Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Republican Field vs Crony capitalism

Cain gets no respect from GOP
Now in full pursuit of the GOP nomination, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain has won straw polls and drawn huge crowds, including the thousands who packed a park in downtown Atlanta Saturday to hear him announce his official bid for the White House.

But he said in an interview that HE’S STILL NOT GETTING RESPECT WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, nor the coverage he thinks he deserves from the national media.
“Even if I were white I’m not going to take fire within the Republican Party until they start to take note of my accomplishments,” said Mr. Cain, the lone African-American now pursuing the GOP nomination. “”IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY COLOR…I JUST HAPPEN TO BE OUTSIDE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT.”
What’s noteworthy here is that Cain doesn’t blame it on the fact that he’s black. Can you imagine a Democrat saying that? Neither can I.

Republicans: A Weak Presidential Field?


However, current trends and historical precedent forcefully argue both assumptions may be wrong. Republicans may be about to follow the Democrats' pattern that has worked for their last three successful presidential candidates….

….Democrats' last three presidents -- Carter in 1976, Clinton in 1992, and Obama in 2008 -- EMERGED EITHER FROM "WEAK FIELDS" OR WERE INITIALLY SEEN AS "WEAK CANDIDATES." Few expected them to win the nomination, let alone the White House. YET ALL DID AND DID SO IN PART BECAUSE THEY WERE LARGELY UNKNOWN AND UNDEFINED -- IN CLEAR CONTRAST TO THE INCUMBENTS THEY BEAT.

It’s always interesting to look at a situation from a new perspective. This election will not be about the Republican candidate. It will be a referendum on Barack H. Obama.

Crony Capitalism strikes again

We now have a clear picture of the treachery in which AARP has engaged since President Obama took office. The Daily Caller reports that the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES HAS GRANTED MEDIGAP POLICY SELLERS, INCLUDING THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS, EXEMPTION FROM OBAMACARE-MANDATED FEDERAL SUPERVISION OF INSURANCE PREMIUM HIKES. "Medigap" is an industry term for a type of coverage that helps pay medical costs not covered by Medicare.

Non-Medigap insurers, not exempted from ObamaCare's rate reviews, must justify rate increases. In effect, the HHS exemption gives AARP the ability to generate profits not achievable by non-exempted competitors.

It's important to remember that AARP HELPED PUSH OBAMACARE THROUGH CONGRESS BY CONTRIBUTING TO A $121 MILLION ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN AND PAYING FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF WASHINGTON LOBBYING. AARP has betrayed the seniors whose interests the organization allegedly protects and positioned itself to make billions after playing along with the Obama administration's corporatist favoritism.

AARP is in bed with the Obama Administration and this is what Left Wing government looks like.

A rollback to the 1967 borders?

So, Barack Obama thinks Israel should give up the land it acquired in the Six-Day War, rolling back to its 1967 borders. Good going, Barack! IN LESS THAN A MINUTE, YOU NOT ONLY INFURIATED ANOTHER STAUNCH ALLY OF THE UNITED STATES, BUT YOU (if I might employ an image you favor) “MOVED THE GOAL POSTS” IN THE MIDDLE EAST such that Israel’s enemies will henceforth cite you when demanding that Israel neuter itself.

Suicide, national or personal, is rarely a wise career move, so I believe we can be pretty certain that Israel will ignore your suggestion. But your invocation of 1967 is by no means barren. I was talking to a friend last night who had this alternative suggestion. LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE AND ROLL BACK THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO ITS 1967 SIZE…..
What’s sauce for the goose…..

Report Finds Obama Policies to Blame for High Energy Prices

A new report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform details a disturbing “pattern of evidence” indicating that NOT ONLY ARE THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’S ENERGY POLICIES RESPONSIBLE FOR HIGHER OIL AND GAS PRICES, BUT THAT THE ADMINISTRATION’S ENERGY POLICY, IN FACT, IS HIGHER GAS PRICES....

This is one report you won’t hear about on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. But you can read it here and I suggest you do.

GOP to Harry Reid: Show us a Budget

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID (D., NEV.) MAY CONSIDER IT “FOOLISH” FOR DEMOCRATS TO PROPOSE A BUDGET, what with Joe Biden on the brink of solving the debt crisis and all. But Republican Senators are furious that, given the economic circumstances, THE DEMOCRATIC-CONTROLLED SENATE HAS GONE MORE THAN 750 DAYS WITHOUT PASSING AN ACTUAL BUDGET.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.), a freshman member of the committee, have authored a letter signed by all 47 GOP Senators urging Reid to revive his party’s stalled efforts to produce a budget (as they are legally required to do), as opposed to holding a political “show vote” on the Paul Ryan budget.

750 days is over two years!!! Perhaps we need a constitutional amendment limited Democrats to city and county government offices only.

Is Kagangate about to happen?

Judicial Watch and the Media Research Center have obtained potentially explosive e-mails that could prove Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan provided misleading answers during her Senate confirmation hearings when she said she had no involvement as U.S. Solicitor General in any strategizing over how to defend the health care reform law known as Obamacare. Whether or not she had any such involvement is crucial in determining whether she must recuse herself from cases dealing with the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Moreover, if the evidence does establish Kagan’s involvement as Solicitor General, Justice Kagan may have violated federal law governing recusals. That is because she evidently decided to participate in the decision of the Supreme Court in April 2011 not to “fast-track” for Supreme Court review Virginia’s lawsuit challenging Obamacare.

This could be interesting. 

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