Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama's gaffe filled presidency

The 10% President

A question raised by President Obama's immortal line on CBS's "60 Minutes" on Sunday—"I think that, you know, as President, I bear responsibility for everything, to some degree"—is what that degree really is. Maybe 70% or 80% of the buck stops with him? Or is it halfsies? 

Nope. Now we know: It turns out the figure is 10%. The other 90% is somebody else's fault.
Obama doesn’t have a clue as to what leadership is.

Obama’s diplomacy is shown by going on The View

The Middle East is on fire, we have four dead civilian Americans including a US Ambassador, USAid is being kicked out of Russia, Iran is on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon and Israel’s prime minister wants to sit down with Obama and what does the President do?  He goes on The View. 

Obama’s view on negative rights

Don’t be fooled by the rights being “negative.”  What that means is that it stops the government from running roughshod over the people. 

First there was Truthers, than Birthers and now Taxers

And all of them have been proven wrong.  So let’s move on to the new movement, Graders.  These are people who want Obama to release his Academic records.  What is Obama hiding?  

Nader calls Obama a War Criminal

It really doesn’t mean much, but he probably would have gotten more press if it were Bush he was accusing.

The Right’s 20 Rules of Racism

This is worth a click here to read.  For example:

17. When a liberal accuses you of racism, rejoice; it means the dipshit knows he or she is losing.

Sometimes people just don’t like what’s “good” for them

This is the biggest problem Obama has.  All the wonderful things he is doing for everyone is not appreciated.  The example in this story involves Michelle Obama, but it works with her husband’s priorities as well.  The Nannies in chief keep trying to make things better but keep failing. 

Protests seem to be spreading about Mrs. Obama’s healthy food drive.  Part of the Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the new lunches seems to be creating a lot of hungry kids in schools.  Forbidden by law to serve the kids more than 850 calories in a day which as a former growing teenage boy I can tell you is just a snack in your teens, this is a law likely to be repealed.  I thought we were feeding kids in school because they couldn’t learn if they were hungry.  

Obama plus 1 in Ohio Poll:  Democrats plus 10 in same poll

There are an awful lot of polls out there that simply don’t make any sense.  In the 2010 election the Republicans were +1% and in a 2012 Gallup party identification poll the Democrats are plus one so where is the plus 10 coming from? 

The Obamas used to walk to school with it being uphill both ways

One thing we do know this election that we didn’t last is that much of what we know about the Obamas doesn’t correspond with the facts.  Neither Barack nor Michelle was poor.  Neither was born in a log cabin (or contrary to the reports in 2008 a stable).  They weren’t rich, but they were privileged.  Both attended prestigious schools. 

Liking Obama:  What does it mean?

Back twenty or so years ago, Sally Field won the Academy Award and when she accepted the award she famously said, “You like me!  You really like me!  It appears the Democrats and Barack Obama are hoping that history repeats itself but instead of winning an Academy Award Obama wants to win a second term as president. Despite what the Democrats think, being likeable is not enough to overcome being incompetent.  

Thursday will be the Oops Report Day

The Oops Report is the report by the Labor Department on how much they missed the jobs numbers by.  This number is likely to go down (unexpectedly) because that is generally what it does and there are other signs as well.

Median Household income declines again in August

It declined 1.1% last month and since Obama has been in office has declined 8.2%.   I get the feeling Obama supporters are feeling like pledges in a fraternity, “Thank you sir.  May I have another?”

Elizabeth Warren:  My family told me of our Indian heritage

Professor Warren is accusing Brown of attacking her family.  Actually, her family probably told her she was a princess too, but I don’t think she get very far trying to get the Romanoff’s money from the European banks it was in with her saying, “But my family told me I was a princess,”

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