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Obama's Middle East Story falling apart

AAA loving Obama
Barack Obama Campaign Factoids 

From Jake Tapper's Political Punch:  With 60 days to go before Election Day, here’s a look at President Obama’s re-election campaign by the numbers:

Total Estimated AF1 Domestic Flight Miles in 2012:  121,000
Total Bus Tours in 2012: 2
Overnights at Home in Chicago in 2012:  7
Visits to Chicago Campaign HQ: 2
 Total Re-Election Fundraisers Attended in 2012:  139
Total Re-Election Fundraisers in First Term:  209  (record-breaking; compares to 86 for George W. Bush)

Are the Democrats scared to death?

I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. And Mitt Romney is reminding me an awful lot of Ronald Reagan.
The MSM and the democrats “do protest too much, me thinks.”  The more you hear about how well Obama is doing the more you need to discount his chances.  They are desperately trying to keep his voters from being discouraged.  And when friends of Ronald Reagan say things like this, it almost over for Obama.

Obama’s Welfare Waivers

I’m still looking for the plank in the Democratic party platform that endorses work-based welfare reform. It must be there somewhere. If you can find it, let me know. … P.S.: You would think Obama’s convention speech would also have been a good place to quickly and forcefully rebut the GOP charge that he wants to eviscerate welfare work requirements. I can’t find that passage either.

 … Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has told Buzzfeed reporters that “Obama had asked him to make two modifications to [Clinton's convention] speech — one on Medicare and one on welfare — but wouldn’t specify what they were.” Hmm ….

4) Glenn Kessler, WaPo fact-checker,  gave Clinton two “Pinocchios” for claiming that the new Obama”requirement was for more work, not less.”  I would have given him four. Clinton is relying on Secretary Sebelius “20%” requirement that is a) bogus  and b) was added by the Obama administration in an apparent damage-control move after the “waiver” memo was issued. But Kessler’s analysis is more even-handed than anything Romney’s gotten out of the Checkretariat so far. 

Good News!  Obama believes in the First Amendment

President Barack Obama used Air Force One to conduct a policy loop-de-loop Wednesday, asserting in a CBS interview that he supports Americans’ right to criticize Islam, following almost 18 hours of determined condemnation from Team Romney and damaging news from Egypt and Libya.
“We believe in the First Amendment,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Kroft during an interview arranged days earlier.

After many in the in the Obama Administration condemned the film makers and even gave out the name of the filmmaker (putting his life in jeopardy) while MSNBC commentators called for the filmmaker to be put on trial as an accessory to murder, it’s nice to see the President still believes we have free speech. 

In the meantime, Google has declined the White House’s request to review the film with the idea of removing it from YouTube.  It will stay up.

Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost

The liberation that Obama hailed so heartily last year, and which he seemed so eager to endorse and validate, has nakedly revealed its hatred for the United States and its determination to kill Americans. Obama’s priorities and methods have paved the way for the violence and will be unable to contain it; and the disaster of his approach to foreign policy could not be more obvious. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden is unequivocal about this, stating that the protests which resulted in the death of the American ambassador and his colleagues were the result of Obama’s decision to intervene in the Libyan revolt without a “deep appreciation” for what would follow.

Jay Carney:  Those aren’t our chickens

Even the media isn’t buying Jay Carney’s explanation of what causing the violence in the Middle East.  This isn’t about a movie, but rather something bigger.  And apparently Barack Obama’s prediction that Muslim attitudes towards America would soften once he was president appears to be another sign of Obama’s Hubris. 

It was retaliation, not a movie

The consulate in Benghazi was an interim facility, with only a standard door lock for security, and worse, Ambassador Stevens was traveling with only a light security detail, rather than in the heavily armed convoys our diplomats in the region usually employ.  The attack on the Benghazi was no mere target of opportunity spurred by reaction to the “Innocence of Muslims” film; the film is just a pretext.  The killing of Amb. Stevens was a premeditated hit, planned and carried out as retaliation for the recent drone strike that killed the number two Al Qaida operative in Afghanistan recently. 

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