Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day One for the Republican Convention

The Romney Clan

Ann Romney Speech

Ann Romney opened her heart last night and told the crowd, “Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point” --a far cry from the current officeholder.  

But the left couldn’t simply accept this gracious woman for who she was, as Juan William’s called her a  "Corporate wife." Is that a code word for “rich b%&*$?”  

And in the parallel universe that the New York Times exists in editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal painted an ugly picture of Ann Romney.  Rosenthal also managed to refer to mother-of-five Mrs. Romney as a "diva." Here's Rosenthal's most reprehensible line:

"The genius of Mrs. Romney’s diva performance was the way she smiled so warmly as she delicately slipped the knife into President Obama."

There certainly wasn’t any delicacy in Rosenthal’s comments.  But the more the MSM and the Democrats squeal the more effective the speech was.  

Romney gets a bump from Convention Day One

In battleground states preliminary polling shows Romney’s favorables going from 43/44 to 48/39.  

A Star is Born:  Mia Love’s speech

A new star was born at the Republican Convention when Mia Love knocked it out of the park in putting Utah voice in for Mitt Romney.  

In the meantime, liberals showed how fair and accepting they could be by updating Ms. Love’s Wikipedia’s entry. 

What is a bit confusing is how the racist’s tea party seems to be supporting people that according to the left they hate. 

But the left doesn’t let us down.  Here’s a woman of accomplishment and color and they see her as a token.  Sandra Fluke is a token. Mia Love is the real thing.

If you’re watching MSNBC you may wonder why there are no minority speakers

MSNBC has not broadcast any speeches by minority Republicans (including Mia Love’s speech featured above). 

Is that a dog whistle sign of racism by the most extreme network on cable?  

Who’s the extremist?  A New Ad

There is a new ad in Missouri which features Melissa Ohden who tells you how Barack Obama voted against giving aid to children born in a botched abortion.  The video is all the more poignant as Ms. Ohden who was just such a child, was born and discarded but was saved when a nurse heard her crying.  Melissa asks, “Is this the kind of leadership that will move us forward, that would discard the weakest among us?”  President Obama is the worst kind of extremist as he doesn’t even realize how inhumane his position is.  Nice guy?  Hardly.

Why the Conservative will win in November

The population sees itself overwhelmingly as conservatives and if that isn’t enough, the left is out of ideas. 

Apparently the Democrats aren’t serious

This election is a clear choice between the same old Democratic politics versus a Republican party that is willing to take on the real problems the country faces.  When Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate we saw this evolve.  The Democrats licked their lips and pulled out the old ad with someone looking like Paul Ryan throwing granny off the cliff while Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan started talking about solutions to the coming fiscal disaster.  

Obama’s Jobs Plan for his second term
Perhaps there hasn’t been a better kept secret since Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam War.  His "vision" includes ‘strengthening our education system, more cleaner [sic] energy, leading through innovation, building job creating infrastructure and fair, simple tax reform.’”  He seems to be trying to sell us “hope and change” again but it appears to be more smoke and mirrors.

Obama’s approval level

Looking at the Gallup poll, we find Obama’s approval level approaching the 30s.

Democrats are looking at Romney

Like 32 years ago, Democrats are looking elsewhere to cast their ballots.  I have conducted my own straw polls in various U.S. cities and I’ve yet to find anyone who believes our government is well run, except for President Obama.”  And while the Democrats accuse Romney of being out of touch with the middle class, it appears Obama and his supporters who are out of touch with reality. 

In the meantime, Artur Davis spoke at the Republican Convention and as a former Democrat who seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008 explained why the Democrats were so enamored with President Obama.  He said they lead with their hearts and their dreams.  But added, But dreams meet daybreak: the jobless know what I mean, so do the families who wonder how this Administration could wreck a recovery for three years and counting.  Obama has failed.  He knows that and so does the country.  

The Republican Convention non-story

Robert Gibbs Shocked by Convention

“I’m kind of flabbergasted at the whole night,” Gibbs said on MSNBC after Gov. Chris Christie’s keynote speech. “It seemed first and foremost like this was a very angry convention tonight full of insults.”  This statement reminds me of the old joke about how you can tell when a politician is lying….

Meanwhile if you actually watched the convention you know that no onedirectly attacked the President, because no one had to.  The economy, the deficit, and the debt speak for themselves. 

Crony Law Enforcement Obama Style

In Obama’s America a former Marine gets arrested for “ominous Facebook postings” by the Secret Service while an Occupy Wall Street protestor launches “a Kill Mitt Romney page earlier this month” and the Secret service simply monitors him.  

Obama’s chickens coming home to roost

 It’s almost comical how Obama is being attacked by his own words and promises.  In fact 2012 is almost a replay of 2008 with Obama playing thepart of George W. Bush. 

Hillary leaving the country next week
When the Democrats meet next week in Charlotte, Hillary Clinton will be in the Far East.  A wise move if you want a political future beyond this November.

Navy Seals not Obama supporters

It seems the Navy Seals who took out UBL were not fans of Barack Obama.  In a new book out next week, “No Easy Day,” the author reveals Bin Laden was killed differently than the Administration’s account.  Joe Biden is described as being like “someone’s drunken uncle at Christmas dinner.”

Seen in Nashville TN

One of the changes I’m seeing this election is a lot more conservatives with anti-Obamabumper stickers. 

While this bumper sticker was seen in Aurora Colorado.  

When the Government is the employer
Things aren’t safer and better when the government is the employer.  Venezuela and Hugo Chavez show us that with the latest state run oil company disaster.  Forty-eight people were killed and 500 houses were leveled.

Socialized Medicine in the UK

Even though the NHS was lionized in the opening ceremony from the Olympics we still see a constant barrage of horror stories coming out about it.  The latest comes from the Daily Mail:  “A retired schoolmaster took his own pillows and duvet into a new £170million hospital wing because he was so shocked by the conditions in which his son was being treated.

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