Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney vs Obama Part Two

Colorado Model:  Romney 77% likelihood of popular vote victory

The University of Colorado (CU) prediction renowned for perfect accuracy will predict a popular-vote win for Mitt Romney later this month, Campus Reform has learned.

The poll has accurately predicted every presidential election since it was developed in 1980. It is unique in that it employs factors outside of state economic indicators to predict the next president.

CU Political Science Professor Dr. Michael Berry, who spoke with Campus Reform at length on Tuesday, said there is at least 77 percent chance that Romney will win the popular vote.

MSNBC undecideds go for Romney after the debate

Romney’s record as a businessman seems to be moving people.

Romney:  “We don’t have to settle for this”

Romney kept exposing the Obama record.

Romney exposes an Obama vote as the definition of insanity*

Romney shot back that "if you elect President Obama, you know what you're going to get -- you're 

*definition of insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

When Obama folded last night

The most single telling moment of Tuesday's debate - and possibly of any of the debates - came early, when Obama attempted to interrupt Romney one time too many. The governor rebuked him, politely but firmly, and Obama simply turned and went back to his stool...

….For a fleeting instant, Americans saw Obama the way that Putin, Jiang, Khamanei, and Jihadis see him. It was not an impressive sight, and it cannot be made up for.

CNN/CBS on who won the Debate

After posting this, I took a couple of hours sleep, woke up and looked at the polls. They present a more mixed impression of the evening than the live event suggested. CNN shows an Obama win overall, but it also has Romney ahead on the economy (18 points) and leadership (3 points).  CBS, again found that Obama won the debate.  But it also reports that Romney leads on the economy by 65 to 34 per cent. The implication is that Obama won on style and Romney on many specifics.


Jay Homnick thinks Romney’s performance was the best ever in a Presidential debate even better than his hero Ronald Reagan.  For instance:  

First of all, he solved the age-old conflict of how to call a President a liar without seeming impudent. This conundrum had bedeviled challengers since the dawn of time. So many times in the past we have seen the Bob Doles and the McCains of the world let the lie fly by while they are too paralyzed by seemliness to take a swat.

Romney solved this with an inventive linguistic approach. Instead of saying something was wrong, he said the inverse of the inverse, something on the order of "How can this be so?"

Michael Barone on the second debate

Debate #2:  Scored like a boxing match

This was actually an entertaining and interesting look at last night’s debate.  Here’s the part I found especially insightful.

As a former boxer (1976 Golden Gloves), I thought I recognized what Romney was doing -- he was trying to see what Obama had.  Or maybe he was just nervous, but he gave Obama the first round.  Thereafter, it was all Romney.  Romney attacked Obama and his record with ease and effectiveness -- sticking and moving, sticking and moving.  He challenged him face to face, but with respect for the champ, while Obama clearly had no respect for him.

Romney killed on energy, at one point, asking the President a direct question on drilling, which forced Obama to sit down.  To know the significance of this, watch the moment with the sound off.  It's a standing 8 count.

After Debate #2:  Now what happens?

The core dynamic here is that Romney has proven himself to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to Obama. The silly portrayal of Romney in all those negative ads has been exploded. Obama’s inevitability is gone. The underlying state of the country, which is not at all good, has become the issue. All of that is bad for Obama and very good for Romney.

Does this guarantee victory to Romney? Not necessarily, but the fundamental dynamic of the race now favors the challenger. The core of Obama’s strategy was to distract attention from his record by rendering Romney unacceptable. That strategy has failed. In its absence, all Obama has is the hope of that his base is now large enough to hand him a narrow victory. Not impossible, but unlikely.

I think Mr. Kurtz is correct in his assessment.  And history is on Romney’s side.  Incumbent presidents don’t get reelected with this kind of an economy.

Obama’s Freudian Slip

"The way we're going to create jobs here is not just changing our tax code, but also to double our exports. And we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments I made when I was president. That's creating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country."
So Obama is already talking about being president in the past tense. 

What fair and balanced looks like to the left

Crowley interrupted Obama 9 times and Romney 28 times.

It couldn’t be because he was talking too long since Obama talked 10% longer than Romney did.

The Red Telephone Ad:  Hillary was right

Here’s the famous 3 AM ad.  It appears Barack has put that phone on call forwarding to Hillary.

Obamacare:  Now we know what’s in it

Every expansive promise made by the president for his signature legislation has been shown to be smoke and mirrors.  Though touted as healthcare reform (change for the better), the ACA is more accurately described as Obama's Act of Healthcare Exacerbation (change that makes things worse).
A new study by the Pioneer Policy Institute in Massachusetts adds number 10 to the list (below) of reasons why Americans hate the ACA.

Merkel vs Obama

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday Germany needs to stimulate domestic economic demand and urged opposition parties to stop blocking proposed tax cuts in the upper house of Parliament. Merkel told business leaders Germany should end the automatic progression of workers into ever higher tax brackets due to inflation, which siphons more than 20 billion euros ($26 billion) out of the economy each year. She also renewed her calls for cuts in pension contributions as another way to boost purchasing power.

Apparently she is at odds with BHO’s strategy

Best Bumper Sticker

“I’m not a racist.  I don’t like Biden either.” 

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