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Benghazi and Biden

Even Leftist Pundits were taken back by Biden’s performance

And for those who think my disdain for Joe’s juvenile behavior is rank partisan perturbation, his own party’s cheerleaders derided him for his derisive behavior. Check it out:

NBC News’ David Gregory: “Biden’s smile is out of control.” (David Gregory, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
NBC News’ Mike O’Brien: “Biden really has to rein in his mannerisms.” (Mike O’Brien, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
CNN’s Piers Morgan: “Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential.” (Piers Morgan, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
CNN’s Gloria Borger: “It was condescending at times, to Paul Ryan and I think I could’ve done with a lot less eye rolling and chuckling on the part of Joe Biden.” (CNN’s “Inside The Spin Room,” 10/11/12)
Bloomberg’s Josh Barro: “Biden smirk is … not good.” (Josh Barro, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
NBC News’ Betsy Fischer Martin: “Biden constant smiling is reminding me of Gore constant sighing in 2000.” (Betsy Fischer Martin, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling.” (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake: “Biden making lots of noise/motion while Ryan is talking.” (Aaron Blake, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
WPHT Philadelphia’s Chris Stigall: “Biden laughs like this is a game. Disgraceful.” (Chris Stigall, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Biden’s performance in retrospect

For starters, try to imagine being Paul Ryan last Thursday: a young politician in the hot seat, the eyes of the world pressing upon him, as he tries to make careful and succinct statements in a most-intense environment, while all along, literally nearly every minute -- Biden interrupted Ryan 80-plus times -- his opponent smirks, scoffs, laughs uncontrollably, flaps his arms, and, generally, acts like a petulant child. I ask readers: Could you have endured what Paul Ryan handled? Given what he was up against, Paul Ryan's debate performance was truly remarkable. It was extraordinary. For poise alone, Ryan won hands down.

As for Joe Biden, his disrespectfulness was of historic proportions. Anyone but the blindest partisan Democrat concedes that the man was obnoxious. Only really, really angry liberals -- granted, there are many -- liked what Biden did.

Biden’s two biggest lies

Biden lied about Benghazi and about Obamacare’s mandate.  Both of those lies will cost them in the coming election.

Biden and Benghazi:  The October surprise?

Many people in the diplomatic and intelligence communities say that the Obama administration, behind the scenes, is in complete disarray in the aftermath of al-Qaeda’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. That tension burst into the open during last Thursday’s debate, when Vice President Joe Biden said the administration “did not know” that U.S. personnel in Libya had made repeated requests for more security before the September 11 attack. “We did not know they wanted more security there,” Biden claimed.

The thrill going up many liberals leg last Wednesday may be fading as more comes out about Libya and the lies the VP told us.  

Lies our government told us

It appears the truth is slowly coming out and with them the realization that the Obama Administration was lying through its teeth regarding Benghazi.

State was sitting on money for security for consulate

Last week during congressional testimony from State Department officials who were on the ground in Libya, we heard over and over again that more security for the consulate in Benghazi was requested but denied. We also heard repeatedly from Democrats, including Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings, claiming a lack of funding was at fault for less security in Benghazi during the time of the attack on 9/11 that left four Americans dead. State Department officials said funding had nothing to do with the situation and now, Chairman Darrell Issa has revealed the State Department is sitting on $2 billion for consulate security, but won’t spend it.

This keeps getting worse and worse for the Democrats.  

Obama surrogate dodges Benghazi Question

David Axelrod dodges the question of how soon Obama met with his National Security Council regarding Benghazi which begs the question; did he ever meet with them regarding Benghazi? 

When Obama loses CNN…

CNN has learned tonight that the White House chose to leave out key intelligence from the attacks on Americans in Libya. There are three things U.S. intelligence has now confirmed to be true: the attackswere preplanned, terrorist attacks, and the work of Al-Qaeda- linked groups. None of these three points were in talking points distributed to congress and other government officials.  U.S. intelligence knew of the al-Qaeda link within 24 hours of the attacks. And the now infamous comments by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice that the attacks were not preplanned and not the work of terror came four days after that. This doesn’t add up.”

This is an excellent article that goes far beyond the CNN quote.  

Obama’s two new problems

The momentum of the Romney Campaignis only growing, and while Obama and his cohorts throw out Big Bird jokes, the fact remains that we are witnessing the collapse of Obama’s foreign policy right before our eyes. Big Bird memes are not as distracting as the Obama Campaign had hoped, and the American voters are continuing to ask inconvenient questions about the handling of Benghazi-gate, what we plan to do to secure our embassies and why this was allowed to happen in the first place.

Further plaguing the Obama Administration is the poor economy that has affected all of us at one point or another. The promises of, “It will get better,” are just not enough to keep people hoping for change anymore. Even the “official” dropping of the unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8% last month only bought Obama fifteen minutes of goodwill.

Obama’s Breaking Point

Is it starting to look like November 1, 1980? 

In the first debate, Romney was not just far better-informed and spoken, but far more likeable. Joe Biden’s frenzied rudeness was the sort of debate performance that mesmerizes one by its very boorishness, eliciting a weird reaction in the room like “Come over and check this out: I can’t believe the Vice president of the United States is trumping The Joker” (after all, the sick Joker is more entertaining that the sober and judicious Batman) — but within hours leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth of something along the lines of “Surely, we could have done better than that rude buffoon?”

Washington Post shows Obama ahead 49%-46%

The posts opines on a number of reasons Obama is ahead, but failed to mention the main one.  Their poll had +9 Democrats which give Obama a +3 margin.  Using simple arithmetic, you can see that means the independents are going for Romney by a 60-40 margin. 

The Cost of Regulation

Right now it costs small businesses 40 cents of everydollar to comply with government regulations.  And this is before Obamacare.  This is also the reason big companies don’t mind regulation because it gives them a competitive advantage over small companies. 

Is Elizabeth Warren paying her fair share?

Elizabeth Warren has built her progressive rock star image and her campaign by attacking the wealthy factory owners and others who supposedly do not pay their “fair share” and take advantage of loopholes to live off of infrastructure paid for by others.

Yet Warren appears to be one of those people who takes advantage.

Warren falsely and without any legitimate legal basis claimed to be Cherokee for employment purposes.  Warren also chintzed by failing to register for the Massachusetts Bar despite an active practice of law in Cambridge since the mid-1990s, thereby evading Bar registration dues.  Howie Carr has a great column today about Warren’s class warfare phoniness.

Add another example to the long list:  Warren obtained fee waivers from at least 50 federal bankruptcy courts so she would not have to pay for access to the federal PACER system, even in years when she had a high 6-figure income and an 8-figure net worth.

The more you know about Ms. Warren, the more you like Scott Brown.  

2012 election helps Postal Service

It seems all that annoying junk election mail you are getting is a life saver for the postal service.

NHS:  A preview of Obamacare?

Older patients must not be denied NHS operations on the grounds of their age, a report by surgeons says.

It provides damning evidence of variations in surgical care based on patients' ages, with the chances of being operated on peaking in middle age and plummeting for those in their 60s, 70s and 80s.
Older heart attack victims, breast cancer patients and those needing new hips and knees are missing out on treatment routinely offered to younger patients even though they could benefit, it says.

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