Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who created the mess?

AAA housing (graph)
Who did Obama inherit the mess from?

Bill Clinton made the case that Obama inherited a mess from George W. Bush.  But is that true?  Looking backward through the historical record might help us decide just who provided Barack Obama with the financial legacy he has to cope with if it wasn'tBush. 

Steyn: Are be becoming a nation of Sandra Flukes?

She (Fluke) has concluded that the most urgent need facing the Brokest Nation in History is for someone else to pay for the contraception of 30-year-old children.

Left Wing Pundit Pan Obama’s Convention Speech

"Let's be blunt. Barack Obama gave a dull and pedestrian speech tonight, with nary an interesting thematic device, policy detail, or even one turn of phrase," wrote Michael Tomasky, the editor of the progressive journal Democracy, at The Daily Beast, in a line that was representative of other commentary.
James Carville, who wanted something bolder, was disappointed. "Certainly not the best speech of this convention," Carville tweeted minutes after Obama left the podium with wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia.

The speech "got the job done. But I didn't feel any real passion in the delivery. It felt more like an actor soldiering through his lines," wrote Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.

Obamanomics by the numbers August
3    368,000 dropped out of the work force
·         173,000 new food stamp recipients
·         96,000 new jobs in August
·         41,000 new jobs lost in July and June (adjustment by BLS)
·         58 days til the election

White House misses legal deadline

The White House on Friday said it will miss the legal deadline for delivering a report to Congress on the spending cuts from sequestration that are scheduled to take effect in 2013.

Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One that the report will be coming next week.

Democrats:  the Party of Hate?

“The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”-- Mark Alan Siegel, the Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman

The Herd will protect you

Liberals today don’t think, don’t understand history and don’t worry, because the liberal herd will protect them.  They don’t worry about the socially acceptable hatred of the left, even if they are the target of that hatred.  The left doesn’t understand it isn’t okay to hate bigots because it is still hatred and it makes them bigots.

From Woodward’s book:  Obama’s struggle to keep Congress from controlling outcome of debt ceiling crisis

 “Mr. President, I am sorry — with all due respect — that we are in this situation that we’re in, but we got handed this football on Friday night. And I didn’t create this situation. The first thing that baffles me is, from my private-sector experience, THE FIRST RULE THAT I’VE ALWAYS BEEN TAUGHT IS TO HAVE A PLAN B. And it is really disheartening that you, that this White House did not have a Plan B.”

Several jaws dropped as the Hill staffer blasted the president to his face….

If Corporations aren’t people, then they can’t be greedy

Apparently Elizabeth Warren doesn’t think corporations are people and made fun of Mitt Romney for saying they are.  But if corporations aren’t people than they can’t be greedy, which seems to be a tenant of the liberal dogma.  So which is it?

Speaking of greedy:  FCC backpedals from Internet tax

FCC is backpedaling on its proposal to tax broadband access to the internet.  Both parties are blaming the other one for the idea, but at the time it was proposed there was only one Republican member.

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