Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to the Campaign

Best Quotes from the RNC Convention

“With all their attack ads, the President is just throwing away money…and he’s pretty experienced at that.”Paul Ryan

“They’ve got a Jobs Council that never meets. A Democratic Senate that doesn’t act. A President who doesn’t believe and a Vice President who won’t stop talking. They just don’t get it.” — Tom Stemberg

“You, me…we own this country. Politicians are employees of ours….And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.”Clint Eastwood  

Obama’s Speech falls flat

Obama’s speech to soldiers at Fort Bliss Texas was met mostly with silence on Friday.  The silence deepened when the president lauded his strategy of withdrawal from the war. “Make no mistake, ending the wars responsibly makes us safer and our military even stronger, and ending these wars is letting us do something else; restoring American leadership,” he said amid complete silence.  It was so bad that CNN and MSNBC ended their coverage one halfway through the speech.

Obama tells Parade Magazine Republican voters often agree with him

As part of his reelection campaign, Obama has put forward the theory that after his is reelected, the Republicans in congress will be more willing tocompromise with him. Stating that he has been consistent and his proposals are well within what used to be considered centrist bipartisan positions.  Where are real fact checkers when you need them?

Occupy RNC ends in tears and frustration

Many liberals thought Isaac was a sign from the gods regarding the GOP.  Perhaps it was.  It certainly discouraged protests.  As the Occupy RNC left Tampa here’s what at least one of them thought.
“Occupy is a romance, a tragedy, a comedy … it’s autonomous. Everyone has their own experience,” he said, “I think the rain really discouraged a lot of people. We lost sixteen buses that were going to come down here.” Mike said he was disappointed that the turnout was so low. “I think we’ll have a lot more people in Charlotte,” he added.  Maybe Obama can pass out tickets to them to come to the events at the DNC’s Convention? 

The Death of the left

Things are constantly changing.  Yet if you listen to the left in America (and really around the world) you wouldn’t know it.  They are constantly fighting yesterday’s problems rather than addressing the new ones they’ve helped to create.  As said in this article

Hegel would have well understood one of the most interesting contemporary developments: the old liberal establishment is shrinking, both in numbers and in confidence, and their political/ideological opponents are growing.  Several smart people have noticed the extraordinary depth of the conservative political team, many of whose members were on display in Tampa this week. The Ryans and the Romneys, the Christies and the Haleys, the Loves and the Rubios, the Brewers and the Walkers, on and on. They have a much clearer vision of the real world, and they accordingly have more realistic political approaches than those on the left, who are trapped in a world that no longer exists.

Democratic Logic

If you had a mayor of a city that in the last five years has lost 140,000 jobs, has an unemployment rate above 10%, and is on the verge of bankruptcy, what would you do with him?  Why you’d have him preside over the Democratic National Convention of course.

Republicans evoke Alinsky

It appears the Republicans are using the Democrats tactics against them.  These next two months should be interesting.

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