Thursday, February 4, 2010


Does it strike you odd:

That in Iran's first space mission they sent up a "can of worms?"

President Obama keeps telling us deficits keep him awake at night while his people tell us they plan to deficit spend our way out of the recession?

As part of the recent investigation of Michael Mann which was started because of the leaked email known as Climategate, the University of Pennsylvania claims they are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act and the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. Isn't that how this whole thing got started at CRU?

The same day President Obama talked about his "insurance reform aka healthcare reform" telling the dems "we need to punch it over," we learned that Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is abandoning Canada's "free system" and was heading to the USA for his heart surgery.

Just when it looked as if Climate Change was falling apart, the left got a new voice to speak out for it. Osama bin Laden said that climate change "is not an intellectual luxury but an actual fact."

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