Monday, August 2, 2010

Grandiose views

Dems--the Federal Government can do most anything

In a recent townhall, Democrat Representative Pete Stark of California when asked about the Constitutional limits on the Federal government said the Feds could do just about anything in this country.

You can see it here.

The Divine Duty of Kings

After centuries of the the Divine Right of Kings, it now appears we have the Divine Duty of Kings
Prince Charles thinks "he has been placed on Earth as future King ‘for a purpose’ - to save the world."

Stem Cell Therapy for spinal cord injuries

Geron Corporation will begin a clinic trial to see if stem cell therapy can help people with spinal cord injuries.

The FDA had placed a clinical hold on the drug due to safety concerns: A
preclinical animal study showed a higher frequency of small cysts within the
spinal cord injury sites injected with Geron's treatment. But as Geron developed
new molecular markers and procedures to minimize such risks, it asked for the
FDA to lift the clinical hold, which it did this week.

Geron hopes to start the human trial this quarter. It plans to recruit eight to 10 spinal-cord injury patients with complete impairment, meaning they have no motor or sensory function in the effected areas, and whose injuries are in the middle vertebrae. Patients will be injected with a low dose of the drug seven to 14 days after their injuries.

Let us hope that this trial is successful or can lead to success in the future. Since it is an embroynic stem cell test, the documented problems with tumors, etc. seem to be a concern, but it must be promising enough to have the FDA lift their clinical hold on the trial.

Party of the Privileged

It appears that the Democrats are trying to show Americans that they are the party of the privileged. Recent events include:

1. Michelle Obama's trip to Spain with her daughter. While she is gone, Barack will celebrate his 49th birthday by jetting to Chicago.

2. Chelsea Clinton's 3 to 5 Million Dollar wedding.

3. John Kerry's 7 million dollar and 79 foot "sailboat" (don't call it a yacht) that he was docking in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in his home state.

I particularly enjoyed Barack Obama telling us how he and Michelle were just folks before he became president.

It's official--the economy now belongs to Obama and the Democrats

For the first since President Obama took office, voters see his
policies as equally to blame with those of President George W. Bush for the
country’s current economic problems.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of
Likely U.S. Voters now think Obama’s policies are to blame for the continuing bad economy, up three points from last month. Forty-seven percent (47%) say the recession that began under Bush is at fault.

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