Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Things I've learned from the left

As 2012 approaches, 10 Things I’ve Learned from the Left

After reading and debating Liberals for years here are a few of the things I’ve learned from them.

1. NO LIBERAL PROGRAM HAS EVER FAILED BECAUSE IT DIDN’T INHERENTLY WORK. It failed because we didn’t spend enough money. A good case in point is the $861 billion stimulus. It was touted as something that would keep unemployment under 8% and its failure to do this obviously was because it should have been bigger—much bigger.

2. THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY IS NOT THE FAULT OF OBAMA OR THE DEMOCRATS. It took Bush 43 eight years to screw things up this bad!! So it’s Bush’s fault. Although Wall Street’s greed is the real problem and it appears business is trying to sabotage the Democrats by refusing to hire more people. Plus the TEA Party people exercising their free speech really tend to screw things up as rating agencies don’t like dissent (it’s no longer patriotic to dissent and hasn’t been for the past 2 ½ years). But when you look at all the causes, “It’s Bush’s fault.”

3. THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MARKET IS NOT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS’ FAULT EITHER. Again we need to look at the TEA Party folks. Their stranglehold on congress is making investors nervous. That plus the problem in the EU, the earthquakes in Japan, and the Arab Spring are all to blame. And we don’t want to forget just how terrible George W. Bush was.

4. THE CAUSE OF THE FINANCIAL MELTDOWN PLAIN AND SIMPLE WAS WALL STREET GREED AND BUSH’S FINANCIAL DEREGULATION. Fannie and Freddie had nothing to do with it or played a very minor role. Pay no attention to the fact the only major piece of regulatory legislation enacted during the Bush years was the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which dramatically increased regulation of corporate financial disclosures. It had to be Bush and his deregulation (he wanted to deregulate more, and libs are sure of that and motive is much more important than action) which caused this.

5. AFTER 2 ½ YEARS THE WARS (NOW INCREASED TO 5) ARE STILL BUSH’S FAULT. Obama and his supporter deny this saying we don’t have boots on the ground in Libya, Pakistan and Yemen. Of course using that as a yardstick, Japan never went to war with us at Pearl Harbor. But that doesn’t make any difference, “It’s Bush’s Fault.”

6. OBAMA’S HEALTHCARE WILL HELP ALL AMERICANS. It will bend the cost curve, save money for everyone, insure everyone, reduce the deficit, and improve care. The only problem is that it isn’t single payer which would solve all of those problems listed above that Obamacare solved. One point that will help this to happen is as your read the first sentence would you please say, “Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo.”

7. CIVILITY IS SOMETHING WE NEED TO BRING BACK TO WASHINGTON. Gabby Giffords shooting was caused by the uncivil language the Republicans and their terrorists TEA Party supporters employ. In fact the Tea Party suicide bombers should be tried for treason especially those who held a gun to our head and demanded we cut spending!

8. ANY QUESTIONING OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S QUALIFICATION AND READINESS FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND IS A SIGN OF RACISM IF DONE BY CONSERVATIONS. If such questions are raised by liberals it shows their deep disappointment and the left having the maturity to look at tough questions.

9. QUIT COMPARING OBAMA TO JIMMY CARTER. Compare him to Ronald Reagan without all those nutty right wing ideas.

10. BUSH TRAMPLED ALL OVER THE CONSTITUTION by using rendition, keeping terrorists in Guantanamo, targeted Predator drone assassinations, warrantless wiretaps and intercepts. Obama has upheld the ideals of the Constitution by using rendition, keeping Guantanamo open, targeting Predator drone assassinations (even being noble enough to go after American citizens—Al Awlaki), and using wireless wiretaps and intercepts to protect Americans (except Al Awlaki and a few others).

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