Monday, June 11, 2012

Storm Clouds for the Democrats

What’s New Today

Story #1 relates the Obama swoon with voters.  #2 looks at individual democrats and their impression of Wisconsin and Obama’s run for reelection. #3 talks about the left and their attempt to demonize conservative thought.  #4 relates how Hispanics are protesting the Democrats.  #5 relates Obama’s dilemma, nothing has worked so far nor is it likely to.  His record condemns him to whining.

Today’s Thoughts

In looking for signs of Obama’s priorities, since declaring his candidacy a year ago, he has done 153 fundraisers. That's nearly double the number that President Bush had done to the same point in 2004.

Blaming any political disagreement with the Democrats and Obama is based on race seems to be the standard of Democrats.  But that is intellectually dishonest and lazy on their part.

President Obama thinks that the drag on the economy is government job losses in the states.  But do you know which state hasn’t had to cut any government jobs?  Wisconsin. 

1.  Obama’s campaign is swooning

In 2008, Barack Obama won by assembling what has been called an “Upstairs Downstairs” coalition. Wealthy whites and lower-income minority voters brought Obama first across the finish line. Four years later, Obama’s 2008 coalition does not appear to be holding. The question is whether it will implode by Election Day.

Earlier this week, Gallup released a summary of its polling results for mid-May onward which pegged the presidential race as a 46-46 dead heat. The numbers beneath the numbers showed that Mitt Romney holds roughly a 4-point lead among middle income voters, a 4-point lead among the upper middle income voters ($90,000-$179,999) and an 11-point lead among those with incomes exceeding $180,000. Middle and upper-income America is beginning to wave goodbye to the president. His appeal to middle-class voters is falling flat.

Among white voters, the numbers are even starker. The president is trailing by 19 points among middle-income whites and is down by 14 points among higher income whites. The world has changed since 2008. Then, Obama tied among voters with incomes above $100,000 and actually won those making over $200,000….

It appears when Obama looks for donations, Atlas is shrugging. 

2.  The Democrats Dilemma

Back at my favorite boîte, in a dark back  booth I was scanning the news clips of the week and watching TV while waiting for lunch.  Greg Gutfeld’s take on the Wisconsin recall election made me laugh out loud:
"The media wanted Norma Rae, and got On the Waterfront, instead."

The entire week was full of things like this, signs of a campaign on the rocks….

…By chance, the same Democratic biggies who were in the restaurant last week, slid into the booth next to mine just as my meal arrived. They'd obviously been drinking at the bar before the table was ready for them because they were speaking even more loudly than usual and were completely unguarded.

"The White House is killing us. Killing us. One stupid move after another,"

"Clinton worked damned hard to get us out from under  the Tax and Spend party label and now that dope has it padlocked tight  round our neck again."

"Ed Rendell and Bill Clinton can hardly contain themselves. They've practically joined the Romney campaign. If only it wasn't too late to dump him."

"What he has he done right? In my part of the country after he put the kibosh on Keystone I couldn't even buy him votes."…

….When they got to Wisconsin, the whole table was disconsolate. "'Double Down!' that moron Rich Trumka said, 'Double Down.'"

"Yeah, we doubled down all right. We worked together with Mr. Double Down Trumka on getting out street protestors.  We worked on occupying the state capitol, harassing the Governor and legislature.  We ran off and hid in Illinois to block the Walker initiatives.  We went all in for the judicial elections, backing an utter twit, and then challenged them and demanded a recount which we were sure to lose and we lost again.   And then, the most beautiful thing of all," the operative said, choking on the words, "we worked our butts off to get a recall election. …We called to get out the votes, and Walker wins again.  The Wisconsin GOP controls the state house, the supreme court, the house, and while it might possibly have lost the majority seat in the senate, that body's not meeting again until next year when they surely will regain control of both houses again.

…"Hey. I hope you guys don't think I'm crazy or anything, but it's hard for me to believe anyone in the White House could really be this stupid. I'm starting to think he wants to destroy the party."

"Seriously. I think he's a GOP Manchurian candidate.  All of a sudden we're losing independents, Jewish donors aren't returning my phone calls. Don't even mention Catholic voters. They're going to march against ObamaCare next. I mean why not insult them unnecessarily -- they are only one-fourth of the voters?...

Stupidity appears to be the hallmark of the Obama Administration and campaign.  It’s not going to be pretty in November if you are a Democrat. 

3.  Democrats and Delusions of being Open

The president has adopted an electoral strategy of demonizing conservative thought.  In a now-infamous speech, President Obama referred to his conservative opponents as "stuck in the past," and as "naysayers" who "don't believe in the future."  He scoffed that his detractors were "founding members of the Flat Earth Society" who "just want to keep on doing things the same way that we've always done them."  The president contrasted his critics with people who "refuse to stand still" and who "put their faith in the future."  In a second speech, discussing Congressman Ryan's proposed budget, the president implied that liberal policies create "opportunity" and "upward mobility" while conservative policies entrench inequality.  These false dichotomies mischaracterize conservative ideas.
These were not merely off-the-cuff remarks intended to smear political rivals.  This caricature of conservative ideas is popular among liberal social scientists.  In 2012 alone, two well-respected psychology journals published studies perpetuating these smears, citing more than a dozen previous studies.

“Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes: Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing ideology and Low Intergroup contact," by Gordon Hodson and Michael Busseri, argued that conservatism is linked to low cognitive ability and that it acts as a precursor to racism.  This study described conservatism as characterized by "resistance to change" and "the promotion of inter-group inequalities."

Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism" by Scott Edelman, et al., links an absence of critical thinking to conservative conclusions.  He describes conservative positions as evincing "low-effort thought" and as "initial and uncorrected responses" correctable by "overriding and adjusting initial conservative responses."

Edelman claims that conservatives are marked by an "acceptance of hierarchy" and an "opposition to equality."  He describes this acceptance as "proceeding in the absence of effortful information processing."  Hodson and Buseri claim that these apparent cognitive problems are "associated with prejudice" and stem from fear and anxiety.

But this reductionist view ignores reality and the beauty contained in the conservative position.  In fact, the president and these social scientists denigrate conservative thought because its rejection of utopianism and insistence on cautious incremental change denies them the ability to unilaterally design a future that reflects their preferences.

I remember Bobby Kennedy’s Quote,There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  I found that not inspiring but a sign of stupidity.  If you read history, you understand “why not.”  It’s because those dreams of the left have been tried before and never works.  In the 19th Century you had utopian experiments that lasted at the most 20 years.  In the 20th Century you had Communism and National Socialism that lasted longer in one case but eventually failed and caused the deaths of over 100 million people.  The left wing social scientists are engaged in a form of mental masturbation. 

4.  Hispanic Protest Obama and the Democrats

About three dozen immigration activists are protesting outside an Obama campaign office in Denver tonight, while two more activists have staged a sit-in inside the office.

The activists want President Barack Obama to sign an executive order ending the deportation of young, undocumented immigrants who would be eligible for conditional permanent residency under the DREAM Act. The activists waved signs and marched in a circle in front of the office, at 77 W. 9th Ave. They said they planned to spend the night in front of the office.

The two activists staging the sit-in inside the campaign office — Javier Hernandez, from Denver, and Veronica Gomez, from California — say they are undocumented and could face deportation if arrested for their protest.

"If that's what it takes, that's what it takes," Gomez said.

"We decided it was time to escalate (the campaign) for an executive order that will end deportation for DREAMers," Hernandez said. "That's something (Obama) can do."

Gomez and Hernandez said they also plan to go on a hunger strike until Obama signs the demanded executive order.

The protest is calculated to put pressure on the Obama campaign in a swing state with a sizeable Latino population. Inside the campaign office, just feet from where Gomez and Hernandez were sitting, was a table with literature on the Latinos for Obama effort. A flier for the effort notes that Obama is committed to passing the DREAM Act, which would create a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship for young immigrants who came to America as children, have stayed out of trouble and serve in the military or go to college….

If they would serve in the military, I think they have earned American citizenship.  Going to college should not be on the same plain.  The one they are helping America.  The second one they are helping themselves. 

5.  Obama’s dilemma

All sorts of Democratic operatives and columnists are advising Obama to do A through Z, in near panic that the near-even polls in dozens of states are like light taps to an egg shell — ostensibly not serious at first until the entire surface in an unexpected subsequent moment implodes. But none of the advice mentions the president’s basic problem: He cannot outline a vision of economic recovery without blaming someone or something for his current problems.

No sooner does he talk about jobs then up come the snarls about George W. Bush, the do-nothing Congress, the EU meltdown, ATMs, etc. It took the American people 3–4 years to appreciate that beneath Obama’s mellifluous speechifying and cool appearance, he whines and accuses 24/7 rather than unites and energizes, and is proving the most divisive figure in American politics since Richard Nixon.  And their carefully developed sense of Obama — that he whines like Jimmy Carter rather than schmoozes and compromises like Bill Clinton — cannot easily be dispelled.

One can see that with the off-reservation remarks of people like Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell, and Cory Booker, all of whom in his place would have cut out the class-warfare boilerplate, adopted the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles plan, sat down with Republican leaders to find ways to cut the deficit, and talked about we and us rather than I, me, and my. Bringing out Michelle Obama  to the campaign trail is suicidal; her favorability rating is now high precisely because it has been nearly four years since she quit the 2007–08 “never been proud”/“downright mean country”/“raise the bar”/“deign to run”/us vs. them stump speeches — and will plunge again if, in the long next five months, she proves true to campaign form.

Nothing is working for Obama and it is unlikely that anything will. 

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