Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fewer poor vs fewer rich

20 Reasons you might be a liberal

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, you just might be a liberal if... 

1) You get extremely upset about the idea of the government coming into our bedrooms unless it's to give everyone free birth control. 

2) You believe that people who hold the exact same position on gay marriage that Barack Obama did last year are horrible bigots who are unfit to hold office.
And 18 more.

How Obama won the debate a prequel

If Obama were to show up in a clown suit and flip-flops, the media narrative would be that his unconventional attire was a daring and brilliant move designed to challenge the status quo and to reveal his human side, or possibly a laudable effort to make politics more interesting to children. 

He’s got Mitt under his skin

Krauthammer exposes Obama’s biggest weakness—thin skin.

Warren/Brown Debate sparks fly

“Excuse me,” Brown said at one point, landing a zinger as Warren tried to interrupt him: I’m not a student in your classroom.”

The Left and free speech

They don’t like it and if they can they will suppress it. 

How the Obama Administration failed to fix Wall Street

Four years have passed since Lehman Brothers’ collapse; two since Obama signed financial reform into law; one since the occupation of Zuccotti Park. But the Justice Department has yet to convict a SINGLE high-profile banker.  And despite the Dodd-Frank reform package, critics suggest that the system is hardly safer than it was in 2008—from JPMorgan’s beached “whale” to MF Global’s missing billions. In a recent report the International Monetary Fund called the capital markets just as “vulnerable” to crash and fraud as they were four years ago.

Liberal Media Bias now in the Polls?

Pat Caddell on Bill O’Reilly said the following:

Whether it’s organized or a straight conspiracy and we have gone down a slippery slope here. Look Bill, we’ve had liberal bias or bias in the press for a long time. And it’s gotten worse starting in 2008. But now we’ve got a press that is actively engaged in a reelection – putting out a narrative that Romney is a loser, they’re running polls… But Romney’s not my issue here. More importantly they not only decided to support Obama. On this issue the last two weeks what we see is a press that has decided that it will not tell the American people the truth.”

And here’s what Pollster admit to under oath

In May, the pollster for Al Gore’s presidential bid in 2000 and John Edwards's in 2004 and 2008, Harrison Hickman, took the stand in the federal criminal case against Edwards over alleged campaign finance violations stemming from payments to support Edwards's mistress.
Under oath, Hickman admitted that in the final weeks of Edwards's 2008 bid, Hickman cherry-picked public polls to make the candidate seem viable, promoted surveys that Hickman considered unreliable, and sent e-mails to campaign aides, Edwards supporters and reporters which argued that the former senator was still in the hunt —even though Hickman had already told Edwards privately that he had no real chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

New Poll has Obama +3 and Democrats +8

The latest CNN/ORC poll has Obama ahead by 3 points, but once again samples more democrats than common sense would allow.

Taking out the skewed number of Democrats we find Romney is up by 4.2%.

WAPO:  Obama ahead in swing states by 10 or Romney ahead by 5

The Washington Post’s latest poll has Obama ahead by 2, so they took a subset of swing states which had 169 people and projected Obama ahead by 10, but the MOE was 8. 

And here is another look at the Washington Post poll.

Romney uses the L word about Obama

Is liberal a bad word?  Evidently when liberals run for election it is.

Medicare and Lies the Democrats are telling us

A debate that has been fought largely over the airwaves is about to go head-to-head. Medicare reform is a huge part of that debate, and the left—bolstered by the media—has been promoting two huge falsehoods on the issue.

They are telling the lies because the truth doesn’t frighten anyone. 

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