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From sticky notes to Superman

The Road Ahead: Victory in Sight

For reasons that I spelled out in some detail yesterday, it once made sense for conservatives to be disheartened and even defeatist. They have been fighting a rearguard action for nearly one hundred years. But, as I argued, CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY. Barack Obama has brought us to the edge of a precipice, AND A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS NOW RECOGNIZE THAT THINGS CANNOT GO ON AS THEY HAVE IN THE PAST. THE WELFARE STATE IS BANKRUPT. The Social Security trust fund is paying out more than it is taking in. The Medicare entitlement is unsustainable, and Obamacare threatens to hurl us into the abyss.

WE MUST EITHER ROLL BACK ENTITLEMENTS AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE OR RAISE TAXES TO A LEVEL THAT IS BOUND TO EXTINGUISH GROWTH AND KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGGS – and Americans now recognize the fact. The speech that Barack Obama delivered at George Washington University on 13 April was a reprise of his performance when he accepted the necessity of extending the Bush tax regime in December. He was angry, petulant, and rude to the guests whom he had invited to attend, as is his wont on such occasions. But he caved.

Later in this piece we have this statement which I think summarizes it well: Abraham Lincoln once observed, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.” Obama’s greatest problem is that he has lost the debate.

Reading this blog led me to his previous day’s blog which had an excellent look at progressivism in the USA. I’m running a small portion of it and recommend both to you.

Wilson’s Progressivism: The Constitution as a living thing

WILSON WAS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE OLD FREEDOM – constituted by the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – articulated in the second sentence of the Declaration. He wanted what he termed, in giving a name to his administration and to the book fashioned from his campaign speeches, THE NEW FREEDOM, AND HE ARTICULATED HIS VISION OF THAT FREEDOM IN OPPOSITION TO THE THINKING OF THOMAS JEFFERSON WITH HIS THEORY OF THE NATURAL RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL, his commitment to limited government, and his conviction, most fully expressed in his First Inaugural, that “THE SUM OF GOOD GOVERNMENT” IS “A WISE AND FRUGAL GOVERNMENT, WHICH SHALL RESTRAIN MEN FROM INJURING ONE ANOTHER, SHALL LEAVE THEM OTHERWISE FREE TO REGULATE THEIR OWN PURSUIT OF INDUSTRY AND IMPROVEMENT, AND SHALL NOT TAKE FROM THE MOUTH OF LABOR THE BREAD IT HAS EARNED.” In his campaign, he issued a “call for emancipation of the energies of a generous people” – by which he mean regulating everyone’s pursuit of industry and improvement, and taking from the mouths of select laborers the bread they have earned.

IN WILSON’S OPINION, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES WAS THE GREAT OBSTACLE STANDING IN THE WAY OF HIS “NEW FREEDOM.” Thanks to the baron de Montesquieu – the only opponent, apart from Jefferson, whom he mentioned by name in his speeches – the American constitution “was founded on the law of gravitation” and “was to exist and move by virtue of the efficacy of ‘checks and balances.” The “trouble,” Wilson asserted, with “the theory” underpinning federalism, the separation of powers, and the system of checks and balances is that GOVERNMENT IS NOT A MACHINE, BUT A LIVING THING. IT FALLS NOT UNDER THE THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE, BUT UNDER THE THEORY OF ORGANIC LIFE. IT IS ACCOUNTABLE TO DARWIN, NOT TO NEWTON. …


This set up what progressives believe in and it goes on to demonstrate how for almost 100 years they’ve been in charge. The fly in the ointment as Margaret Thatcher one observed is, “the trouble with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” That is where we are today.

The Sticky Note Campaign

THE STICKY NOTE CAMPAIGN IS MAKING DELIVERIES IN GEORGIA SUPERMARKETS NOW. Super-Charged with Conservative ideals REAL Americans all over the country and EVEN AN AWAKENED DEMOCRAT OR TWO ARE NOW PARTICIPATING in this grass roots initiative. It’s not a partisan issue either, no one can afford these rising prices at the gas pump or the grocery store.

Grass roots. Sounds like a TEA Party thing and sounds like something simple we all can do.

Superman the racists

SUPERMAN RENOUNCES HIS U.S. CITIZENSHIP IN ACTION COMICS‘ RECORD-BREAKING 900TH ISSUE. But that’s not all the benevolent alien refugee does in the sprawling special issue, which hits stores Wednesday.

If you are a liberal you realize this shows that Superman is racists. He never did this when the President was a white man.

High Energy Prices hurts Obama

Evidence of motorists’ hardships is littering the roads. AAA says the number of motorists running out of gas has been surging. John Townsend, a spokesman for the automobile association, said that cash-strapped members “are pushing the envelope” and that emergency gas deliveries to stranded members jumped nationwide, including by 40 percent in the District.

That sort of hardship could slow Obama’s reelection campaign. The Post-ABC poll shows that 60 percent of independents who say they’ve been hit hard by surging gas prices also say they definitely won’t support Obama in his bid for reelection.

What’s even more interesting is Obama’s solution. Raise taxes on oil companies. Now that should lower the cost (sarcasm).

Oh how the Mighty have fallen

….The President looks like a man who is ridden by events; at just the moment when the nation craves a strong leader, THE PRESIDENT LOOKS WEAK, DODGY, UNCERTAIN. The contrast with the inflated hopes that an untested and inexperienced Senator Obama did so much to build up is crippling. OBAMA HAS FALLEN SO FAR PRECISELY BECAUSE HE AND HIS SUPPORTERS SO HUGELY OVERSOLD HIM.


Perhaps he will; politics is full of surprises and it is still almost a year and a half until the election. But AT THE MOMENT THE PRESIDENT SEEMS TO BE ENVYING CLINTON’S TALENTS AND ATTEMPTING TO EMULATE RATHER THAN SCORN THEM. From anti-Clinton to aspiring Clinton is a long fall and it can’t be much fun….

The mighty O is no longer mighty and looks to be heading to the one term presidential graveyard.

Danger signs for Obama

As President Obama gears up for his 2012 re-election bid, a new poll of voters in Pennsylvania presents some ominous warning signs for the president. A QUINNIPAC UNIVERSITY POLL OF 1,366 REGISTERED PENNSYLVANIA VOTERS CONDUCTED LAST WEEK SHOWS OBAMA'S JOB APPROVAL RATING SLIPPING TO JUST 42 PERCENT, AN ALL TIME LOW, WHILE 53 PERCENT DISAPPROVE OF THE WAY THE PRESIDENT IS HANDLING HIS JOB.

The finding represents a sharp decline in the president's standing in the Keystone State. Quinnipiac's last poll in Pennsylvania, taken just nine weeks ago in mid-February, showed 51 percent of voters approved of the job the President Obama is doing, while 44 percent disapproved.

Perhaps even more concerning to Obama's campaign team is that for the first time a majority of Pennsylvania voters say President Obama does not deserve another term in the White House. FIFTY TWO PERCENT OF VOTERS -- INCLUDING 56 PERCENT OF INDEPENDENTS -- SAY OBAMA DOES NOT DESERVE RE-ELECTION, WHILE JUST 42 PERCENT BELIEVE HE DOES.

I think it is beginning to sink in among the majority of Americans, that President Obama has a very small toolbox and what he’s doing isn’t working. Pennsylvania is a must win state for a Democrat to win the presidency.

Dueling Ads

Here’s the Democrats ad and they are selling fear.

And here’s the Republican response

I personally prefer the Republican ad, it’s more fun and at the end you feel that you can do something good for the country.

“Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?"

It would be bad enough to compare the Obama White House to the New York Mets of today -- but right now, the Obama White House would be lucky to be merely that bad. WHAT IT RESEMBLES MOST CLOSELY IS THE FABLED ROOKIE TEAM THAT WENT 40-120 IN 1962, THE GAGGLE ABOUT WHOM CASEY STENGEL FAMOUSLY CRIED, "CAN'T ANYBODY HERE PLAY THIS GAME?"

I'm not talking about the wisdom or lack thereof Obama has shown on the ludicrous issue of his long-form birth certificate. One can assume that for a long time, the White House thought the issue wasn't really a problem, or even that the obsession over it in certain quarters was actually helping the president….

An interesting look at Obama’s birth certificate controversy and how it played out yesterday. Podhoretz feels Obama stepped on his story about the new appointments at DOD and the CIA while elevating Trump’s status (or lowering his own) while Trump was visiting New Hampshire. Podhoretz final comment is “Those who hope for Obama's re-election have good reason to be alarmed at the way the sure-footed political instincts he showed in 2008 have so profoundly deserted him in the course of his presidency.” Amen.

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