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Wisconsin and other liberal nightmares

Corrected Brookfield tally puts Prosser ahead after 7,500-vote gain

In one explosive stroke Thursday, the clerk in a Republican STRONGHOLD TILTED THE TIGHT SUPREME COURT RACE IN FAVOR OF JUSTICE DAVID PROSSER by recovering thousands of untallied votes for the incumbent.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to save on her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial total she released after Tuesday's election. With other smaller errors in Waukesha County, PROSSER GAINED 7,582 VOTES OVER HIS CHALLENGER, JOANNE KLOPPENBURG, LEAVING THE SITTING JUSTICE SIGNIFICANTLY AHEAD FOR NOW AMID ONGOING OFFICIAL COUNTING.

This is bad news for the Democrats and the Unions. Kloppenburg would have voted against the reforms passed by the Wisconsin legislature regarding public employee unions collective bargaining rights. It appears these will become law now.

Video: The greatest press conference of all time

Alternate headline via Mary Katharine Ham, ever mindful of developing media narratives: “SMALL, STATE-WIDE ELECTION WITH VITAL NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS SOON TO HAVE NO NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS WHATSOEVER.” There’s nothing in this clip that you don’t already know, but since righties are mainlining schadenfreude on Twitter right now over Prosser’s ballot windfall, I thought I’d cut you in on the action by giving you 18 glorious minutes of pure win. IF YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW TO SPARE, SKIP AHEAD TO 13:30 AND WATCH AS A WAUKESHA DEMOCRAT WHO HELPED TABULATE THE VOTES STEPS FORWARD TO CONFIRM THAT, YES INDEED, THE NEW NUMBERS ARE RIGHT AND PROSSER’S AHEAD BY 7,500. Imagine the sort of good cheer from the left that’ll be waiting for her and for Nickolaus when they log into their e-mail accounts tomorrow

It will be interesting to see how the MSM plays this news. I think Mary Katharine Ham is probably correct. This will go from something of major significance to a non-story

Kloppenburg’s declares victory at press conference on Wednesday

From the video:

Question: HOW DO YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DECLARING VICTORY WHEN THE MARGIN IS SO THIN? Justice Prosser’s supporters seem to think that they may be able to pull out a victory in a recount process.

Kloppenburg: You know, we ran a campaign that was focused on being positive and respectful and winning and WE DID WIN AND WE’RE CONFIDENT THAT THE MARGIN WILL HOLD… BECAUSE WE’VE ENJOYED A BROAD AND DEEP STATE-WIDE SUPPORT and we’re gratified that the numbers showed that.

Watch it here:

This video rivals the “Dewey wins” headline in the Chicago Tribune of November 3, 1948.

Lessons from the Wisconsin election

…there are vital lessons we should take from the race.


….In this race, the leftist challenger Kloppenburg had all the advantages. She should have walked away with this race, but she did not. Even if Kloppenburg somehow "discovers" her own trove of uncounted votes, the left will only win the battle and lose the war.


Yet the Secretary of State Project, a Soros-funded venture, has made those elected officials -- who in many states certify elections -- into key players in an ideological jihad. The SoS Project's website asks folks to "help us stop right-wing voter suppression." What about left-wing voter intimidation…

THIRD, EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL. EVERYTHING IS IDEOLOGICAL. This is not what we want. We want a society in which the monster of government is confined to his proper cage, but the left demands that everything be political and everything be ideological….

It’s good to remember, everything is political. Watching the Democrats talk about the budget and saying the Republicans are keeping it from being passed because they are putting ideological riders in it is simply nonsense. The budget is almost entirely ideological and you can make the case that they are holding up the budget by their ideological insistence on funding Planned Parenthood, PBS, etc.

US Going Same Route as Greece, Portugal: Economist

The US is going down a similar road as that taken by Greece and Portugal with regard to its budget decisions, John E. Silvia, chief economist at Wells Fargo, said on Wednesday. . . . As the deadline for a budget agreement looms in Congress, SILVIA TOLD CNBC THAT THE US MUST RECOGNIZE THAT THE MODERATE ECONOMIC GROWTH FORECAST BY MOST ECONOMISTS FOR THE COUNTRY WILL FAIL TO GENERATE THE TAX REVENUE NECESSARY TO FUND LONG-RUNNING GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT SPENDING.

“We have to make some arrangements in terms of cutting back the promises that were made by prior politicians for these entitlements,” Silvia said.

“(We’ve had) forty years of political promises to give people certain entitlements, certain benefits. And we’ve now come to understand THAT THE UNITED STATES IS IN A VERY DIFFICULT POSITION than it was in the early post-World War II period. We’re not the dominant economy. And our pace of growth has moderated. OUR ABILITY TO FINANCE THIS IS ALL LIMITED.”

Reality is knocking and the Democrats refuse to open the door.

Klavin on Barack the Magic Suit

A fun look at what’s happened with BHO.

Ryan's 'roadmap': The moral message

Lost in the reaction to Rep. Paul Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future" budget resolution -- which seeks to reform "entitlements," abolish ObamaCare, retire the national debt and put the country again on a sound financial footing -- is THE PLAN'S MORAL UNDERPINNING. SIMPLY PUT, RYAN IS ASKING AMERICANS TO GROW UP, STOP WHINING AND TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THEIR DESTINIES FROM THE NANNY STATE.

Finally, somebody has started an adult conversation in Washington.

"Our debt problem is not just a fiscal challenge involving dollars and cents," the Wisconsin congressman said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, as he was formulating his plan. "IT'S A MORAL CHALLENGE INVOLVING QUESTIONS OF PRINCIPLE AND PURPOSE . . . A GOVERNMENT THAT WOULD SOLVE PROBLEMS WITHOUT LIMIT MUST NECESSARILY HAVE POWER WITHOUT LIMIT TO DO IT."

This isn’t the morality question the left wants to talk about.

Mockery and the Left

…For the left in recent years, none of these legitimate forms of argument have been an option. THIS IS BECAUSE THE LEFT IS FUNDAMENTALLY LACKING IN IDEAS. The "truths" that the left relies on are intellectually specious. These fraudulent ideas include the notion that all human beings have a right to an equal share of society's wealth; that government exists to control the lives of its citizens and to redistribute wealth; and that these principles are universal and so must involve the redistribution of wealth from rich nations to poor ones.

NONE OF THESE TRUTHS ARE SELF-EVIDENT TO ANYONE EXCEPT IDEOLOGUES ON THE LEFT. Most human beings immediately recognize that egalitarianism and centralized state control are bad ideas. For this reason, it is impossible for Marxists to engage in rational argument based on ideas: they resort instead to crude forms of abuse.

When Bill Clinton turned to the audience in his 1992 town-hall debate with George H. W. Bush and mockingly said, "HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT," THAT WAS NOT A FORM OF RATIONAL DEBATE. IT WAS MOCKERY. Exactly what was meant by Clinton's statement is unclear. What, exactly, was it that Bush did not get? Clinton either could not or would not say. But the sneering derision of his remark gained him points, at least with the Democratic base. They too were convinced that George Bush, Sr. did not get it.

MOCKERY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A STAPLE OF PLAYGROUND DISPUTATION. IF YOU CAN'T BEAT YOUR OPPONENT WITH IDEAS, MOCK HIM. That particular technique has been a staple of leftist rhetoric as well for the last 20 years. It was popular not just with Bill and Hillary Clinton but with the young staffers who accompanied them to the White House, and it's just as popular today.

The latest wrinkle in this disgraceful history of rhetorical abuse is Obama's practice of labeling his opponents "children." Directing his remarks especially to Speaker Boehner, THE PRESIDENT IMPLORED CONGRESS TO "ACT LIKE GROWN-UPS."

Devoid of ideas but full the brim with ideology pretty well describes most leftist today.

Obama validates Bush

For the greater part of 2007 and 2008, George W. Bush served as then-candidate Barack Obama's punching bag. On the road to the White House, Obama predictably blamed the Bush administration for anything that was going wrong in America. But now it seems that by keeping many of the Bush policies in place, and even expanding some, President Obama is implicitly admitting that Bush was right all along.

The same day that the President announced his re-election campaign, ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER DID A SHARP ABOUT-FACE ON THE CONTROVERSIAL AND UNPOPULAR DECISION TO TRY SUSPECTED TERRORISTS, MOST PROMINENTLY KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED, ON AMERICAN SOIL, possibly even in lower Manhattan. Bringing suspected terrorists to federal court was a proposal, now thankfully doomed, designed to appease the President's far-left base. Obama even signed an executive order to close Gitmo, touting this as a fulfilled campaign promise

An interesting look at how much of what Obama blamed Bush for has become part of the Obama presidency.

Pew Poll: Obama Struggling With White Voters

The latest Pew Research Center national poll released today underscores how slender a beachhead President Obama has established among whites more than two years into his presidency.

In his 2008 election, OBAMA RAN WELL ONLY AMONG TWO GROUPS OF WHITES -- YOUNG PEOPLE AND WHITE WOMEN WITH AT LEAST A FOUR YEAR COLLEGE EDUCATION, two groups that are generally receptive to government activism. In the 2010 GOP landslide, those groups stuck with Democrats relatively more loyally than the rest of the white electorate, but the party's support tumbled even among them.


I think this is one of the obstacles he faces in his reelection plans. He wants to reform the organization he had in 2008. The problem comes among young voters. Many of those who organized for him in 2008 have graduated and are no longer in school. He will have to start all over and the students in 2010 won’t be making history, but they will be able to study it and he won’t be nearly as popular. Not much hope and very little change.

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