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The Stupidity of the Left

Massacre, then libel

The charge: The Tucson massacre is a consequence of the "climate of hate" created by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Obamacare opponents and sundry other liberal betes noires.


As killers go, Jared Loughner is not reticent. Yet among all his writings, postings, videos and other ravings - and in all the testimony from all the people who knew him - THERE IS NOT A SINGLE REFERENCE TO ANY OF THESE SUPPOSED ACCESSORIES TO MURDER.

Not only is there no evidence that Loughner was impelled to violence by any of those upon whom Paul Krugman, Keith Olbermann, the New York Times, the Tucson sheriff and other rabid partisans are fixated. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT HE WAS RESPONDING TO ANYTHING, POLITICAL OR OTHERWISE, OUTSIDE OF HIS OWN HEAD.

Dr. Krauthammer again tells us what we already knew if we were anything but rabid partisans.

Dupnik for Dummies

As you may know, Dupnik has been busy warning of how speech has consequences while in the same breath blaming conservatives for the actions of Loughner. Now, I don’t blame the sheriff for asking why. It is fine to look for reasons. IT IS NOT FINE TO BE RECKLESS AND WRONG. AND IT’S A SIN WHEN IT’S BORN OF INDIFFERENCE TO TRUTH.

To be precise, Dupnik implicates right-wing talk radio—HE MENTIONED RUSH LIMBAUGH—and cable news in the Giffords shooting. Yet a number of obvious things seem to have eluded this man, this supposed professional investigator. For starters, if we’re actually going to analyze the politics of Loughner, we should note that ONE OF HIS FORMER CLASSMATES DESCRIBES HIM AS A “LEFT WING” “POLITICAL RADICAL” AND “POT HEAD” and that Loughner had listed THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO AMONG HIS FAVORITE WORKS on his YouTube page. Then, many know about Loughner’s bizarre YouTube video. What few know, however, is that HE APPARENTLY POSTED IT TO DEMOCRATICUNDERGROUND.COM BEFORE ITS APPEARANCE ON YOUTUBE. Yes, sheriff, that’s “democratic” as in Democratic Party—not as in Republican, Tea, or Animal House.

This one is well worth the read. The is a website bathed in hate however it is left wing hate.

What is a climate of hate?

THE RODEO CLOWN POSSE was led out of Tucson in a cloud of dust with a hay-burning frenzy by Arizona's Pima County Sheriff CLARENCE DUPNIK. Close in tow were hyper-boiling politicians and the usual lefty print and TV media cowboys such as REP. JAMES CLYBURN, columnist PAUL KRUGMAN, TV antagonista CHRIS MATTHEWS, and even our own Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON. These tin-star constables couldn't get on their donkeys fast enough to round up the usual outlaws. THE LEADING PERENNIAL VILLAIN, OF COURSE, IS OVERHEATED POLITICAL RHETORIC, THE EUPHEMISM FOR ANY STRONGLY HELD OPINION THAT DIFFERS FROM THE LIBERAL NARRATIVE.

A good explanation of how what is going on by the Democrats is an assault on free speech and why free speech is so vital to a democracy.

Extreme Rhetoric about Extreme Rhetoric

When it was revealed by Middlebury College sociologist David Stoll that Nobel Prize-winning writer (and doyenne of university syllabi) RIGOBERTA MENCHU HAD INVENTED KEY PARTS OF HER HARROWING MEMOIR OF THE GUATEMALAN CIVIL WAR, many who taught the book INSISTED THAT IT WOULD REMAIN A PART OF THEIR CURRICULUM. Menchu might have been a first-class fabulist, it was argued, but HER STORY REPRESENTED A TRUTH FAMILIAR TO THOSE AFFECTED BY THE GUATEMALAN CIVIL WAR. So there I was, sitting in a television studio yesterday, debating a university professor who intoned gravely that WHILE THIS PARTICULAR SHOOTER MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN MOTIVATED BY THE TEA PARTY, THAT TYPE OF RHETORIC COULD POTENTIALLY PROVOKE OTHERS TO SHOOT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

Crawling out from under an avalanche of doltish tragedy blogging and tweeting, there isn’t much more one can say about the shootings in Tucson that hasn’t already been said by the few sensible pundits left in the United States. But it is perhaps worth pointing out that many of those denouncing rhetorical extremism are themselves in danger of drifting into similar territory (I won’t say "extremist" because dumb political rhetoric isn’t always "extreme").

But this debate about the “tone” of American politics is IDEOLOGICALLY UNIDIRECTIONAL, DESIGNED NOT TO ELEVATE DEBATE BUT TO VILIFY A POLITICAL ENEMY. The call for calm—with its frequent invocations of Tea Party “fascism”—is STUPID PARTISAN POLITICS DRESSED UP AS INCOHERENT MORAL POLITICS

The talk by the left is dangerous. Freedom of Speech needs to be upheld, not attacked because there may be individuals who might go off the deep end. It appears the left is looking to try to castigate the right and specifically the TEA Party. But these charges like the ones of the TEA Party being extremist and racist will fail.

My Name is Betsy. I’m a killer

My name is Betsy. I'm a wife and proud soccer mom, a writer, and small business owner. I'M ALSO A KILLER.

On the morning of January 8th, 2011, I intentionally entered a gathering held by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and shot her at near point blank range. I injured 14 others, killing six: among them a beautiful, curious, doe-eyed, nine-year-old girl. I DIDN'T ACTUALLY PULL THE TRIGGER, BUT I'M AS GUILTY AS THE PSYCHOPATH WHO DID.

Here are just a few of the charges against me:


I've been known to pick up a book or two by conservative authors; Thomas Sowell, Andrew McCarthy, or the Founding Fathers, for example!

I BELIEVE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS TOO LARGE, far too intrusive, and dangerously powerful……

The only person who actually pulled the trigger on that terrible, fateful day was Jared Loughner, by every account, a deeply troubled young man. But THE REAL GUILTY WALK AMONG US: SENIOR CITIZENS IN RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, ARMED WITH SIGNS, "Taxed Enough Already," flag-wavers clinging to guns and religion, doctors, the wealthy, business owners, talk radio, and ANY CITIZEN THAT DARE EXERCISE HIS OR HER RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH, particularly a conservative.

Satire, but very effective satire.

Bush vs Obama

….IF OBAMA IS SO MUCH SMARTER THAN BUSH IS, HOW COME HE CAN'T come up with new ways to do things but ends up instead with the Bush tax cuts, with the Bush protocols for the war on terror, with the Bush wars, the Bush generals, the Bush surge strategies, and the Bush policies on Guantanamo Bay?

HOW COME BUSH'S APPROVAL RATINGS NOW MATCH OBAMA'S? How come Bush beat out President Clinton for second place in the annual ranking of men most admired? And how come his memoir sold 2.2 million copies in the two months since it's been published, a little more than Clinton's memoir sold in six years?

"Who's actually buying the poorly reviewed book of a failed former president?" asked the Washington Monthly. "I THINK IT'S THE FACT THAT HE WAS HATED BY SO MANY PEOPLE," Salon's Alex Pareene answered.

People wanted to read Bush's excuses for the terrible things that he did.


They were bought in bulk orders by conservative think tanks and book clubs. IT WAS SHORTER THAN CLINTON'S BOOK, AND PEOPLE HATE READING……

Almost as much as trying to live in the state of denial, it seems.

I’m becoming more convinced that the left really doesn’t have a reasoning ability. They simply emote.

Lopsided Spill Commission Doesn’t Single Out BP

The While House oil-spill commission made it official today: THE ENTIRE OIL INDUSTRY, NOT BP, IS EVIL AND POTENTIALLY THE SOURCE OF ANOTHER DEEPWATER-SIZED SPILL. Thus the entire oil industry, which has already been punished by the administration with its drilling moratorium and slowdown in permitting, should be punished further with massive new regulations and fees.

Those conclusions were virtually predetermined when the administration appointed a panel heavily stacked with academics and environmentalists. And those findings are wrong.

Why? A simple reality check: Other companies drilling in deep water in the Gulf have not had well blow-outs. But in BP’s case, the commission’s own studies show not just one mistake but a series of failed judgment calls by BP officials. Responsibility is specific, not collective. WE DON’T SHUT DOWN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY WHEN A PLANE CRASHES, AND WE SHOULDN’T SHUT DOWN THE OIL BUSINESS.

BP was the Democrats favorite oil company prior to the failure in the Gulf. They were heavy donors to the Democrats and Barack Obama in particular (BHO got $71,000 in donations in 2008 alone). This appears to be Democrat politics as usual.

Where’s the “missing” heat?

I’m bowing to pressure to prepare a post on a current science topic that people seem to want to talk about. This topic refers to Kevin Trenberth’s infamous statement in the CRU emails:


This statement was written in reference to the following paper: An imperative for climate change planning: tracking Earth’s global energy (Trenberth 2009). The paper discusses the planet’s energy budget in terms of how much net energy is flowing into our climate and where it’s going, and how we observe and track this energy flow. For additional background on this, see also Trenberth, Fasullo and Kiehl.

Trenberth and Fasullo wrote a follow on perspective published in Science entitled “Tracking earth’s energy: from El Nino to Global warming.” THE PUNCHLINE OF THE PAPER IS THERE IS OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE FOR MISSING ENERGY ACCUMULATING IN THE CLIMATE SYSTEM FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS.

Roy Spencer responded to Trenberth and Fasullo here and here, There is a back and forth exchange between Trenberth and Pielke Sr here. The gist of their arguments relate to problems in the measurements and the possible impact of clouds.

This week, there is discussion ABOUT A NEW PAPER BY KNOX AND DOUGLASS ENTITLED “RECENT ENERGY BALANCE OF EARTH” is in press at the International Journal of Geosciences and some text is posted at WUWT, with the following overall punchline: THEY FIND THAT ESTIMATES OF THE RECENT (2003–2008) OCEAN HEAT CONTENT RATES OF CHANGE (OBSERVED FROM ARGO FLOATS) ARE PREPONDERANTLY NEGATIVE, which does not support the existence of either a large positive radiative imbalance or a “missing energy.”

I don’t run a lot on AGW anymore because quite frankly it isn’t a very big issue anymore. The alarmists have either moved on to a new crisis or find themselves being ignored by the public. But with all the stories on the Tucson tragedy, it actually nice to look at some other news.

Warmists say cold weather proves AGW happening

Temperatures for December and January were consistently 1.8 F ( 1 C) lower than the average of 41 F (5 C)and 37 F (3C) respectively and more snow fell in London this week than since the 1960s.

But despite this extreme weather, scientists say that the current cold snap does not mean that climate change is going into reverse. In fact, the surprise with which we have greeted the extreme conditions only reinforces how our climate has changed over the years.

A study by the Met Office which went back 350 years shows that such extreme weather now only occurs every 20 years.

It appears everything supports the speculation about AGW.  You can watch a video on it below.
And here’s an explanation why no matter what happens it doesn’t change their minds

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