Monday, February 1, 2010

Time for an Apology?

It strikes me odd, that a US President, who has circled the globe apologizing for America, can't seem to find it in himself, to apologize for anything he's done.

He might start with apologies for the deal with big Pharma, the prolific spending which threatens every American who hold dollars, the decision to bring KSM to New York, afford him the rights of American citizens and try him in a civilian court (and conversely announcing he will be tried, convicted and executed), trying to take over the healthcare system of the country despite having 60% of the population against it, etc.

And if I were a liberal, I would want an apology for failing to get out of Iraq, not ending don't ask don't tell quickly, giving up the public option, etc.

It would seem there is at least something the Obama Administration could apologize for.

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