Friday, March 12, 2010



The chant of the Democrats now seems to be "it's time to stop debating. Healthcare deserves an up or down vote."

I agree. So why don't we have that vote today in the House of Representatives? Errr, perhaps because a vote today would result in a defeat for President Obama.

Women Live Longer.

A new study that is out confirms that women live longer than men. I have a theory about that. Women do live longer, but the extra time is spent waiting in lines to go to the bathroom. The net amount of time is the same for both men and women.

Jimmy Carter Redux

In a speech yesterday in St. Louis, President Obama said "People have lost faith in government -- they had lost faith in government before I ran (for president), and it has been getting worse." Strangely reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's malaise speech.

Some Things Liberal Believe that Aren't True.

Green jobs are the answer to today's economic problems. Green jobs tend to decrease the overall number of jobs since they require big subsidies.

Liberals are smarter than conservatives. We keep hearing how liberals are so smart, yet they seem to be the ones who fall for the lies conservatives told them especially about war (they voted to get us in Vietnam, Iraq, etc.).

You can cut the spending on Healthcare by adding over $1 trillion dollars to what you spend on healthcare. A corollary to this is you can cut the spending on Healthcare by insuring an additional 31 million people. This is another example of why the previous point is so obviously wrong.

You can spend your way to prosperity. Yet another example of how liberals aren't smarter than conservatives.

Most Americans agree with liberals. Actually, most liberals agree with liberals and tend to keep among themselves. Remember the story about Bush beating Gore and the lament from NYC that they didn't know anyone who had voted for Bush.

It is patriotic to protest. However, since Obama was inaugurated it's been changed to it is racists to protest.

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