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Story #1 is on the book, The Tyranny of Cliches.  #2 is the current Gallup Poll.  #3 shows a tie but with Romney ahead with independent voters.  #4 is a video of George Will on a Sunday talk show where he really gives it to BHO.  #5 talks about the consequences of low expectations.  #6 looks at what the President has to worry about regarding jobs. 

Today’s thoughts

The picture today is of an abandoned station of the NYC subway system.  You can read about it here:

The Elizabeth Warren minority story seems to have legs.  I think it is because it demonstrates the worst features of affirmative action.  Here we have a blond white woman gaming the current system for personal benefit.  This is not a good sign for the Democrats. 

After fooling Soledad O’Brien, Brian Leonard Creekmur’s claim to be a retired Navy Seal and sniper has been shown to be completely false.  Sometimes a story or a source is just too good to check up on.  BTW, my roommate from college was a Navy Seal.  Not me.

1.  The Tyranny of Clichés

…“Of course they have an ideological perspective. There’s nothing wrong with having an ideological perspective. They just simply lie about it.”

The founding editor of The National Review online and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute said that despite assurances in his inaugural address, President Barack Obama does care about ideology.

“His administration was built from the beginning about a transformational, liberal agenda and the lie is simply that he doesn’t have the agenda,” he said. “He campaigned on green energy and his education program and on socialized medicine, and then we have a huge financial crisis and what a huge coincidence, it turns out that socialized medicine, green energy and all the rest are exactly those things we need to fix the economy. It’s just nonsense.

“Europe had all of these programs that Obama says America desperately needs to get back on track. Europe is in a worse position than we are today and socialized medicine didn’t help them fight off a financial crisis. It’s all a big con, a Trojan horse that allows them to pretend they don’t have ideology when they’re really pushing one.”

Goldberg said that liberals are not more open about their ideology because they know that it is unpopular in America, adding that it sells their own voters short and is an “incredibly condescending way to go through life.” He said the worst cliché and lie of Obama administration is that he has “no ideological agenda….

Liberals are lying, but they are lying first of all to themselves.  They pretend to themselves that they are non-ideological, when they are fundamentally ideological.

2. Gallup has a tie

These are the results when registered voters are asked: "Suppose the presidential election were held today. If Barack Obama were the Democratic Party's candidate and Mitt Romney were the Republican Party's candidate, who would you vote for Barack Obama, the Democrat or Mitt Romney, the Republican?" Those who are undecided are further asked if they lean more toward Obama or Romney and their leanings are incorporated into the results. Each five-day rolling average is based on telephone interviews with approximately 2,200 registered voters; Margin of error is ±3 percentage points.

A tie among registered voters means Romney is ahead by at least 4%.  Add to that number the undecided and you have an 8 point victory coming up in November.  Right now Romney is ahead by 1 point.  

3. More good polling news for Romney

Mitt Romney leads President Obama slightly in this morning’s Politico/GWU poll of likely voters, which may not mean a whole lot at this point. But, during a time when Obama should be at an advantage (his opponent just came out of a bruising primary battle), Romney’s lead with independent voters and the fact that Republicans are quickly coalescing behind him is promising for his campaign:

The former Massachusetts governor has opened up a 10-point lead, 48 percent to 38 percent, among independents in a poll conducted Sunday, April 29 through Thursday, May 3 and a 6-point lead among those who describe themselves as “extremely likely” to vote in November. Obama led Romney by 9 points overall in Politico’s February’s poll. …

A full 91 percent of Republicans support Romney, slightly exceeding the percentage of Democrats who support Obama.

The concern that Romney’s moderate record would hamper party unity hasn’t played out, at least not according to this poll. Another good sign for Romney: He now leads by nine points with independent women voters, a significant shift from Obama’s 23-point advantage in February. Those who cautioned Romney to avoid identity politics with women seem to have given wise advice….

This is not unexpected.  Obama’s record is disastrous and we can only hope the MSM keeps feeding the Democrats the news they want to believe. 

4.  George Will Vaporizes Obama

Listen carefully.  Will tells us if we struck the word I from Obama’s vocabulary, it would be a gift to us and to him. 

5. The Tyranny of Low Expectations

Remember that teacher you grumbled about back in your school days, the really tough one who made you work so hard, insisted you could do better, and made you sweat for your A's? The one you didn't appreciate until after you graduated and realized how much you had learned?

Minority students in the U.S. might have fewer of those teachers, at least compared to white students, and as a result they might be at a significant learning disadvantage.

A major study, led by Rutgers-Newark psychology professor Kent D. Harber, indicates that public school teachers under-challenge minority students by providing them more positive feedback than they give to white students, for work of equal merit. The study, which is currently available online in the Journal of Educational Psychology (JEP), involved 113 white middle school and high school teachers in two public school districts located in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area, one middle class and white, and the other more working class and racially mixed.

Teachers read and commented on a poorly written essay which they believed was composed by a student in a writing class. Some teachers thought the student was black, some thought the student was Latino, and some thought that the student was white. Teachers believed that their feedback would be sent directly to the student, in order to see how the student would benefit from their comments and advice.

In fact, there was no actual student, and the poorly written essay was developed by Harber and his team. The real purpose was to see how teachers would respond to subpar work due to the race of the student who composed it. As Harber and his team predicted, the teachers displayed a "positive feedback bias," providing more praise and less criticism if they thought the essay was written by a minority student than by a white student….

What is the greatest advantage that white males possess today?  They have no one to blame but themselves if they fail.  Minority, women, etc. have people telling them they are being discriminated against and that hurts them. 

6.  President Obama Is Running Out of Jobs Excuses

Friday's Employment Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was so bad that the Obama administration didn't even bother to tout the reported 0.1 percentage point decline in the "headline" (U-3) unemployment rate. They knew that to do so would just make them look completely out of touch.

How bad was it? The number of people with jobs (BLS Household Survey) declined for the second month in a row, falling by 169,000 in April after easing by 31,000 in March. This means that there were 200,000 fewer Americans with jobs in April than there were in February.

The exodus of discouraged Americans from the workforce, which is the big ongoing story of Obama's so-called economic recovery, continued in earnest during April. Labor force participation, which is the percentage of working-age adults who either have jobs or are looking for work, fell to 63.6%, which is the lowest level since December 1981.

A total of 342,000 American's gave up looking for jobs in April. Because our working-age population increased by 180,000 during the month, the ranks of discouraged workers increased by at least 463,000 during April. These numbers spell "recession", not "recovery"…

These are the reasons Obama will not be reelected in November. 

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