Tuesday, September 28, 2010

35 Days and counting

One step forward, two steps back

Here’s a study done by Christina and David Romer. You might remember Christina as President Obama's first chair of his Council of Economic Advisers. What makes it controversial is the fact it goes against the basic beliefs of the left. Raising taxes does not seem to be a good idea if you want to raise revenue.

A successful parasite must keep its host alive, finding the point where
it can maximize its intake without killing off its source of sustenance. So,
too, with governments taxing their citizenry. With taxation, governments can
reach the point where higher rates produce less revenue.

An academic study found that a tax increase of just 1% of GDP
causes a recession and then a permanent loss of 1.84% of GDP compared to what it would have been without the tax increase. The results of this study have some really broad and interesting implications.


Kerry sums up his views on the electorate

The Boston Herald reports that Kerry took his pent-up election anger
out on clueless voters (emphasis mine):

"We have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention
to what's going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the
facts or the truth or what's happening."

Two points jump out at me. First is the unmitigated gall of Patrician John Kerry. Second is if he’s right, does “Hope we can believe in” fall into his simple slogan description?

Democrats fear Midwestern meltdown

Two years after President Barack Obama swept the Midwest, Democratic
fortunes in the region are sagging, with the GOP poised to make big gains by
scooping up disaffected independent voters in a wide swath of states hit by job
losses, budget woes and political scandal.

From Ohio to Iowa, there’s a yawning stretch of heartland states
whose citizens voted for Obama and congressional Democrats in 2008, but who have lost patience waiting for an as-yet undelivered economic revival that was first promised in 2006, and then two years later. Now, they look set to stampede
toward the out-of-power party.

Poll: Rocky road seen ahead for Obama

More bad news if you are a democrat.

A significant majority of voters are considering voting against
President Barack Obama
in the 2012 election, expressing sour views of
his new health care law and deep skepticism about his ability to create jobs and
grow the sluggish economy, according to the latest Politico/George Washington
University Battleground Poll.

Only 38 percent of respondents said Obama deserves to
be reelected
, even though a majority of voters hold a favorable view of
him on a personal level. Forty-four percent said they will vote to oust him, and
13 percent said they will consider voting for someone else.

And by an 11-point margin, voters trust congressional
to create jobs more than Obama. His approval rating stands
at 46 percent, according to the poll of 1,000 likely voters, conducted Sept. 19
to Sept. 22.

The tea party movement, which has emerged as the
biggest threat to Democrats’ dominance of Washington is viewed favorably
by 43 percent
of respondents, compared with 35 percent who view it

Obama's approval to go below 40%?
Here’s an interesting article on what’s going wrong with Obama’s administration.

I think Barack Obama will soon dip below a 40% approval rating. He’s
nearing there now. Why? A mixture of both the personal and political. Here
are five good reasons:

1) A bad agenda. Nearly every issue the president embraces polls against him, often at a 3-1 margin

2) Anything, anytime. The president does not conduct himself in a sober and judicious manner and neither do those around him. On any given day he can slur Arizonans as wanting to round up innocents on the way to ice cream. He can slander police as stupidly acting stereotypers.

3) There is no eloquence, period. Part is the fault of the worst speech-writing team in modern presidential memory. They make the most elemental of errors, whether turning Cordoba into a beacon of Islamic tolerance during the Inquisition or claiming “Mexicans” were here in North America before Americans, well before the idea of the nation of Mexico existed.
(This is a painful error in Obama's knowledge of history)

4) His team is imploding. We heard all this fluff last year about “Team of Rivals” as if our new Lincoln was going to collect brilliant and ambitious contrarians, and by sheer force of brilliance brew administrative excellence.

5) Obama has been lucky but it won’t last. You say, “No, wait a minute! After all he inherited two wars and a near depression!” Not quite.
(Really worth reading)


NJ Gov Chris Christie For President

Much of the talk surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation to
the Newark public school system concerned whether it was an image-building move
for the Facebook CEO just as a new movie is coming out that will make him look bad..

But what should be getting more attention is the effect it's having
on the image of Chris Christie, NJ's hardnosed GOP governor.

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