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Big Bird and other democratic programs

AAA Huge Mess
AAA save Big Bird
Obama and the Democrats rally to defend Big Bird

While the country is in the throes of a pathetic recovery and 23 million people are looking for work, the President has spent the last week defending Big Bird.  Now we know that the Democrats are for the little guy, but in economic terms, Sesame Street is a “1 percenter,”an organization that has brought in somewhere in the neighborhood of $630,000,000 during the same time that Romney amassed a $190,000,000 fortune.  And the Democrats are saying that they need to keep Sesame Street on welfare (or is that easy street?). 

In the meanwhile both Krauthammer and Kirsten Powers riptrivial and out of touch Big Bird ad.

Big Bird:  Obama’s second term agenda

Having been routed in the first debate, President Obama has found a comeback strategy: Fly Big Bird. Specifically, mock Mitt Romney's call to cut federal subsidies for the millionaires at the Sesame Workshop and pledge to defend the Public Broadcasting Service no matter how much money the Treasury has to borrow.

At least he's finally discovereda second-term agenda.

John Heilemann: Obama campaign is flailing

It appears John Heilemann is unhappy with the Obama campaign since the debate and is willing to say it.
“I think they have been horrible since the debate,” said Heilemann. “They are flailing right now. And the stuff they’re saying, the Big Bird ad, all of it.”

It does seem to be a campaign without focus and with the record they have, they don’t seem to have anything to run on.   The Big Bird ad?  It’s looking like a fine feathered mess.

Chris Matthews without the tingle

Matthews discusses the Big Bird Ad.  We are seeing a campaign in meltdown. 

Nancy Pelosi sees a Romney win as only a remote possibility

Good news because Nancy doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to making predictions.  What is remote is a victory by Obama and it’s getting more remote every day.

Obama losing the youth vote

The latest Pew Poll showed that Obama’s support among those under30 has dropped from 65 to 58 percent while Romney’s support has risen from 32 to 42 percent.  Overall that takes Obama’s margin from 33 percent down to 15 percent.  If the Obama campaign is not panicking they should be.

Pollster gives VA, FL, and NC to Romney

In places like North Carolina, Virginia and Florida, we’ve already painted thosered. We’re not polling any of those states again. We’re focusing on the remaining states.”

Is Obama now a pretend candidate?

When there is no more fire in the belly and you are outclassed in every respect by your opponent, what do you do?  How does Obama have his "No más" moment gracefully?  Or did we witness it already when he quit partway through the first debate?

Does the man who pretended to be president now pretend to be a candidate?

Chris Christie predicts a mean and angry Obama at remaining debates

“So I think you’re going to see a mean and angry president in the next two debates, and Gov. Romney will be Gov. Romney. I mean, that’s a strength of Gov. Romney. He’s going to be who he is. He’s comfortable with who he is and the positions he’s taking, and he’s just going to express those to the American people in the same calm and hopeful manner that he did last Wednesday night. And I think the public is going to respond very well to that.”

Kindergarden of Eden:  How modern liberals think

First question: In the book you say, “When I say the modern liberal is morally and intellectually retarded at the level of a five year old child, it is not hyperbole, it’s a diagnosis.” Explain that.
I was merely saying that the modern liberal is somewhat immature in his thinking and I would definitely pick the age of five.

I agree with this.  Parents socialize their children to play fair, take turns, etc.  A number of years ago we had the book, Everything I really need to know I learn in Kindergarden.  It was a hit especially among the liberals.  When I was five I remember watching a commercial for Camel cigarettes.  They said, “More people smoke camels than any other cigarette.”  I was confused because to my child like mind I wondered why they would say that because people would buy the other cigarettes so the other brands wouldn’t go out of business.  Today’s liberal think that way, like a five year old. 

Does anything disqualify a liberal from being a debate moderator? 

President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

Jack Welch explains the BLS September miracle

Let's get real. The unemployment data reported each month are gathered over a one-week period by census workers, by phone in 70% of the cases, and the rest through home visits. In sum, they try to contact 60,000 households, asking a list of questions and recording the responses.
Some questions allow for unambiguous answers, but others less so. For instance, the range for part-time work falls between one hour and 34 hours a week. So, if an out-of-work accountant tells a census worker, "I got one baby-sitting job this week just to cover my kid's bus fare, but I haven't been able to find anything else," that could be recorded as being employed part-time.

The possibility of subjectivity creeping into the process is so pervasive that the BLS's own "Handbook of Methods" has a full page explaining the limitations of its data, including how non-sampling errors get made, from "misinterpretation of the questions" to "errors made in the estimations of missing data."

Bottom line: To suggest that the input to the BLS data-collection system is precise and bias-free is—well, let's just say, overstated. 

Meanwhile, we're told in the BLS report that in the months of August and September, federal, state and local governments added 602,000 workers to their payrolls, the largest two-month increase in more than 20 years. And the BLS tells us that, overall, 873,000 workers were added in September, the largest one-month increase since 1983, during the booming Reagan recovery.
The reality is the economy is experiencing a weak recovery. Everything points to that, particularly the overall employment level, which is 143 million people today, compared with 146 million people in 2007.

I’m still sticking with my explanation.  It’s a miracle!

Obama’s biggest problem

Obama, meanwhile, will tell you that we have achieved much in his first four years: He inherited the worst recession in a generation and at least he stopped the job losses; we’ve even got some economic growth.

The problem is, as Romney noted in the debate, this year’s growth is slower than last year’s — and last year was worse than the year before. 

That’s just not what we should see coming out of a recession — especially a bad one. Historically, a bad hit is always followedby a big bounce.

The last statement was true even in the Depression.  Obama’s plans have failed. 

Obama’s economic record

How dismal is his record?  Watch this. 

The Obama Administration in the age of the internet

The Obama Administration is now saying they never blamed the attack in Benghazi on protest over an anti-Mohammed film.   As you can see, that was the talking points when it happened and it continued for up to two weeks after the attack.  Lying in the internet age is simply stupid. 

What voter fraud?

James O’Keefe has done it again – this time capturing video of a paid Obama Organizing for America director in Houston, Texas, assisting a double-voting scheme directed toward Florida. In the video, an undercover Obama “volunteer” tells Organizing for America’s Stephanie Caballero that she wanted to vote twice to help reelect President Obama.
The undercover “volunteer” tells Caballero, “I’m going to vote by ballot and then I have mine here too.”

After the volunteer tells Caballero her plan, Caballero volunteers to help the double voter get the forms to request an absentee ballot in Florida. “I’ll print that out and you just have to mail it back,” Caballero says.

The USA’s fair share is the largest in the world

"The United States is actually more dependent on rich people to pay taxes than even many of the more socialized economies of Europe. According to the Tax Foundation, the United States gets 45 percent of its total taxes from the top 10 percent of tax filers, whereas the international average in industrialized nations is 32 percent. America’s rich carry a larger share of the tax burden than do the rich in Belgium (25 percent), Germany (31 percent), France (28 percent), and even Sweden (27 percent)."

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