Thursday, September 30, 2010

The losers

Biden once again opens his mouth and mistakenly speaks the truth

“Folks,” continued the vice president. “If we allow this to be a referendum
on whether people are happy where they are now, we’ll lose, and we’ll deserve to lose if we make it a referendum. … We have to do everything we can to make this a choice, an honest choice.”

Joe Biden seems to be like Cassandra. He keeps putting his foot in his mouth, but no one pays attention to him.

In what only can be considered to be more bad news for the party in power, consumer confidence has dropped to its lowest level since February.

NEW YORK (AP) - Americans' view of the economy turned grimmer in
September amid escalating job worries, falling to the lowest point since

The downbeat report, released Tuesday, raises more fears about the
tenuous U.S. economic recovery. It also further underscores the disconnect
between Wall Street and Main Street; consumers' confidence fell further even as
stocks rebounded in September.

The Conference Board, based in New York, said its monthly Consumer
Confidence Index now stands at 48.5, down from the revised 53.2 in August.
Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters were expecting 52.5.

The reading marked the lowest point since February's 46.4. It takes a
reading of 90 to indicate a healthy economy - a level not approached since the
recession began in December 2007

Morris on the coming election

Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and
Majority Leader Reid, the Democratic Party is facing the biggest defeat in
midterm elections in the past 110 years, perhaps surpassing the modern record of
a 74-seat gain set in 1922. They will also lose control of the

Republicans are now leading in 54 Democratic House districts. In 19
more, the incumbent congressman is under 50 percent and his GOP challenger is
within five points. That makes 73 seats where victory is within easy grasp for
the Republican Party. The only reason the list is not longer is that there are
160 Democratic House districts that were considered so strongly blue that there
is no recent polling available.

I also see a tsunami coming the Democrats way, but I’m not sure I see the number of loses for the Democrats as Morris does. I’m thinking more in the 60 seat range.

For Obama, Even the Good News Is Bad

"Young People and Minorities Are All the President Has Left" is the
arresting headline on the National Journal's new poll of Americans,
conducted with the Pew Research Center.

The survey found that the president still retains support among
voters under 30 who helped elect him in 2008, but even there his excellent or
good job rating is only 45%, as opposed to 47% who rate him fair or poor. His
worst numbers are with voters aged 50 to 64, only 34% of whom rate him

Minority voters are still solidly behind the president, with 76% of blacks expressing approval. A majority of Hispanic voters also still approve.
But among non-Hispanic whites, the bottom has
dropped out. Only 30% score Mr. Obama positively, with 66% rating him fair or poor. Opinions among white voters vary with education but the news isn't
good for Mr. Obama. White women who are college graduates give him a 39%
positive job rating, while he wins 31% of white men with a similar
educational background. White voters without a college degree
have become the biggest headache for the Obama White House: only 31% of women who fit that description rate the president well and only 22% of men.

Those kinds of numbers explain the panic setting into Democratic ranks this fall. In this election cycle, a disproportionate number of key Senate and House races are taking place in areas with older voters and few minorities. Those also are the same areas where voters appear to be most dissatisfied with Democratic rule and most eager to send a message this November

And the bad news gets worse

Many wealthy Democratic patrons, who in the past have
played major roles financing outside groups to help elect the party’s
candidates, are largely sitting out these crucial midterm elections.

Democratic donors like George Soros, the bête noire of the right,
and his fellow billionaire Peter Lewis, who each gave more than $20 million to
Democratic-oriented groups in the 2004 election, appear to be holding back so

We keep reading about a civil war in the Republican Party with the old guard vs the Tea Party. But the real civil war seems to be going on in the Democrat Party.

With each passing day, I’m beginning to realize that the crux of the
problem for Obama is a handful of prominent progressive bloggers, among them
Glenn Greenwald, John Aravosis, Digby, Marcy Wheeler and Jane Hamsher.”

Daou, a progressive strategist and blogger himself, offered the
explanation in a post provocatively titled, “How a handful of liberal bloggers
are bringing down the Obama presidency,” that put a face on Obama’s critics and
suggested why their criticism might be so irritating.

An explanation of the criticism of the bloggers comes from Greenwald in Salon.

“As we head into a November election that looks more and more like Democrats
are going to get slaughtered, I think they are trying to set up a villain,
someone to blame other than Obama,”
he said. “And that villain will be the
left.” Another Leftist offers the Administration another road. If the Dem base
is unenthusiastic, give Dems something to get excited about, or effectively tell
them why they should be excited. If you disagree with Maddow or Greenwald on
what's possible in terms of policy, or if you disagree with the Adam Greens of
the world on politics, explain why they're wrong, rather than spewing epithets
in all directions. Above all, don't vaguely question the right of these various
parties to make those arguments. This is, after all, democracy, and as Obama
himself has repeatedly said, democracy is a messy business.

Obama’s right and wrong at the same time

"If people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks
weren't serious in the first place."

Obama is talking to voters as though he is their boss, or
their principal, or their father
He is not any of those things. He is
their employee. And employers don't like it when their employees yell at them --
even if their employees have it right.

For those who believe in the progressive agenda, these are
dispiriting times. They can learn from the continuing doldrums that the
Keynesian policies they have long sought don't work as they thought they would.
Or they can blame Obama for not having implemented them properly.

An interesting look at the chaos and problems the left has as the election looms.

WSJ/NBC Poll: President Clinton Gets Top Rating

Seeing this headline made me wonder how long it will be until Hillary resigns as Secretary of State to start a challenge to BHO? Obama is unpopular not only with Republicans and Independents, but more and more with parts of the Democrat coalition.

Austerity whips up anger, protests mount in Europe

This is what the Democrats want the USA to be like.

BRUSSELS (AFP) - – Painful cuts by overspending EU countries come head
to a head with mounting social anger on Wednesday when labour leaders call angry workers onto streets right across the continent.

Set for its largest Europe-wide protest for a decade is Brussels
where labour leaders are planning to bring 100,000 people from 30 countries to
say "No to austerity!"

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