Saturday, October 6, 2012

Romney moves in the polls, Libs claim he cheated

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Does Obama want to be President?

Now it isn’t just the Republicans who are asking this question, but Democrats as well.

The Left Turns on Obama

The latest from lefty stars:  “No weed for you before the next debate.”

Rasmussen sees Romney go back into the lead

After the Democratic convention Obama took the lead in the Rasmussen daily poll.  Today with two days of data after the Debate (there are three days in the poll), Romney jumped back ahead of Obama.

 I would expect this to go up tomorrow by another point or perhaps two.  

When you lose Bob Herbert

Herbert finds it is time to stop making excuses for Barack Obama.

Left Wing Media claims Romney cheated in the debate

It started in the left wing blogosphere and moved into the MSM.  According to views of the video, it appeared that Romney had snuck something from his pocket to his podium.  A crib sheet perhaps opined the left wing blogs which would have been in clear violation of the rules.  But as luck would have it and the truth be told, Romney didn’t cheat.  


The evidence seems to indicate it was a handkerchief. So there you have it folks. The mystery seems to have been solved.

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