Thursday, March 4, 2010

Healthcare--panacea or money pit

The Healthcare debate rages on. Will it provide quality healthcare for all Americans at a lower cost? Will it help the economy as President Obama claims? Or is it a leftwing dream that will lower the quality while increasing the cost add to the deficit as the Republicans claim.

Let's look at the question of quality. This bill will compromise quality.

Quality compromise #1. Adding 30 million new people to our healthcare system without adding at least 10% more doctors will create a shortage of medical treatment. People on Medicare already don't have access to all doctors (some won't take medicare because it price controls what the doctor will get). By adding 30 million new people with private health insurance the number of doctors who will take medicare will drop.

Quality compromise #2. Medicare is in big trouble and the government must reduce the cost. This bill has that feature taking $500,000,000,000 out of Medicare over a 10 years period. The problem that exists is that instead of using this reduced cost to shore up the system, this bill will respend the money on the 30 million new people it will insure. So Medicare will be weakened even while the quality of the care is reduced.

Quality compromise #3. This bill is being touted as deficit neutral. It isn't. Although they get the numbers to come out neutral they only accomplish this by taking the money out of Medicare and imposing taxes for 10 years while not providing benefits for the first four years. If you look at the first 14 years you have a budget buster.

Quality compromise #4. The Obama Administration says the people want the government to control the rate increases by the insurance companies and make it so the insurance companies can't discriminate against people for preexisting conditions. The say this bill will take care of both of these problems. But it doesn't say how they will do it.

Quality compromise #5. Although the Democrats went crazy when Sarah Palin said they would have "death panels" this bill does create a panel to determine good therapuetic practice. What this has lead to in every country where everyone has coverage is to rationing. Need open heart surgery at 65--you can get it. Need it at 75--take two aspirin and call us in the morning. This bill will hurt the aged so the liberals can insure the young. The liberals won't admit this, but that is the bottom line.

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