Sunday, August 1, 2010

Journolist--getting what they give

JournoList reaping what they sow?

Glenn Reynold's has an interesting viewpoint of the Journolist scandal.

"Erving Goffman think that every functioning society needs a "backstage"
where people can let their hair down and speak without observing social
proprieties. But journalists have been destroying that backstage for everyone
else for decades. Why should they be permitted to keep one, when no one else

Tim Tebow
It seems there are a lot of haters out there.

These are the sins of Tim Tebow: He is nice to strangers. He's
never been arrested. His body is not a canvas of unsightly tattoos. He sometimes uses the word "freak" as a euphemism for the F-bomb because he doesn't curse
. He is one of the greatest football players in college football history.

How anyone can stand him is anybody's guess.

The venom spews daily, in the anonymity of blog posts, in cyberspace hate groups, in the voices of callers from Alabama to Alaska. Tim Tebow, party piƱata. Everybody take a whack.,0,1519657.column

The Navy Blue and Gold becoming more black and white

In practice, the Navy will be creating a list of privileged "diverse"
officers who will enjoy special benefits and career mentoring not available to
people of the wrong race, as well as a virtual guarantee of fast-track access to
the highest reaches of command. Fifty-six years after the Supreme Court struck
down the concept of "separate but equal" treatment of races, the U.S. Navy is
erecting a wall of segregation between what will amount to two parallel
promotion systems: one for the "diverse" and another for the monotone. If this
isn't illegal, it should be

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