Monday, March 15, 2010


I had an incident that happened to me that illustrates the difference between progressives and conservatives.

Now it is my experience that progressives (or liberals) have a very high estimate of themselves and a very low opinion of conservatives. They are the political movement of intention so they tend to judge things not on the outcome, but the intention of the action itself. Hence, programs started by the left that don't work are successes in their view while programs that do work started by the right tend to be failures.

I was driving one day to DIA. I was driving up to the entrance onto the expressway that would get me there. There were two left turn lanes turning onto the expressway to help what was a heavy traffic entrance.

A pickup truck got into the furtherest left lane to enter the highway. As he did a number of pipes fell unto the roadway. He stopped to pick up what he had dropped. It was at this point that a progressive pulled up beside him and stopped his car jumping out to help. Here was a perfect example of a progressive seeing a problem and wanting to help. However, he stopped blocking up the second left turn lane onto the highway. So although his intention was good, his action caused a huge backup in people entering the highway. As more and more people honked their horns, he was horrified that these people didn't do the wonderful thing he was doing and help this poor unfortunate.

Progressives are like this. The man who lost his pipe could easily have picked up the materials himself and if the progressive hadn't stopped to help, traffic would have flowed unto the highway. In helping with a small problem, the progressive caused a bigger one.

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