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Obama sinks back in the polls

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Story #1 tells of an Occupy Jesus movement.  #2 shows how we are getting agreement that President Obama after a brief rise in the polls is slipping back again.  His core constituency appears to be about 37% with another 6% picking him over the Republicans.  This isn’t a winning formula.  #3 tells of what happened in Cambodia with the killing fields.  It wasn’t genocide, but rather an attempt to make everyone equal (are you listening OWS?).  #4 is interesting in that it comes from the New York Times.  It appears the finances of the state of New York are going belly up.  #5 goes contrary to global warming theory.  It appears ice sheets in the Arctic are getting bigger.  Finally #6 shows us an interesting and workable wind powered device.  

1.  Occupy Jesus

In an interesting turn of events, it appears in San Francisco, that Evangelicals have taken up their own Occupy Movement.  Pictures provided with the link below.

2.  Obama sinking in the Polls

Disapproval of President Obama’s handling of the economy is heading higher — alongside gasoline prices — as a record number of Americans now give the president “strongly” negative reviews on the 2012 presidential campaign’s most important issue, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Increasingly pessimistic views of Obama’s performance on the economy — and on the federal budget deficit — come despite a steadily brightening employment picture and other signs of economic improvement, and they highlight the political sensitivity of rising gas prices.

The potential political con­sequences are clear, with the ­rising public disapproval reversing some of the gains the president had made in hypothetical general-election matchups against possible Republican rivals for the White House. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) now both run about evenly with Obama. The findings come just five weeks after Obama appeared to be getting a boost from the improving economy….

Reality is reality and although the left was getting chills with what they considered to be vindication for Obama’s actions, it appears reality is shooting him down.  Rasmussen has Romney 5 points ahead of Obama and even Santorum is beating him. 

3.  What the left’s policies can lead to

…Rather, what happened in Cambodia is what happened in the French Revolution, and in Stalin’s purges and mass collectivization campaigns, and in Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, only on a proportionately larger scale. IT WAS MASS MURDER IN THE NAME OF EQUALITY. It wasn’t “genocide”; it was Communist utopianism carried to its logical extreme. The Khmer Rouge, who called themselves Maoists, believed that the most important social and political value was equality and that in order to create their new, classless society in which everyone was equal, it was necessary to exterminate anyone who might be smarter, or better educated, or wealthier, or more talented than anyone else. Thus, they killed the educated, the bourgeoisie, the middle classes, and the rich; movie stars, pop singers, authors, urban residents, and workers for the former government; and anyone who protested — as well as the families of all the above. Towards the end, they also killed cadres who were thought to be a political threat. Whatever their crimes were, the Khmer Rouge do not seem to have been motivated by racial, ethnic, or religious hatred. …

…However, I suspect that the most important reason for the usage worldwide is that many people in the international media, international agencies, and international NGOs (not to mention academia) are reluctant to face up to the crimes committed by Communism in the name of equality. To do so might call into question the weight attached by them to equality as the most important social value and undermine the multicultural faith that evil is predominantly the product of inequality, racism, ethnic hatred, or religious fanaticism. That cannot be permitted, so such crimes must be either ignored or mislabeled. And, of course, the remaining Communist regimes in the world are only too happy to cooperate in characterizing the killing fields as the products of irrational paranoia on the part of Pol Pot and his gang rather than the perfectly rational result of the quest for perfect equality….

Next time you see the Occupy Movement, remember the lessons of Cambodia’s killing fields.

4.  Blue Blights Empire State

Weekend readers of the New York Times got an eyeful yesterday; the Grey Lady took a long look at New York state, and the result is an article that could almost have appeared in the Weekly Standard or the National Review. While the Times carefully avoided drawing any indelicate conclusions that might upset its liberal readership, the review of government finance at the state and local level reveals an appalling picture of blue model thinking at its worst. New York state and local politicians, egged on by public sector unions, have dug the state into such a deep hole that it will be hard to emerge.

And the unions — along with the pro-bankruptcy wing of the Democratic Party — want to keep digging

Three states suffering from this are NY, California, and Illinois.  These three states gave Obama 7.2 million of his 9.5 million victory total in 2008.  Now they aren’t going to go to the Republicans, but if you take these away from his total you see that he really doesn’t have much of a lead in the remaining 54, err, 47 states. 

5.  Most Polar Ice Ever Recorded

So much for an ice-free Arctic. Henry Hudson’s long-ago dream of a Northwest Passage that would link England to the Orient by sea will have to wait another century as Mother Earth gives him the cold shoulder. Again.

From Real Science: “1979 was the peak year for Arctic ice, yet 2012 has more ice around Greenland and Alaska than 1979 did.”

Same date satellite data seems to show that Iceland and everywhere else is iced over this year when they were feeling a little green 33 years ago….

I’ve read a lot of reports about how Arctic ice was disappearing.  It is funny that this didn’t make the local newspapers. 


6.  Wind Power that actually works

Soon going for a run won't just help your fitness levels, it’ll give your phone a boost too thanks to an ingenious new invention that uses the air from your lungs to charge it.

The clever piece of kit, dubbed the AIRE mask, harnesses the wind power created by breathing and converts it into electricity to run anything from your iPod to your mobile.

The electronic mask contains tiny wind turbines and the energy created is transferred through a cable to your electronic device....

Wind Power is not very reliable.  This device seems to work as long as you are alive and breathing. 

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