Wednesday, August 4, 2010

November's coming

November 2010 vs November 2006

It appears there is a similarity in the delusional statements we are seeing.

The similarities between the political condition of the Democratic Party in 2010 and the Republican Party's condition in 2006 are growing. One sign of the
similarity is the tendency toward hopeful delusion on the part of many Democrats and liberals, which parallels the hopeful delusions of Republicans and conservatives in the run-up to November 2006.

Do the Republicans have any new ideas?

I watched a clip of President Obama saying that the Republican strategy was hoping the electorate has amenisia. He claim the Republican's only had the policies of George W. Bush.

Last week Peggy Noonan wrote a devasting piece on the Republican's new secret weapon--Governor Chris Christie.

It’s a sign of Democratic panic that a week ago they were saying what was
wrong with the GOP was they have no plan, while now what’s wrong is that they do have one.

The problem for the Democrats, however, is not a new Contract
With America, or the Tea Party. Their problem is Chris Christie.

Later in her piece she gives us a Chistie quote, "You can’t tax your way out of a spending problem, you’ve got to stop spending."

To me this quote is the overwhelming strength of this man. It's short, to the point and has so much common sense to it, that it devastates the Democrats and their arguments.
In the meantime, let's look at the Democrats' ideas

According to a report released Tuesday by Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain, these are just a few of the questionable projects being funded with money from President Obama’s $862 billion dollar economic stimulus package. Some highlights...

A study of monkeys' behavior while on cocaine.
$700,000 for research on improvised music.
A project on interactive dance, where 44% of the money
goes to overhead.
$1.9 million to photograph ants in foreign countries.
$712,883 to Northwestern University for a project called "Computational
Creativity: Building a Model of Machine-Generated Humor."
$762,372 to the University of North Carolina - Charlotte, to develop "interactive dance software".
$500,000 for new windows at the Mt. St. Helens visitors center in
Washington. The building has been closed since 2007 and there are no immediate
plans to reopen it.

The Latest Carville Poll

As noted, the Democrats may see trouble this fall because of the direction
of these real economic indicators. Voters now give the Republicans a 49 to 36
percent advantage on handling the economy, the worst for Democrats in all of our

For the first time in our tracking, a majority of 54 percent
believes that President Obama’s economic policies have done nothing to relieve
the recession and run up a record deficit; just 39 percent that believe his
administration’s efforts averted a worse crisis. This is not consistent with the
administration’s argument about economic success.

When asked about the vote in November, 52 percent plan to vote Republican to protest the direction of the economy – 11 points more than voting Democratic to not jeopardize the recovery.

One of the charts show that in the past month the belief that Obama averted a worse recession vs those who think his policies didn't end the recession but ballooned the deficits has gone from 45% / 49% to 41% / 52%. So the Democrat refrain, "It could be worse" seems to be losing support for the Dems rather than gathering strength.
Diversity is???
Ever wonder what diversity is? Well, the the National Education Association it is represented by the Communists take over of China. They've put this event on their diversity calendar. When it was spotted and identified on World Net Daily, they took it down.
But the interesting thing here is how liberals seems to be fascinated by Mao and his extermination of at least 30 million people. Obama Communication Czar Anita Dunn called him one of her two "favorite political philosophers." To me he is simply another Communist thug.

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