Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Wasn't this the guy who was going to heal the Planet?

Things are turning bad for President Obama regarding the oil spill in the Gulf. You know it's getting bad when a liberal pundit defends Obama by saying, "They're just showing incompetence."

And it's being reported that Robert Gibbs has scolding the White House Press Corps (that's pronounced core not corpse, Mr. President) for asking too many BP oil spill questions. Don't you just love the White House's interpretation of the First Amendment?

It's also been reported President Obama will be going on he second vacation since the oil spill began (Memorial Day in Chicago).

Then and Now

In the Showtime series the Tudors, in the second season you have King Henry VIII trying to keep Anne Boylen from leaving court. She ignores his pleas and he shouts after her, "Anne, don't leave. I'm the King of England!"

It appears that same frustration he felt is being felt by President Barack Obama. Like Henry VIII, he can't understand why Republicans won't do as he wants them to do. I keep having this vision in my head of BHO saying "You need to support my programs. I'm the President of the United States!"

In another example of this seemingly imperial tone, we have a report that Andrew Romanoff was offered a job by the Obama Whitehouse to deter him from running against Michael Benett in the Colorado primary for the US Senate seat. This is actually against the law, but like Henry, it appears this Whitehouse feels they are above the law.

Obama Whitehouse probe of Obama Whitehouse finds no Obama Whitehouse impropriety on Sestak Obama Whitehouse job offer.

The bad news for the Obama Whitehouse is now there are two Democrats calling for an explanation of what happened.

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