Saturday, June 2, 2012

A slow realization by the Left

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Story #1 tells how the left wing is finally starting to realize Obama may lose.  The right has known for a while that Obama will lose. 

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The latest polls show that 35% of Americans think that 25% or more of the population is gay. In truth it is closer to 3%. 

The Left Finally Realizes:  Romney might be the next President

I hate to ruin your weekend, but let’s be honest: Mitt Romney now has a good chance of being the next President. 

How good is good? Your guess is worth as much as mine, but we both know that the likelihood of a Romney victory went up considerably this morning with the release of a shockingly bad jobs report. According to Intrade, an online betting site, it jumped six per cent, and is now more than forty per cent. Obama is still the favorite, but the gap is narrowing.

Yes, it’s just one month of job figures, and things could look better a month from today. But, from President Obama’s perspective, this was a truly horrible jobs report. Nobody, and I mean nobody, was expecting the May figure for growth in payrolls to come in as low as it did: sixty-nine thousand. And nobody was expecting the April figure—at a hundred and fifteen thousand already pretty anemic—to be slashed by nearly fifty thousand, to seventy-seven thousand. 

With the May unemployment rate ticking up from 8.1 per cent to 8.2 per cent, the White House’s misery was virtually complete….

What’s really surprising is the left actually thought Obama had it in the bag.  This election will not be that close.  Romney will win convincingly.

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