Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wisconsin and other Democrat nightmares

Gallup: Obama loses three points overnight, economic confidence plunges to 2-year low

GALLUP DELIVERS TWO BLASTS AT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TODAY FOR ITS HANDLING OF THE ECONOMY. The first comes in its daily tracking poll, which reacted rather badly to Barack Obama’s speech from the White House yesterday. HIS APPROVAL RATING DROPPED THREE POINTS TO ITS PREVIOUS LOW OF 40% AFTER ONLY ONE CYCLE OF POLLING. Disapproval rose back to 50%, up two points from the day before. That sharp drop could amplify over the next couple of days, especially considering the beating Obama is taking across the political spectrum for his ill-considered rehash of an address. IT’S POSSIBLE THAT WE WILL SEE OBAMA DROP BELOW 40% FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY RESPONSES ROLL OUT OF THE SURVEY DATA.

Moving into the 30s?

Wisconsin Recall Election Results


Republicans on Tuesday successfully defended four seats in recall elections, and Democrats picked up two seats….

….DEMOCRATS WERE HOPING TO RECAPTURE CONTROL OF THE SENATE IN A POLITICAL FIGHT THAT'S ATTRACTED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SPENDING BY NATIONAL UNIONS AND OTHER OUTSIDE GROUPS. The recall elections Tuesday target incumbent Republicans and stem from anger over Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining proposal that attracted throngs of protesters to the state Capitol. Walker's proposal took away most union rights from nearly all public workers….

This is also very bad for the Democrats. The Unions are major sources of funding and this money would have been spent on Democrat campaigns next year. The changes being made in collective bargaining laws also weaken the unions’ ability to fund Democratic candidates. Finally, after all the commotion by the unions in Wisconsin, it appears the Unions are now 0-2 in trying to undo the November 2010 election results.

In Spite of All That Cash, Unions Came Up Short

For months, unions have told us that after their state-senate recall efforts in Wisconsin, LAWMAKERS WOULD LEARN NOT TO SCALE BACK THEIR COLLECTIVE-BARGAINING “RIGHTS.” THE RECALLS WOULD WARN ANY STATE THINKING ABOUT PASSING A LAW LIKE GOVERNOR WALKER’S TO THINK AGAIN. Yet after Tuesday night’s recall elections, only one lesson is perfectly clear: It’s probably not a good idea to cheat on your wife.

In what might have been the most costly abstinence program in history, national unions dumped tens of millions of dollars in Wisconsin — yet THEIR ONLY NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT WAS TO RECALL REPUBLICAN STATE SENATOR RANDY HOPPER, WHOSE PRIAPIC MISADVENTURES SUNK HIS CAMPAIGN FROM THE START. Polling leading up to the recall election showed voters were just fine with Hopper’s vote to scale back public-sector collective bargaining; THEY JUST WEREN’T SO FINE WITH HIS ALLEGED AFFAIR WITH A THEN-25-YEAR-OLD CAPITOL STAFFER.

Thus, the 18th senate district, which had been represented by a Republican since 1936, went to Democrat Jessica King by a thin 1,100-vote margin. But saying Hopper’s defeat was about public-sector collective bargaining is like saying Top Gun was a movie about beach volleyball. In the end, as one high-ranking WISCONSIN POLITICAL FIGURE TOLD ME, FEMALE SENIORS JUST COULDN’T FORGIVE HOPPER FOR HIS TRANSGRESSIONS. Despite being conservative, they decided they were voting for a husband and not a senator.

And yes, Democrats did also defeat GOP senator Dan Kapanke in LaCrosse, but that was more a feat of signature-gathering than electioneering. Once Kapanke was on the ballot, he was toast in a district that Barack Obama carried by more than 20 points.

It appears that the Unions are betting on the wrong horse. Perhaps they should see what kind of deal they can get with the Republicans.

Liberal Lessons On Wisconsin’s Recall

Ed Schultz was virtually crowing in victory on his show last night before the results of the recall election came in. At 8 pm, Schultz declared to Lawrence O'Donnell:

I have talked to a number of grassroots workers today that have told us that they think that the ground game by the progressives to beat back these six Republican senators has been highly sophisticated. THEY HAVE BEEN BRILLIANT ON THE BASICS. They have done everything they've had to do. I mean, this race has everything. IT IS SO FUTURISTIC. IT IS SO ON THE CUTTING EDGE. IT IS TRANSFORMING HOW POLITICS IS GOING TO BE RUN, I THINK, IN THIS COUNTRY.

And IT IS A REAL MESSAGE TO OHIO with Senate Bill 5 that is now finally on the ballot, where they got far more signatures than they needed. It's a real message to Michigan where Rick Snyder and his radical agenda and some of the things they have passed in that state such as a financial management decision to come in and run a municipality if they don`t like the way it`s being run financially. I mean, this really is a message I think, Lawrence, to the rest of the country on what has to happen for the progressives.

The failure of the Democrats hadn't sunk in during Schultz's own 10 pm hour, as he asked Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

SCHULTZ: What's the national lesson?


Now for the real “real” lesson from Wisconsin: The times they are a changing if you are a progressive. Get over it.

Meanwhile, Governor Scott Walker’s Plan Seems To Be Working

The math was pretty basic: Wisconsin DEMOCRATS NEEDED TO NET THREE SEATS TO WIN BACK THE SENATE. Tonight was their chance, with all six Republicans on the chopping block. THEY FAILED. REPUBLICANS HELD THE LINE IN 4 OF THE 6 RACES TONIGHT, guaranteeing that they'll maintain control of the upper chamber. Republicans won races in districts 2, 10, 14, and -- dramatically -- 8. Democrats picked off the two most vulnerable Republicans: Dan Kapanke in district 32, and Randy Hopper in district 18, who was dogged by a marital scandal. Republicans will have a chance to cut into, or even erase, their net losses next Tuesday, when two fleebagger Democrats face voters. Wisconsin conservatives believe at least one of these races -- featuring Democrat Jim Holperin -- is winnable.

DEMOCRATS, LIBERAL GROUPS, AND LABOR UNIONS SPENT ROUGHLY $20 MILLION ON THESE RACES -- an unfathomable sum for off-year, state level races. They were better organized, better funded, and seemed to have a distinct intensity advantage. And yet, when the people of Wisconsin had their say, Republicans prevailed. This result delivers a crushing blow to the left, especially government sector unions, who clung to this recall effort as an OPPORTUNITY TO REBUKE GOV. WALKER'S HISTORIC BUDGET FIX LEGISLATION. Speaking of which, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel will publish a positive editorial on the controversial Republican budget...tomorrow, the day after these elections. How very convenient (via Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes):

So it turns out that the sky isn't going to fall on all local governments in Wisconsin. THE NUMBERS NOW STARTING TO COME IN SHOW THAT GOV. SCOTT WALKER'S "TOOLS" FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS APPARENTLY WILL HELP AT LEAST SOME OF THEM DEAL WITH CUTS IN STATE AID IMPOSED BY THE STATE BUDGET. THAT'S CONTRARY TO THE EXPECTATION AND THE RHETORIC OF CRITICS IN THE SPRING, AND IT'S TO WALKER'S CREDIT. It bears out the governor's assessment of his budget-repair bill, although we still maintain he could have reached his goals without dealing a body blow to public employee unions.,_wisconsin!_gop_holds_state_senate,_left_devastated

This story has a happy ending for just about everyone.

Experience Matters

This is a terrific ad. I really like the empty podium.

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