

As the election approaches, Nancy Pelosi is not the only delusional Democrat.

Over at The New York Times however, the message doesn’t seem to have
sunk in. The Times, generally regarded as the most powerful and elite liberal
media entity in America, has a major piece this evening with the headline: “In
Fluid Race, House Majority is Uncertain, GOP says.”

The article goes to extraordinary lengths to talk about a Democratic
fight back in November, yet without citing any independent polling evidence to
back it up. As The Times puts it:

Republicans carry substantial advantages as they move into the final
month of the fall campaign, but the resilience of vulnerable Democrats is
complicating Republican efforts to lock down enough seats to capture the House
and take control of the unsettled electoral battleground.

By now, Republicans had hoped to put away a first layer of Democrats and settheir sights on a second tier of incumbents. But the fight for control of Congress is more fluid than it seemed at Labor Day, with Democrats mounting strong resistance in some parts of the country as they try to hold off a potential Republican wave in November.

While acknowledging “the chances of a Republican takeover in the House
remain far greater than in the Senate”, The Times bullishly declares that
“enough contests remain in flux that both parties head into the final four weeks
of the campaign with the ability to change the dynamic before Election

I haven’t come across a single major poll which supports this
conclusion, and as for the GOP “declaring a house majority is uncertain” the
piece merely cites unnamed “Republican strategists” as its source. And this view
is completely contradicted in the same article by Senator John Cornyn of Texas,
chairman of the Republican Senatorial Committee who, according to The Times,
“said Democrats were delusional if they believed an upswing was under way.”

The Titanic's band leader Wallace Hartley paid little heed to the North
Atlantic saltwater bubbling up through the floor in the first class lounge. It
took an extreme case of denial or uncommon nerve to keep the beat while fellow
passengers stood horrified, slowly realizing that someone shorted the lifeboat
count before leaving Southampton.

Many people later commented on how strange it seemed to be wearing
a lifejacket, awaiting orders to get into the lifeboats, whilst the band
continued to play as though nothing had happened ... what went through their
minds as they played together can only be guessed. As the slant of the decks
increased more and more, did they even consider that this was their last hour
alive, or did one or two of them hold out a slight hope that eventually one of
the officers would amble over and instruct them into a lifeboat? Whatever their
thoughts were, we will never know. All eight bandsmen were

How surreal is President Obama's Titanic-esque band leader
performance as we approach his midterm congressional elections? His erstwhile
allies, in full denial mode, are now fleeing an association they found so dear
and irresistible a year ago. The nation, awash in debt, sinking in an economic
quagmire, groaning beneath unrelenting regulatory intrusions and taxes,
outwitted by the nuclear ambitions of a terrorist state, and numbed by the
hopelessly despondent jobless, sees a president imprisoned by his own caricature
as a post-colonial malcontent dreamer babbling of windmills, demons, and

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