Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why the Democrats are in for major losses in November

I wrote this on August 6th. How does this stack up today?

Here are the reasons I see the Democrats losing the House and the Senate.Here are the reasons the Democrats will lose control of both houses of congress.

1. The Rangel/Waters scandal will be the news in September 2010 and even into October. Update: The Democrats have delayed this until after the election, but Charlie won his primary.

2. The Dems will be home in August. As they host townhalls and campaign events, they will be heckled and challenged and they won't handle it well.

3. Unemployment at 9.5%. The latest results show us losing 131,000 jobs in July. Update: Unemployment is now at 9.6% but is does look like the Dems are trying to finagle the numbers. They are planning on listing poll workers for the coming elections as new jobs.

4. Healthcare law where 59% want to repeal it. And as more and more is revealed to the public, the people will realize what a disaster this is.

5. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's failure to be in the Wall Street Reform. SEC being exempted from FOIA. Update: Barney Frank appears to have abandoned Fannie and Freddie. It appears he is worried about unemployment instead—his.

6. Crony Capitalism as practiced by the White House.

7. The suit against Arizona's immigration law.8. 42% of Americans self describe themselves as conservatives, while only 21% describe themselves as liberals. But Obama and the Democrats are governing like 42% of Americans describe themselves as liberals and only 21% are conservatives.

8. The Democrats will try to raise taxes in a recession. They will try to use class warfare, but most Americans are bright enough to know that it is the rich people who create jobs or it will be the rich people who have to close down their job.

9. Obama's continuation of the Afghan war will discourage his most rabid followers.

10. Independents don't like the Democrat agenda.

11. The TEA Party Update: The MSM and the Democrats are now saying the TEA Party is the thing that will save them in November. If you believe that, I own this bridge in NY City you might be interested in buying.

12. Obama's complete incompetence as an executive.

13. The oil spill and the government's response.

14. Acting on or failing to act upon "Don't ask, don't tell" will either discourage a constituency of the Democrats or ignite the opposition. Obama should have acted on this as soon as he got into office. He's now in a lose/lose situation. Update: It appears Harry Reid plans to tuck the ending of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” in a defense appropriation along with the DREAM Act which would legalize about 2.8 million illegal immigrants.

15. Obama's approval ratings in the low 40's.

16. There are a number of democrat scandals that are just below the surface. Some of these will ignite before the election. Update: this is starting to happen with the Nazi demonstration in Illinois which reported back to a campaign office of Debbie Halvorson.

17. The democrats must defend their votes. In the house many voted for cap and trade. The votes in the Senate for the healthcare bill was truly scandalous. Update: you now have Democrats running against their votes on the Healthcare bill and the Democrat leadership.

18. The theme, "It could be worse," is not a winning one. Update: their new logo is also a loser.

19. George Bush is not in office and hasn't been for 2 years. While the Democrats will try to blame him for the problems of the country, they were elected to solve this problems and they haven't. Update: Bush has been abandoned (he is now more popular in Ohio than Obama) and Boehner is the new Alinsky style target. Problem here is to make this work you need about 1000 days, not 45 days.

20. The deficit. Bush was bad, but Obama and the Democrat control congress are three times worse.

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