Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lessons from all over

Lesson from PA12

The Democrats are crowing about their holding on to John Murtha's old seat. I think the lesson from this election is that if you have a 2-1 registration advantage and you campaign as a Democrat who is against the Obama Agenda (against healthcare, cap and trade, etc), you have a chance.

Other lessons from PA.

Arlen Spector lost the Democrat primary even though he had President Obama's backing and the backing of the rest of the Democrat establishment. I'm not sure if this is bad news for incumbents, or simply bad news for turncoats. In either case it isn't good news for President Obama.

The Christmas Bomber and Intelligence failures

The Senate Intelligence Committee report identifies fourteen “points of failure.” Failure No. 2 is the decision not to put Abdulmutallab on the “no fly” list, which the intel committee attributes to “the language of the watchlisting standard, the manner in which it was being interpreted at the time, or both.”

So what happened? Why was Abdulmutallab not on the no fly list? We can thank the ACLU who in 2008 led a campaign to make it more difficult for the government to put names on the list. I guess those who would trade security for liberty also end up with neither.

A Question about Democrats

After seeing the Democrats pass a 2000 page healthcare bill without reading it (Nancy Pelosi's famous "We need to pass it so we can see what's in it") and now seeing both Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano criticize the new Arizona Immigration law but then admitting they hadn't read it, you begin to wonder is the reason the Dems don't do much reading because the don't want to spoil their liberal preconceived notions, or that they aren't intellectually curious enough to read something they might not agree with.

I at least appears that the Democrat party agrees with Don Quixote when he said "Facts are the enemy of truth."

Richard Lindzen says it is time to abandon climate skepticism

Richard Siegmund Lindzen is an American atmospheric physicist and Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen is known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books. He recently suggested that it is time to abandon climate skepticism or at least the term skeptic.

“One suggestion I’d make is we stop accepting the term ‘skeptic,’” Lindzen said. “As far as I can tell, skepticism involves doubts about a plausible proposition. I think current global warming alarm does not represent a plausible proposition.”

Lindzen told the audience
the alarmists have simply failed to prove their case.

“For 20 years –more than 20 years unfortunately, 22 by now, since ’88 – of repetition, escalation of claims does not make it more plausible. “Quite the contrary,” he continued. “I would suggest the failure to prove the case of 20 years makes the case even less plausible, as does the evidence of ClimateGate and other instances.”

In fact, the claims of the AGW crowd that seem to link everything even contradictory things to being consistent with Anthropogenic Global Warming doesn't make the theory more robust but less robust. A robust theory explains why something happens and what can't happen. AGW after 22 years explain almost nothing and reject even less.
Meanwhile, back in the Jungle

The plan by Democratic Senator John Kerry and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman to reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming is not the subject of any committee hearings; it's not being debated on the Senate floor; it's not even been formally introduced. (Reuters)

Blumenthal claims he misspoke

Connecticut Attorney General and Senate Democratic hopeful Richard Blumenthal held a press conference yesterday claiming he only inadvertently said -- repeatedly -- that he served alongside America's bravest and most selfless in the Vietnam War. He explained that he misspoke and then said that he wouldn't let a few mistakes on his part allow others to disparage his record of service.

Now one of two things are true about Blumenthal. Either he is a liar or he is delusional. In either case, the people of Connecticut have a choice to make on whether this is the kind of man they want to send to the Senate of the United States of America.
Update. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Connecticut finds Blumenthal with just a three-point advantage over Linda McMahon, 48% to 45%. Two weeks ago, he led the Ms. McMahon by 13 percentage points.

I think what makes Blumenthal's statements really unacceptable is he represents himself as someone who served in Vietnam when the story the NYT broke showed he did everything in his power to avoid that service and succeeded.

Future of the Euro and the EU

The Euro continues to decline in value and this morning as I write this stands at 1.224. Here is an article that see the Euro as a symbol of the entire EU experiment.

"The European experiment has failed and is only artificially being kept alive on a life-support system of taxpayer-funded bailouts. The euro is now a zombie currency: only the political will of the European nomenklatura keeps it nominally in existence. That is the exact reverse of the proper relationship between a currency and the state: the currency should be the expression of a healthy economy testifying to the legitimacy of the government it represents. Instead, a synthetic European super-state is showing its non-viability and moribundity through the implosion of its currency."

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