Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Signs of the coming election

For the record:  What did Obama accuse Romney of

It is worth recollecting the array of attacks from the Obama camp that failed to carry the day. Romney’s approval rating is now higher than Obama’s and the Obama team tried portraying Romney as: 1) the “vulture” capitalist; 2) a tax evader and/or a felon for signing (or not signing) Bain documents after he left to run the Olympics; 3) killer of Joe Soptic’s wife; 4) outsourcer of jobs to China; 5) determined to take contraception away from women; 6) ready to give a tax cut to the rich and hike middle-class taxes; 7) egging on the auto industry’s demise; 8) willing to throw granny over the cliff on Medicare; 9) President George W. Bush’s political twin; and 10) Big Bird terminator.

As Obama explained in 2008, when you don’t have a record to run on, you have to paint your opponent as something to run from.  

A sign of Desperation

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is blaming the EPA’s war on coal on Mitt Romney.  It appears the coal miners are making a difference in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

Who is Bill Clinton trying to win this election for?

Just watch this and make your own judgment.

A second Obama term?  We can’t afford it

The Electoral Map expands for Romney

The Democrats have to defend blue states.

Is it over?

Bob Beckel says if Gallup’s last poll is correct, it is. 

CBS sees Romney ahead among independents

But no candidate has won the White House while losing Independents by a significant margin. Based on this alone, according to a new CBS Poll, Obama is staring at defeat next week

CBS is out with a new poll of the critical swing states Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. In each, Romney posts significant leads among Independent voters. In Virginia, Romney leads Obama by a massive 21 points among Independents. In OH and FL, he leads by 5-6 points. If this lead holds through election day, he will not lose these states, based on past elections. 

Romney also has big leads among those most likely to vote. He wins seniors, the most dependable voting demographic, by 13 points in VA, 11 points in FL and 9 points in OH. Again, if these trends hold, Romney will sweep all three states, according to CBS.

Of course, since this poll was commissioned by CBS, they are downplaying these results.

Miscalculations of the American Left

The American left, the Obama campaign team, the Democratic establishment, and much of the mainstream media are stunned and surprised by the depth of reaction to the exposure of a vapid Barack Obama during the three presidential debates.  Revealed to the world was a man who could not live up to the well-crafted image of one of the most adept, well-liked, and intelligent politicians in American history.  Once deflated, this image could never be rebuilt.  Obama's performance was indicative of an unprepared and unqualified president unable to defend his four years in office or present a cogent plan for the next four.  

Further, the Euro-socialist policies eagerly pursued by the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress, which in the hallowed halls of academia and liberal think-tanks always succeed, not only have failed miserably to rescue the economy, but are being soundly rejected by the majority of the populace.  They, unlike the insulated elites, are experiencing the real-life consequences of these actions, in a global and domestic landscape of turmoil, indecision, and uncertainty.

Early voting:  What does it mean?

It hasn't gotten too much attention outside of talk radio, but if accurate, Gallup's study of early voters neutralizes one of the Obama campaign's best road-to-victory talking points. As it conducted tracking polls (which have been paused for now), Gallup asked voters whether they'd cast ballots or intended to before election day.  The early voters broke 52-46 for Mitt Romney. The dawdling voters who would vote before election day were tied, 49-49. The voters waiting for November 6 broke for Romney, again, by a 6-point margin.
This would be easy to explain away if Obama had lagged in 2008's early vote. After all, this study includes votes in Georgia and Texas and other places that have broken away from Obama. But . . . in 2008, Obama was winning this vote. An identical Gallup study taken around the same time gave Obama a 53-43 lead with early voters and a 50-44 lead on voters who would wait for election day.
Remember, "If votes cast on Election Day decided the 2008 election, McCain would have won in Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa." That's how central the early vote is to Obama's strategy.

Halloween:  Don’t Steal My Candy!

Steve Crowder makes a point about how fair Obama’s tax policies are.

Obama the radical (and we don’t mean Barack)

Michelle Robinson (now Obama) was a member of the board of the TWC.  

In November 1984, TWC’s board demanded that non-white students should have the right to bar whites from their meetings on campus. They also demanded minorities-only meetings with the deans. The ban was frankly unnecessary, since whites were made to feel unwelcome at the meetings if they were invited at all, but the TWC continued to press for it, arguing, too, that blacks ought to be able to bar whites from attending events aimed at discussion of “sensitive” racial issues.

Quarter of a Billion Grant creates 408 new jobs

Battery maker A123 Systems vowed thousands of new jobs when it received a nearly quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant in late 2009, but federal job-tracking figures show only a few hundred positions were created before the company joined a growing list of federally backed energy businesses that ended in bankruptcy.

How Mitt Romney will boost the economy

Second, current economic policy is the reason the economy is in such bad shape. Unfortunately economic policy has consisted mainly of a series of short-term interventions—the stimulus packages, cash for clunkers, temporary payments to state governments and individuals—that have not led to a strong sustainable recovery. At best they produced small short-term economic blips which did not last. Basic economics tells us that such temporary policies do little to stimulate spending. You need more lasting reforms as shown in the recent book Government Policies and the Delayed Economic Recovery (Hoover Institution Press) edited by Lee Ohanian, Ian Wright, and me….

Here too the defenders of the policies counter with a rosier view. Some say that the fiscal stimulus packages stopped the economic free fall. But this is not what the data show: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in February 2009, while retail sales, exports and new investment orders ended their sharp free fall in December 2008 or January 2009. The view that the stimulus worked mainly comes from economists who predicted that the stimulus would work before it was passed, and they simply used the same models over again to claim it worked.

ADP has slashed their Employment Number for September

ADP originally said the economy created 162,000 jobs in September.  They have now revised that number down to 88,200.  Economists expect the October numbers that will be released on Friday to come in at 125,000 jobs with the unemployment rate holding steady.  The one thing you can count on is that that prediction is wrong. 

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