Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 days since the shooting

Gabrielle Giffords could lose her seat

Even as REP. GABRIELLE GIFFORDS SHOWS SIGNS OF A NEAR-MIRACULOUS RECOVERY, with doctors on Sunday upgrading her condition from critical to serious, a little-known statutory provision in ARIZONA STATE LAW COULD ENDANGER THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSWOMAN'S HOLD ON HER SEAT through what doctors say will be a protracted medical struggle.

A statute buried in Arizona law states that if a public officeholder CEASES TO "DISCHARGE THE DUTIES OF OFFICE FOR THE PERIOD OF THREE CONSECUTIVE MONTHS," the office shall be deemed vacant - at such time, a special election could be called to fill the vacancy.


This is a tough one. No one wants to let an assassin deprive the congresswomen of her seat, but she has a long recovery ahead and the people of Tucson deserve to be represented in the 112 congress.

Unions and the destruction of the public school system

KIDS AREN'T CARS" is a new short film series set for release February 1st. Using examples from the Midwest, it DOCUMENTS THE IMPACT ORGANIZED LABOR HAS HAD ON THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM, creating a one-size-fits-all assembly line model that leaves students behind and treats teachers equally, stifling innovation and improvement.

Our government education system has been spending more and more each year, yet the results have been the same. While unions demand higher spending - which of course ends up in the pockets of their members - MONEY IS NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM.

Those that have been in the trenches gave shocking interviews - stories of money grabs by adults while children are left behind.

AN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF A LITERACY CLINIC IN DETROIT - where high school graduates go to learn how to read - COMPARED THE ACTIONS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD TO THE KU KLUX KLAN. "If they were sitting up there in Klan robes," she said, no one would be tolerating what is going on, but the effect is the same


Unions have their place, but it isn’t at the public trough.


Prognosticators are rarely held accountable in Washington, but SENATE DEMOCRATS MAY WANT TO CONSIDER HOLDING CHUCK SCHUMER ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ANALYSIS OF THE BENEFITS OF OBAMACARE. Last March, Sen. Schumer smugly predicted, “BY NOVEMBER THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HEALTHCARE WILL FIND IT AN ASSET and those who voted against it will find it a liability.”

Well, November has come and gone and it is safe to say THE 65 HOUSE DEMOCRATS WHO LOST THEIR SEATS IN 2010 MIGHT QUIBBLE WITH SCHUMER’S PREDICTION. Indeed, the weight of Obamacare hung like an albatross around the necks of these defeated Representatives. And the wreckage is likely not over.

This week, the House will again vote on Obamacare – this time, to repeal it. After this vote, House members will have no where left to hide on the question of repealing Obamacare. The upside – if there is one – for the far-left is only 13 of the 34 House Democrats who courageously voted against the federal government’s hostile takeover of our health care system remain. And yet, many of them are now waffling on their position.


We will hear a lot about this over the next two years. In this case, the Democrats will be fighting to keep it while the Republicans we try to repeal it.

Progressives: Always Angry, Newly Desperate

…..Being a writer makes one a reader, and this writer is no exception. Yet try as I might last week, I couldn't find a single column blaming the American left for what Jared Loughner did in Tuscon. Not one. That is not to say that none existed. Perhaps some obscure publication or two created by some far-right fringe elements published screeds of which I am unaware. But nothing remotely compares to the avalanche of vitriol which spewed from high-profile, mainstream media sources such as the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC or Newsweek, all of which was not only easy to find, but almost impossible to avoid.

Which is precisely why I refuse to go where far too many of those on the right went last week, neatly encapsulated in THE PART OF THE PRESIDENT'S SPEECH WHEN HE TOLD AMERICANS THAT "WHAT WE CANNOT DO IS USE THIS TRAGEDY AS ONE MORE OCCASION TO TURN ON EACH OTHER." With all due respect, we didn't turn on each other, Mr. President. IT WAS OVERWHELMINGLY THE AMERICAN LEFT WHICH TURNED ON ANYONE AND EVERYONE from Sarah Palin to talk radio, to the Tea party movement in particular, and conservatism in general. And anyone who equates those on the right defending themselves with those on the left attacking them—as a means of demonstrating "moral equivalence," no less—is only kidding himself….

…..What did progressives see? The 2012 election. The genuine possibility of historically unprecedented political irrelevance in less than two years. THINK LAST WEEK WAS UGLY? THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE 2012 ELECTION CAMPAIGN. The bet here is that by the time we reach the end, what Americans heard and saw last week will be tame by comparison. Progressive are "all in" for 2012—but unlike 2008, most Americans now know exactly who they're dealing with.

This is a very interesting commentary on what we’ve seen by the left since the shootings in Tucson. The last paragraph is prophetic. Here’s hoping we have a campaign on the issues rather than what we saw last week.

Can’t we all just get along?

A week’s worth of talk about civility is very nice. WE SHOULD BE MORE CIVIL TOWARD EACH OTHER. There’s little more depressing in life than the incivility of much public discourse. But if you take five seconds to think about it, what happened in Tucson had nothing whatever to do with unmannerly misbehavior. Quite the opposite: the morning’s events gave ample evidence of humankind’s ability to hear the immediate call to greatness, as in Daniel Hernandez’s heroic salvation of Gabrielle Giffords’s life and HOW DORWAN STODDARD GAVE HIS LIFE TO SHIELD HIS WIFE, MAVANELLE, from Jared Loughner’s spray of bullet fire.

Thus, as we continue to gather more evidence of Loughner’s schizophrenia, the continuing rhetorical calls for the need for “civility” are now turning into nothing less than cover. THEY’RE A DODGE, a means by which those responsible for the slanderous accusation that somehow the Tea Party and Sarah Palin and the right were responsible for the massacre have been excused for hurling their grievously unjust charge. FOR, YOU SEE, THEY WERE ONLY CALLING FOR A “NEW TONE,” FOR “CIVILITY,” AND WHO COULD BE AGAINST THOSE?


I remember a cartoon. In it a mother was hitting her son while she said, “Don’t (whack), Hit (whack), your sister (whack). It seems a condemnation of others while calling for more civility parallels the cartoon.

2010 Crude Oil: 50 Billion Barrels Discovered, 30 Billion Barrels Used

With the price of oil hovering above $70 a barrel for over a year -- and around $90 a barrel for several weeks -- oil exploration companies can get to work discovering rich new oil fields. In 2010, more new oil was discovered than was consumed -- and we can expect that trend to continue as long as oil stays high -- above fundamentals.

So much for peak oil. Makes you wonder why the price of crude is rising so much? Speculators perhaps?

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