Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why in the world?

Must Gay People vote a certain way?

A side issue that is going on is whether or not Elana Kagan is gay. The funny part here is it is a concern of both the extreme right and the extreme left.

On the extreme right, the concern is that a person shouldn't be gay in this position because it might influence their decisions on gay rights issues. On the extreme left the concern is related to the extreme right's position in that they feel if a person is gay, there is a certain way they are supposed to vote.

Hopefully, a judge would not allow their personal circumstances guide their vote. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that this belief will be acceptable to either side of the aisle and there also appears to be a belief or a fear that there is only one side to the issue if you are a member of a certain group.

EJ Dionne screws it up again

EJ Dionne just wrote a column titled "Democrats' Diverse Coalition." In it he says:

"Republicans will, indeed, end the year a more philosophically coherent right-wing party. But the Democrats will, if anything, become more ideologically diverse."

What absolute nonsense! He sees the Democrats running in more conservative areas as proof that the Democrats are diverse. He cites the race of U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak (a moderate democrat) against Arlan Spector (a Republican turned Democrat) as proof of how Democrats have a big tent while the loss of while relatively conservative incumbents such as the defeated Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah indicates to Dionne that the Republicans are less tolerant. I guess he missed the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas who recently said: "Just like the far right, I think the far left also believes that you've got to be with them 100 percent of the time or you don't meet the test,"

Finally Dionne should read the Huffington Post sometime and see how many in his "diverse coalition" are calling for voting out the DINOs. In fact, there are many Democrats who aren't left wing enought who aren't safe this year from their own voters while those who are left wing enough aren't safe from independent voters.

Kerry-Lieberman -- The wrong problem, the wrong solution and the wrong time

" Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., have managed to write a cap-and-trade energy bill that should be greeted with guffaws from both believers and skeptics of man-made global warming. At a cost of billions of dollars and millions of jobs across America, the proposal would produce virtually no reduction in global temperatures even after being in force for decades. Using the MAGICC/SCENGEN climate model originally developed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and assuming no other nation adopts the same measure, climate researcher Paul Knappenberger found that Kerry-Lieberman would reduce the average global temperature 0.077 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050, compared with what it would be if the bill were not adopted "

That's right folks. If the IPCC models say we will increase 2 degrees C by 2050, this will reduce that number to 1.923 degrees instead. Now that may be a liberal's idea of progress, but it isn't mine.

And this. G20: Climate Change No Longer A Priority

Thursday, 13 May 2010 14:49 The Canadian Press Canada brushed aside a direct public demand Wednesday by the visiting United Nations chief and reiterated that it will not make climate change a priority agenda item when it hosts the G20 summit next month.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stuck to his G20 plan to keep the summit's focus squarely on the global economic recovery after he met UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his Parliament Hill office.

At least they are getting the message in Canada.

AZ Governor, Palin Criticize AG Eric Holder For Not Reading Law.

Below you will find a link to a video showing this. When I saw it I was struck by the realization we keep seeing people on the left passing laws and criticizing other's laws without reading them.

To me this indicates that these people are ideologues first, and thinking humans beings only as an after thought. Is it too much to ask people to get the facts straight before they comment on them?

More Bad News for the Democrats

"Young voters capture this Obama-base problem. Obama won a larger share of younger voters than any president since at least the Second World War.

History, however, appears unlikely to repeat itself. About half of voters under age 30 are enthusiastic about voting this year, according to Gallup, compared to about two-thirds of seniors.

Young Republicans are also more likely to vote in 2010 than young Democrats, 41 to 35 percent respectively, according to a Harvard poll earlier this year. The same is true for young adults who disapprove of the president, compared to those who approve."

While a lot of liberals pooh pooh the TEA Party, we do know it is filled with people who are enthusiastic about voting this year. And I know I've seen numbers of young people there as well somewhat supporting the above information.

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