Monday, June 14, 2010

Are the Democrats too Liberal or too angry?

Who Are You?

Here's an interesting video of a Democrat Congressman commiting battery on a college student. For all the talk of the TEA Party possibly becoming violent, it appears the Democrats have already gone there.

Are the Democrats Too Liberal--Is the Pope Catholic?

A new poll is out today.

Nearly half of Americans describe the Democratic Party as “too liberal”up 10 percentage points since early 2008 according to a new Gallup poll.

Forty-nine percent of 1,049 adults surveyed said Democrats are too liberal, while 38 percent said the party’s political views are “about right” and 10 percent think it is too conservative.

When I see 10 percent think the Dems are too conservative, you have a good picture of the radical element in the Democrat party.

Obama makes another trip to the Golf, er Gulf

Yes he did both. Yesterday he golfed in 90 degree heat which is nothing compared to the heat he is taking about his lack of inaction about the Gulf Oil Leak. Obama has played more golf in his 17 months in office than W did in 8 years. He's also had more oil spilled in his 17 months in office than W did in eight years. Is this the equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned? Obama golfs while the beaches in the Gulf are polluted.

Biodiversity Replacing Climate Change in Multiple Ways

As I've mentioned before, as Climate Change becomes less believeable, the UN and other left wing advocates are switching to Biodiversity as their reason to change everything. But it seems their first preliminary report is taking up where the IPCC left off.

"However, the rest are all estimations or patently false. Not only that, but none of the references for the entire first chapter of the TEEB report are peer-reviewed. They are nearly all (UN) government reports or environmental institute reports. Not only do they entirely rely on non-peer-reviewed material, but their claims don’t even match their cited sources."

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