Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Democrats--Overpromising and underdelivering for 60 years

The forces of good vs the forces of evil

While this isn’t surprising it is revealing. Ed (a mind is a terrible thing to waste) Shultz of the low rated MSNBC states they are fighting the “forces of evil, the conservatives” in this country. The left likes to vilify the right for simplistic slogans. None hold a candle to the simplicity of the basic left wing beliefs.


Health costs to $oar

Despite assurances from the Obama administration that the recently signed
healthcare reform law would save Americans money, benefit professionals are
seeing huge medical premium hikes and decreased benefits.

Employers and ultimately taxpayers could get sticker shock as plans companies begin to renew their medical benefits packages for 2011.

A Manhattan health benefits consultant says insurance companies are telling employers they will pay have to pay much more in 2011 -- and for reduced coverage.

"It should be noted that premium increases were in excess of 30 percent over the previous year," said Barbara Brody of Barbara A. Brody & Associates. Brody said average rate increases next year for Manhattan-based firms she advises could be as high as "67 percent but will average 30 percent."


Pennsylvania governor Ed Randell was quoted as saying the Democrats don’t do well in misleading the American public. Unfortunately not only is that not true, but the Democrats have just given us two years of continual attempts at misleading the American Public. Certainly the Healthcare reform is a classic example. Sold by the Democrats as something we could get for nothing, in fact, better than nothing as it would bend the cost curve and actually decrease the deficit. In addition, no one would lose their insurance if they were happy with it., people on Medicare would not be hurt, and adding 30 million people to the insured roles would not cause a shortage of doctors. Reality is now knocking on American’s door.

Last year, I ordered a CT scan of the chest on a 63-year-old patient whose
chest X-ray had revealed a lung nodule. I had no problem getting the test
approved by his private insurance company. The radiologist suggested that I
repeat the CT scan this year to make sure the nodule hasn’t turned into cancer.

But this year, the same insurance company is denying the test, having
clamped down on several elective services while also raising its premiums. This
company now has to cover children with pre-existing conditions and can place no lifetime limits on care.
It is struggling to preserve its profits as Obamacare kicks in — profits that, to begin with, are only approximately 4 percent of its total revenue.
Now we know why President Obama sought to avoid a messy confirmation hearing for Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She might have had to respond to reports that she's a money-grubbing tool of trial
lawyers. According to Bloomberg News, even as she was serving as head of the
congressional panel overseeing the $700 billion bank bailout this year, Warren
took $90,000 to testify in a class-action lawsuit by retailers against several of the major banks whose bailout she was overseeing. She told Bloomberg that she saw no conflict of interest, which speaks volumes about her judgment.
Once again Democrats failed to offer a plan for rationalizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac after the House Financial Services Committee held another hearing Wednesday on the mortgage monsters. Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., explained breathlessly that because the congressional session was being cut short by seven days, the committee would not have the time to fully explore reform of the government-backed mortgage lenders. That's a ruse. Frank has repeatedly ducked and dodged on the problems of Fannie and Freddie. The two "government-sponsored enterprises" managed to lose $400 billion and $1 trillion in the financialcrisis, and taxpayers will be tapped to repair the damage.


Fun for Math and Politics Geeks

If you like stats and want to see what the midterms look like here is a great article.

Normally, I use this space to run down various news items related to the campaign, but today I am going to deviate from that practice to offer a snapshot of where I think the midterm battle stands.

The place to start is with independent voters, as they are the ones who swing elections in contemporary America. Indeed, as the parties have become more polarized, independents are now more important politically than ever before. The following is an average of the independent vote in the generic ballot polls
PRINCETON, NJ -- Gallup's generic ballot for Congress among registeredvoters currently shows Republicans with 46% of the vote and Democrats with 43%,similar to the 46% to 46% tie reported a week ago. However, in Gallup's first
estimates among likely voters, based on polling from Sept. 23-Oct. 3,
Republicans have a double-digit advantage under two separate turnout scenarios.

This poll shows why the Democrats are scrambling to get their voters to the polls. Things don’t look good if you have a D by your name.


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