Friday, September 17, 2010

Bush and other Progressive nightmares

Rethinking George Bush?

Do you miss him yet? It appears the answer more and more is yes.

Former president George W. Bush left office with the lowest approval
ratings since Richard Nixon. So, for nearly two years, Pres. Barack Obama won
easy applause by prefacing almost every speech on his economic policies with a
“Bush did it” put-down.

But suddenly Bush seems okay. Last week, the president did the
unthinkable: He praised Bush for his past efforts to reach out to Muslims. Vice
President Joe Biden went further and blurted out, “Mr. Bush deserves a lot of
credit.” Biden topped that off with, “Mr. President, thank you.”
What’s going on?

For one thing, recent polls show an astounding rebound in the
former president’s favorability — to the extent that in the bellwether state of
Ohio, voters would rather still have Bush as president than have Obama by a
50–42 margin. Nationwide, Obama’s approval ratings continue to sink to near 40
percent — a nadir that it took years for Bush to reach. IT HAS BECOME BETTER POLITICS TO PRAISE BUSH THAN TO BURY HIM.

It’s the spending, Stupid

When Bill Clinton was running for the Presidency, he focused his campaign with a sign that hung in his office, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Unfortunately for the Democrats, the man who should be reading the “It’s the spending, stupid” is not up for reelection and he doesn’t seem to “get it.”

Look at the astonishing numbers in the Rasmussen poll released last
week. Nearly seven in 10 respondents (68%) want a smaller government, lower
taxes and fewer services. The party breakdown: GOP, 88%; Democrats, 44%; and Other, 74%. In short, the independent voters who decide national elections have
moved into the anti-spending column. I don't think they'll leave any time soon.

In a note on last week's poll, Rasmussen points out that the only
time it recorded a higher shrink-the-government number, at 70%, was in August
2006. That was just ahead of the famous off-year election in which Republican
voters withheld support for their party's free-spending members in

When Progressives attack

Here’s a tale that actually happened in this country. It is a story of crime and punishment

With his responsibilities as a father of four, Maged should have shunned a
life of crime. Instead, he advertised his criminal activity with a placard in
his shop window, promising to press men's suits for 35 cents. This he did, even
though President Franklin Roosevelt's New Dealers, who knew an amazing number of things -- his economic aides were not called a "Brains Trust" for nothing -- knew that the proper price for pressing a man's suit was 40 cents.

More bad news

UCLA Anderson Forecast predicts 'very sluggish growth' accompanied by high unemployment
What no recovery in time for the 2010 elections? Not good news if you are a Democrat.
California's recovery will be weaker than rest of nation's

In its third quarterly report of 2010, the UCLA Anderson Forecast predicts
"very sluggish growth" for the foreseeable future as the U.S. economy continues
to recover from the recession. As for the California economy, the state is
looking at a difficult period ahead as it attempts to regenerate not only the
1.3 million jobs lost during the recession but also create additional jobs
needed for new entrants into the job market over the past two-and-a-half

Tolerance – Liberal style

A Michigan couple is crying unsportsmanlike conduct after their
daughter was removed from a flag football
cheerleading team because they complained that one of the team's chants was too

"Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties
from left to right."But instead of seeing their concerns with the cheer
resolved, the Tesches saw their little girl booted from the team.

Don’t you just love the tolerant left?

Washington (CNN) – Thirty-one House Democrats, most of whom face tough
re-election bids this fall, have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer urging them to extend expiring tax breaks for all income levels, including the wealthy.

The letter–written by Utah Rep. Jim Matheson, Illinois Rep. Melissa Bean, Virginia Rep. Glenn Nye and Michigan Rep. Gary Peters–states that after listening to economists, small businesses and families over recent weeks they are concerned that "raising any taxes right now could negatively impact economic growth."

I believe the phenomena you are seeing is the breaking of ranks which normally is followed by complete disarray.

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