Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Line--"Cheater, cheater, cheater"

When I was a kid we used to play a football game. You would pick types of plays and would put a template on a round spinner. You would then spin to see how you did.

One of the things we would regularly do was on bad spins that were close to the line, we would yell, "Line" and spin again. The response to that was for the other person to yell, "Cheater, cheater, cheater" and we would end up in a fight. This drove my mother crazy.

The global warming advocates are in a similar situation. The release of the CRU emails and computer code have revealed data manipulation which has lead to a number of other revelations of manipulation of data. And like we did when I was a kid, someone is spinning the spinner so you can't review the data.

The NIWA, New Zealand's leading climate research unit has just announced it can't find the original data which shows the "adjustments" they made to their temperature reports. This coming after it was revealed that the unadjusted data shows little or no increase in temperature over the past 30 years while the adjusted data shows a significant increase of approximately 1 degree C per century (raw data .06 degree C per century).

Meanwhile, a paper from 1990 which was used by the IPCC and GISS to claim there basically is no significant Urban Heat Effect has also gone missing or at least it's data has. Claiming that she had lost her notes, the scientist, a Dr. Wei-Chyong Wang of Albany University, recalls that approximately 51 of 81 stations she used to conclude there was not a statistically significant urban heat effect had moved, even though the study says few if any stations had been moved during the study interval. This is important because this study allowed GISS to remove the UHE when homogenizing the temperature data. Since cities have grown (a larger UHE) over time, this give a false impression that the temperature is going up since you aren't correcting for this effect.

Looking at the Stern Report, an influential publication used by the IPCC, we find that they have quietly removed a claim that typhoons in North West Australia over the past 30 years have grown stronger while South Australia had seen a decline in rains due to rising ocean temperatures. In the USA, they changed the damage due to hurricanes as going from .6% to 1.3% to going from .06% to .13% of GNP (only a factor of 10 off which comes in handy if you are making a case it is cheaper to decrease CO2 than to suffer the damage done by increased CO2)

We also find that the IPCC wrongly claimed the glaciers in the Himalayas would be gone to 2035, used a Greenpeace source to claim the coral reef degradation under CO2 warming, and the WWF claim that the Amazon forest was being destroyed by global warming. None of these claims were peer reviewed scientific studies but found their way into the IPCC 2007 report anyway.

America's MSM seems to be ignoring these scandals, but they are being covered in other parts of the world and are available on the internet. It is apparent that the "settled" science of AGW is rapidly falling apart.

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