Thursday, June 17, 2010


More troubles for the Euro?

European leaders meet in Brussels today amid growing fears that Spain,
Europe's fifth-largest economy, is preparing to ask for a bailout
which would dwarf the €110bn (£90bn) rescue plan for Greece.

Other reports predict parity between the US dollar and the Euro by the end of the year. With the red ink from the Obama Administration this shows us just how bad the Europeans are doing. Part of the problem with Spain is that they pursued the path President Obama laid out Tuesday evening as they attempted to become the alternative energy capital of Europe. Although alternative energy sounds good, the technology isn't there and Spain has pretty much gone broke trying to subsidize it.

TEA Party goes international

“I think the message of the American Revolution is global. The message of
natural, unalienable rights, the message of opposition to tyrannical government
— that’s not just well-known, that’s universal,” Boris Karpa, organizer of the
Israeli Tea Party"

Jobless claims increase

"Jobless Claims Rise, Unexpectedly

Usually you have to work a bit to stretch something like this into a cliche. But given the word unexpectedly is used so often in these stories, perhaps it's time for the experts to review their expectations?

June 17 (Bloomberg) -- The number of Americans seeking jobless benefits last week unexpectedly rose to a one-month high, indicating firings are staying elevated even as the U.S. economy grows. "

And this comes just as VP Joe Biden kicks of a public relations gambit entitled 'Recovery Summer.' Talk about bad timing.

"BREAKING -- OBAMA, BIDEN DECLARE “RECOVERY SUMMER”: Vice President Biden today will kick off “Recovery Summer,” a six-week-long push designed to highlight the jobs accompanying a surge in stimulus-funded projects to improve highways, parks, drinking water and other public works."

Lies my government told me.

An interesting opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal.

Which brings us to President Obama's many claims about his health-care
reform. Take his oft-expressed statement that if you like the coverage you have, you can keep it. That sounds good—but perverse incentives in his new law will cause most Americans to lose their existing insurance

Another nail in the coffin of Global Warming

The British Royal Society recently released a statement on global warming that Any public perception that the science is somehow fully settled is wholly incorrect,” thus contradicting its own former president, and true believer, Lord May. And if the science isn’t settled, there can hardly ever have been “consensus” on the issue.

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