Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bring it on!

Back in July of 2003, President Bush "taunted the Iraqi groups waging a guerrilla war against US and British troops, saying "bring them on" and vowing that the coalition would not be forced into an early departure."

On Groundhog Day in New Hampshire at a high school President Obama told the GOP to “bring it on." He taunted the GOP "I’ve said to the Republicans, ‘Show me what you’ve got. You’ve been sitting on the sidelines criticizing what we’re proposing; I’m happy to defend insurance reforms,’” he said. “‘I’m happy to have these debates; I just want to see what else you’ve got.’”

I see a lot of Democrats talk about how Obama has tried to change the tone in Washington. It appears his definition of change and what the electorate thought he was going to do is vastly different.

And did you notice we no longer have Healthcare reform. We now have "insurance reform?"

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