Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursday: Democrats, do you know where your Weiner is?

One of the People Rep. Weiner follows
Weinergate gets even more convoluted

Between his past romantic history and the current non-denials denials of improper behavior, Rep. ANTHONY WEINER SEEMS TO BE SINKING INTO MORE QUESTIONS AND DOUBTS.  Weiner who has over 50,000 followers on Twitter only follows 198 people a good number of which are women including the porn star shown in the picture and the coed in question who received the “picture.” Weiner claims someone hacked his account, but has engaged a lawyer rather than the authorities. Computer expert Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute for Computer Security Training says that locating the image in question and the “time stamps” associated with the file would be enough to basically close the case. And now he has ended up on the John Stewart show in a pretty funny bit.

Limousine Liberals

Giving new meaning to the term “Limousine liberals” the Obama administration has increased the number of limousines in the Federal government by 73% while food stamp recipients increased by 39%.

More unexpected numbers

ADP reports only 38,000 jobs were created in May.  This is being reported as unexpected as is all bad news regarding Obama’s economic policy performance.  The economy is struggling which is not good news for Obama’s reelection bid.  We do know from yesterday that the Administration’s strategy is to try to blame this on Bush, but this seems unreasonable in view of this

House defeats Obama request to raise the debt ceiling, 318-97

Why would the GOP bring it to the floor knowing that they had more than enough votes to kill it? Simple: TO MAKE THE DEMOCRATS CHOKE ON IT, OF COURSE. The public is on the GOP’s side of this issue, unambiguously, and with plenty of independent support, so this was BOEHNER’S WAY OF TWISTING A FEW CENTER-LEFT ARMS AND BUILDING NEGOTIATING LEVERAGE FOR SPENDING CUTS WITH OBAMA.

The Republican-controlled House voted 318-97 on the legislation that would have raised the federal government’s debt limit by approximately $2.4 trillion.

Under rules for the vote set by the GOP leadership, the measure needed at least two-thirds support to pass, ensuring it had no chance for approval.


Democrats called the move a dangerous political stunt that could rattle financial markets.

This is encouraging. 82 democrats joined the Republicans to defeat this measure. It appears there are still plenty of politics to be played, but at least the left is starting to realize the truth.

Government and Sustainability

Large-scale central planning, even of the most ruthless sort, has always been the left's preferred mode of operation. Within the Obama administration, this planning has focused on achieving what the left calls "sustainability." LIKE SO MANY CORE VALUES OF THE LEFT, SUSTAINABILITY CAN BE MADE TO MEAN WHATEVER ONE WISHES IT TO MEAN. But apart from its meaning, one thing that is always involved in sustainable policymaking is a dominant role for government.

WHEN APPLIED TO ENERGY, for example, sustainability HAS ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ABILITY OF CERTAIN FUELS TO MEET THE NATION'S NEEDS OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. With the advent of hydraulic fracking, it is obvious to all, including experts at the U.S. Energy Information Administration, that AMERICA POSSESSES ENOUGH RESERVES OF NATURAL GAS TO MEET OUR ENERGY NEEDS FOR AT LEAST A CENTURY. OUR RESERVES OF COAL ARE EVEN GREATER. YET NEITHER OF THESE FUELS IS DEEMED "TRULY CLEAN" ENOUGH TO BE A SUSTAINABLE FUEL by environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, nor by Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, judging from his words and actions….

This reminds me of the old saying, “I know you think you understand what I said, but what you heard was not what I meant.”


Greenland and AGW

IN 891 AD. ERIC THE RED SET OFF FROM ICELAND WITH A FEW FOLLOWERS TO EXPLORE A LAND TO THE WEST which they had probably spotted some time before while sailing out in their longboats, and then returned three years later with about 500 fellow Vikings. At first they settled on the south-east coast, close to the tip of this new land and then, as the population grew, created a further settlement to the south-west. THEY CALLED THEIR NEW HOME ‘GREENLAND’.

IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT THIS NAME WAS A ‘SPIN’, A PUBLICITY STUNT TO ENTICE MORE VIKINGS TO COME TO JOIN THE NEW SETTLERS, but this would have been pointless if it had been impossible for them to survive. They must at least have been able to create their own dwellings, build their own fires, make their own clothes and above all, grow their own food. The settlers might have been able to trade such things as polar bear-skins and fox furs for iron and other necessities on occasional trips to Europe, but their compatriots in Denmark and Iceland would have been neither able nor willing to row their longboats out each month with groceries....

The sum total of this article is that Greenland was once significantly warmer than now and this was before humans started burning fossil fuels and the AGW crowd is trying to hide this fact. 


5 Economic Bright Spots that aren’t that bright

Here’s an interesting article from Fortune that lays out good news, but also shows why it isn’t as good as it should be. 

Two words the left doesn’t understand

Here’s an interesting article that explains the two words the left doesn’t understand yet two words that are intuitively appeal to your common sense. 

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