Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Live Free

Obama Misreads Message of `Live Free or Die'

The failure of big government over small government

Moody compared Maine, a state that more than 60 years ago embarked on
one path, with New Hampshire, which went a different route. Like the president,
Moody favors an emphasis on the household pocketbook. He therefore spends time looking at per capita personal income of individuals.

The result? Decade in, decade out, New Hampshire’s economy grew
faster than Maine’s
, so that the Granite State
surpassed the Pine Tree
State in 1984 and today boasts an output that is 20 percent bigger.
Maine’s recessions and double dips were worse than New Hampshire’s. Eventually
New Hampshire also won the population contest, passing Maine, in part thanks to
migration. Last month, joblessness was 8.1 Percent
in Maine, better than Ohio but still bad, and 5.8 percent in New Hampshire.

What about that family pocketbook that the White House
highlights? Bureau of Economic Analysis data show average per capita income for
Maine in 2009 was $36,745, a bit more than Ohio. In New Hampshire that number
was $42,831, eighth highest in the nation


Bad news for the Democrats.

Although their numbers have been in the tank for months now, one rationalization used by the Democrats is that the real election season doesn’t begin until after Labor Day when the public really starts to pay attention. It appears this isn’t the case.

Many More Now Following Mosque Controversy – And Don’t Like

A lot more voters are paying attention to the plans to build a
mosque near the Ground Zero site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City,
and they don’t like the idea.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 85% of
U.S. voters say they are now following news stories about the mosque planned
near Ground Zero. That’s a 34-point jump from a month ago
when only 51% said they were following the story.

Another executive order reversed by the judiciary

Judge Forces Obama Admin to Stop Funding Embryonic Stem Cell
ResearchWashington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A federal judge on Monday issued a
decision forcing the Obama Administration to stop funding embryonic stem cell
research with taxpayer funds. The judge ruled the executive order Obama issued
allowing such funding contravened a federal law prohibiting taxpayer funding of
the destruction of human embryos.


Obamacare—the lies are being revealed.

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement “We need to pass the legislation in order to find out what’s in it.” Well, they passed the legislation and what we are finding is not very pretty.

Perhaps most tellingly, Politico writes that the presentation's "final
page of 'Don'ts' counsels against claiming 'the law will reduce costs and
deficit.'" Instead, the presentation advises, "Keep claims small and
credible"; "don’t overpromise or 'spin' what the law delivers." Thus, the
administration’s central claim from the start – made ad nauseam by everyone from President Obama on down – that Obamacare would somehow reduce health care costs, is apparently just "spin." (This, of course, was
recognized by a great many Americans all along.) And now, a $2.5
trillion law that's longer than War and Peace must, incredibly, be defended
on the basis of claims that are "small and credible."


The Failure of Liberal Economics

From the liberal declaring the failure of capitalism two years ago, we now are finding the American people are declaring their substitute a failure today.

You would have expected that, and you would have been right—but only
briefly. Since the beginning of 2010, a surprising reversal has occurred. Rather
than supporting and encouraging government intervention to mitigate an economic calamity caused by “profit-oriented thinking,” Americans have come to believe that government has failed to fix the problem and may, in fact, have made it worse. Now it is liberal, not conservative, economic policies that are suddenly in jeopardy. …..

What bothers the public, plain and simple, is that the steps that
were taken to mitigate the recession—which involved greater government
involvement, including ownership of the largest auto and insurance companies,
and vastly more federal spending—have not worked


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